Our Mission is to Give a Home to Every Critter in Need.

Looking to adopt a puppy or older dog? Grooming tips? Best food for your furbabies? You’re in the right place.

Hi, We are Every Creature Counts, an Animal Rescue Network and Foster Home Provider.

Together with Puppy Rescue 911, Inc., we work hand in hand to find forever loving homes to abandoned companion dogs in the Southern Illinois area.

Puppy Rescue 911, Inc. is a licensed animal shelter and rescue group based out of Ellis Grove, Illinois.



Please help us break the cycle of pet overpopulation in rural areas. Adopt, don’t shop! Support your local shelters and don’t give money to backyard breeders.



What you feed your pets highly impacts what kind of pets you end up with. Give only the best, most natural dog or cat food to your furry babies.


Pet Health

Dogs & cats! They lower our stress level, our heart rate and blood pressure. It’s just fair that we also value their health by giving them the best vet care.



What makes your dog aggressive? What controls their unwanted behaviors? Click here to learn about dog training secrets.

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