6 Black And White Yorkie Facts You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a black and white Yorkie?

Yorkies are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and for good reason. They’re loyal, playful, and make great companions.

If you’re a proud Yorkie owner, then you know that these little dogs are full of personality. They’re sassy, spunky, and always up for a good time. But there’s a lot more to Yorkies than their fun-loving personalities. 

So if you’re curious about what makes Yorkies tick or are thinking about bringing a little one home, there are a few things you should know.

Here are six black and white Yorkie facts that will help make you an expert on these pint-sized pooches.

But first…

What Is A Black And White Yorkie Called?

The black and white Yorkie is called the Parti Yorkie. The name is derived from the “Parti color” pattern they have.

They descend from the Yorkshire terrier breed and are both intelligent and loyal dogs that make perfect pets.

Why is it called a Parti Yorkie? Traditionally a Yorkshire Terrier is blue and tan (brown) colored. However, if they have a black and white coat they are called a parti color or Parti Yorkie.

The Parti Yorkie (and its bloodlines) was officially only recognized in 2000 by the AKC. Accordingly, Parti Yorkies can be described as tri-color. They have black, white, and tan fur.

Although it is different in appearance, the Parti Gene belongs to purebred Yorkies. Parti Yorkies will often occur in the litter of Yorkshire Terriers.

The Parti Gene is what gives birth to the Parti coloring. Parti Yorkie puppies cannot be born unless both parents have the Parti Gene.

To summarize, Parti Yorkies are basically the same breed as the traditional Yorkies. Their coloration is the only difference.

Black And White Yorkie Appearance & Characteristics

Black and white Yorkies or the Part Yorkie are small, spunky dogs who were bred to be ratters and vermin hunters.

They can range in weight from 4-7 pounds when fully grown. Their height can go from 7-8 inches on average.

They don’t shed as much as other dogs and as such, they are considered by some to be hypoallergenic. Meaning, they’re less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

They also have a double coat which makes them soft to the touch. This is because of their topcoat and undercoat.

In terms of appearance, Black and white Yorkies can either be longhaired or short haired. They typically have longer legs than other small dog breeds and are known for their rounded heads.

6 Little Known Black And White Yorkie Facts You Need To Know

So you may have a black and white Yorkie, but do you know everything about them? Here are six little-known facts that will help you become a true expert.

long-haired yorkie puppy with pumpkins

1. How AKC approved Black And White Yorkie color (and other Yorkie colors)

Mrs. Gloria Lipman was the first to petition the AKC for recognition of Parti Yorkies as a color variety. She received approval in 2000, and it was officially added to the breed standards.

Historically, breeders were killing off or giving away the Parti Yorkies because they were considered birth defects. Gloria Lipman, a Nikko’s Kennel’s employee, refused to kill them.

As they were not recognized by the AKC, they were unable to be registered when they were born with white fur.

Mrs. Lipman requested DNA testing of white Yorkies’ parents by the AKC, at huge expense to her. The American Kennel club shut down Mrs. Lipman’s Kennel business for 18 Months to test the dogs and she couldn’t run her business during that time. AKC tested 42 liters over the 18 months.

However, the AKC needed more samples. They were not content with what they had. The AKC wanted more samples so they asked other breeders if there were any white Yorkies in their litter.

A majority of these breeders answered yes, and AKC also discovered there were more breeders with Parti Yorkies than Mrs. Lipman during their research.

AKC was finally convinced, and they added colors like white and chocolate to the Yorkshire Terrier color standards.

2. History has not been kind to Black And White Parti Yorkies

The introduction of the dog show saw the birth of Yorkshire Terriers in blue and gold. Many people started to become breeders and were well-respected.

There was an interesting side to this story, however. Black and white Parti Yorkies and tri-colored Yorkies were not desirable. They considered them to be “low-quality” Yorkies.

Parti-Yorkies continued to appear in the Yorkie litter. Breeders began to put these dogs to sleep or give them to their owners with the promise that they would not reveal the origin of the dog’s birth.

They did not want the Parti-Yorkies to be paired with any purebred Yorkshire Terriers, as this could negatively impact their business.

The Yorkies’ recessive genetics kept being passed from one generation to the next. These genes were dormant until two Yorkies with Parti-Yorkie genes mated and gave rise to a Parti Yorkie.

Because there weren’t any physical markers to distinguish them, breeders didn’t know which Yorkshire Terrier was carrying those genes. This is how the Parti Yorkies and these genes kept on circulating through generations.

3. The coat of the Black And White Parti Yorkies can grow up to 2 feet long if left unattended

The Parti Yorkie is generally considered quite high-maintenance. This is due to their long and fluffy coats that grow fast!

Regular grooming is a must.

If the hair is not kept clean and trimmed, it can look matted and dirty. Brushing at least 2/3 times a week using a soft brush to prevent tugging on their skin and making them uncomfortable.

The coat should not be kept too short because this will prevent the natural oils produced by the Yorkies’ bodies from making their hair shiny.

However, if left unattended the hair will not only cause matting, it can grow too long. If not looked after or trimmed it can grow up to 2 feet long!

This is why many Parti owners get their hair cut regularly from a professional. It can be difficult and time consuming to be cutting a Yorkie’s hair at home. Either that or Parti Yorkie owners should be ready to invest in some tools like good quality brushes and combs, as well as the de-shedding tool!

4. They are classified as a Toy breed because of their small size

Parti Yorkies are considered a toy breed of dog because the average weight is from 4 to 7 lbs, and height 7-8 inches.

Yorkies have a long and slender body with a pointed muzzle that makes it look small in size, but it’s big head makes up for this effect. They have large ears that they can move to hear better.

Small dogs are known as toy breeds because they are often carried around as it’s easy to do so. Some people are even known to carry them in their handbag!

5. Even though they are very small, they can act fearlessly and very protective

Parti Yorkies are known for being brave and not afraid of anything! They can be very protective of their owners. They are wary of strangers and will bark when they sense anything unusual.

Even though they are small they will try to protect their owners if needed by jumping on the intruder. When it comes to bigger dogs they can be fearless as well. Don’t let their size fool you!

Parti-Yorkies are known to be perfect for families because they are loving, protective, loyal, and incredibly intelligent. This is why many of them make a great addition to a family with kids.

6. They make weird noises as a result of reverse sneezing

This is a common health concern that many Yorkies suffer from. This condition occurs when their throats and airways narrow as a result of increased pressure going through the nasal cavity.

When this happens it can make them make barking or whining sounds as if they are trying to catch their breath. The sound may even be more intense depending on the dog.

The best way to deal with reverse sneezing is to make sure your Yorkie eats a balanced diet, keeps fit and healthy.

It has been said that some dogs are more prone to suffering from the condition because they have shorter muzzles or noses.

Parti Yorkies And Their Other Color Combinations  

Parti Yorkies come in different beautiful color combinations. Here are 3 popular types:

yorkshire terrier puppy sitting

Golden (Blonde) Parti Yorkies

Parti Yorkies that have blonde or golden color coats don’t have any blue or dark colors. As puppies, they can be either a solid golden color or a white-marked puppy. The adult ones can either be rich or blonde.

Many people find their golden Parti Yorkies very beautiful, and many breeders prefer them over the other color combinations because of this reason.

Chocolate Parti Yorkies

Chocolate Parti Yorkies that are a solid chocolate color are very rare. This is why they are more valuable compared to other Parti Yorkies. Some breeders find them difficult to make, which is why they are even more expensive.

Chocolate Parti Yorkies will have chocolate hairs all over their body without any white or blue ones mixed in. The muzzle, tail, and chest of these dogs are light brown instead of black.

Many people love their chocolate-colored Yorkies because of how unique and precious they look, and are often mistakenly considered a separate breed. The American Kennel Club has yet to recognize Chocolate Parti Yorkies.

Red Parti Yorkies

Red Parti Yorkies are very unique and attractive because of their red hair. They can range from a lighter and darker shade of this color, and may also have white or dark markings on them as well.

These dogs can either be born as solid-red puppies with light tan muzzles, or they may be born as white Yorkies with a red patch on their back.

Both parents must have two copies of the same recessive gene to produce red Parti puppies. The red Yorkie is not permitted to be shown and does not meet AKC breed standards. However, it can be registered as purebred.

When Do Parti Yorkies Change Their Colors? 

Although this may vary for each Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkies usually change their coat colors by 6 months of age. This is when you can expect to see the change.

Your Yorkshire Terrier’s final color will be revealed when he turns 30 months old or so.

The following is a guide that will let you understand when and how your Yorkie’s coat colors change:

  • 3- 4 weeks

The pup’s head is golden brown and the base of their hair turns golden. Your Yorkie’s hair is silky and soft as a result of the first coat they have.

  • 4-5 months

The hair becomes stronger and more rigid. The coat will be black and can be either single or double-coated. Its Muzzle and paws are a reddish brown color.

  • 8-9 months

The 9th month will see your puppy’s coat color change from black to silver. If the color does not change, the coat will remain black and be rough and short. The coat will become softer if you can see the first color change.

  • 9+ months

The body’s coat would be black, while the legs would have pale cream. The puppy’s head would be a reddish-brown color. Its hair will be strong and thick.

People Also Ask

How Much Does A Black And White Yorkie Cost?

Since these dogs are quite rare, they are more expensive compared to other Yorkie types. Their price range is around $850 to $1,400. It can vary though depending on its lineage, breeding history, and location.

What Is The Rarest Color Of Yorkie?

The rarest color of Yorkie is the chocolate Yorkie. Since this color is very difficult to make, it’s more expensive compared to other Yorkie colors. This is why a lot of breeders prefer the Parti colored Yorkies instead.

Can Purebred Yorkies Have White On Them?

Yes, purebred Yorkies can have a lot of white on them. This is because their fur lacks the color-producing pigment called melanin. When they are born, they usually have dark colors around their eyes, nose, and legs. Most will lose this by six weeks of age.


Black and white Yorkies are a popular breed for a reason. They’re adorable, spunky, and make great companions.

They are very easy to care for because of how small they are, and they are excellent pets because they are very loving and affectionate.

If you’re thinking of adding a Yorkie to your family, be sure to do your research so you know what to expect. And remember, like all dogs, Yorkies need plenty of exercise and training.

So get ready to have some fun with your new furry friend!

Do you own a black and white Yorkie (a Parti Yorkie)? What is your favorite thing about him?

Share your comments below!

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