The Yorkie Mystique: Top 10 Things You Should Know About This Lap Dog

Yorkie Mystique, also known as Yorkshire Terriers, is not a type of pet dog that you can simply put a bowl of food fronting him and leave him alone. The dog needs plenty of maintenance and at the same time proper training. 

They are cute dogs with remarkable personalities. Popular for their intelligence, daring spirit, and affection, there are numerous reasons why you should love Yorkie dogs. Although these breeds are likely not to consume a lot of space, owners of these dogs should know the basic facts about these dogs to make sure that they get to live a healthy lifestyle.

What Are The Things That You Should Know About Yorkie?

Here are some of the things that you should know about your Yorkie pet:

1. Yorkie Breeds Demand Plenty Of Attention

Considering their lengthy and beautiful coats, Yorkie dogs demand plenty of maintenance. Owners should comprehensively brush the coats daily to ensure that they do not turn matted. Performing this task during the early age of the dog makes sure that he will gain to accept his regular grooming.

You may want to trim the hair of your pet and make it short. Doing so can also help the dog to see better and avoid irritability of the face and eye. A lot of its owners are using elastic bands or bows to pull away hairs from the face of the dog.

2. Yorkie Breeds Are Not Aware That They Come In Small Size

Yorkie breeds can be filled with interesting personalities. No stranger can get inside the house without being noticed by these dogs. Train your dog early to make sure that his cautionary bark will not sound piercing.

3. Yorkie Requires A Unique Diet

These dogs are not known to eat a lot. However, they require a diet that is rich in nutrients and low in fat. Blend the dog food with soft food to ensure that their teeth remain in good condition. Monitor the response of your dog on his current diet. You should be able to detect early if they develop food allergies and alter their diet if there is a need to.

4. Yorkie Requires Routinely Medical Care

Yorkie dogs are susceptible to forming different medical issues. Hence, you must regularly bring him to a vet. Attend all medical appointments and arrange more visits if you observe any radical changes in the behavior of your dog.

5. Yorkie Dogs Are Likely To Develop Low Blood Sugar

See to it that your pet is taking a lot of water, particularly if you notice him playing a lot. These breeds are very energetic which makes them inclined to low blood sugar. However, if you find that your dog is abnormally running low, put a little quantity of syrup or sweet water for him. This will ensure that you maintain the levels of sugar at a normal range. Nonetheless, a Yorkie puppy that is beyond 12 weeks old is commonly out of this threat.

6. Housebreaking Can Be Challenging

Since Yorkie breeds can be hard-headed, a lot of pet owners may experience difficulty in forming a housebreaking activity. This is not because they have the poor ability in learning to do potty outside, but because of the insufficient training approaches. Commonly, Yorkie breeds are amenable to other types of training, particularly if it can grant them some praises and attention.

A lot of people have seen success at Yorkie dogs aging 5 to 6 months old. Meanwhile, you may consider getting a doggy door or indoor litter box directing to a confined shielded potty yard.

7. Yorkie Breeds Do Not Appreciate Cold Weather

These dogs detest wet and cold weather. A lot of times, these dogs were noticed not to put their spoiled paws over wet asphalts or in a deck after a strong snowfall. This kind of weather condition can also make the housebreaking even more difficult.

8. Yorkie Enjoys Cuddling

These warmhearted dogs can make great dogs since they are known to be adorable lapdogs. These dogs like to laze in complete comfort. They are more than grateful to cuddle in between cushioned pillows on the chest while you are watching your favorite TV show.

9. Yorkie Can Become Possessive

You should know that these breeds are fast to own things such as toys and foods. As an owner, you should inform him appropriately that you will not indulge in this kind of behavior. Utter your condemnation in a serious tone. Since these dogs would normally want to delight their owners, this way of castigation can seemingly avert selfish behavior.

10. Yorkie Dogs Need Plenty Of Patience

Since these dogs need plenty of care in their daily maintenance, they will also need plenty of patience. You should be strong but objective when dealing with your Yorkie dog. You can expect the first year to be quite challenging; however, your dog will eventually form a better personality as he gets older.


Anyone would want to own a Yorkie dog. This is quite expected given the beautiful appearance of the dog. But more importantly, before you decide to raise a Yorkie, you should first assess yourself if you are perfectly conditioned to care for this kind of dog breed. You should know the essential things about these dogs and later evaluate your readiness to get one.

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