Samoyed Corgi Mix: Main Traits You Need To Know

Dogs make the perfect pet because they come in so many shapes and sizes. You can find a dog that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle and personality.

If you’re looking for a smaller dog that is easy to take care of, you might want to consider a Samoyed Corgi mix.

Have you ever wondered what type of dog you would get if you breed a Samoyed with a Corgi? If so, wonder no more!

In this blog post, we will explore the main traits of the Samoyed Corgi mix and what you can expect if you decide to bring one into your home.

But first…

What Is Samoyed Corgi Mix?

As you can probably guess, the Samoyed Corgi mix is a cross between a Samoyed and a Corgi.

The resulting dog is a small to medium-sized dog that typically has the coat of a Samoyed and the build of a Corgi.

These dogs are relatively new on the scene, so there is not a lot of long-term analysis available about them.

But, we do know that they are intelligent, friendly, and affectionate thus, they make great family pets and do well with children. Because of these traits, the Samoyed mix is a popular breed in very high demand.

However, as they are such affectionate pets and enjoy the company of their owners, they do not like to be left alone for long periods and can suffer from separation anxiety. This is something to be mindful of if you are considering this mix.

Consequently, because they are in such high demand, they can be difficult to find and maybe expensive when you do.

When looking for a Samoyed Corgi mix puppy, make sure you do your research and only purchase from a reputable breeder. This will help ensure that your puppy is healthy and will help you avoid any health issues that could crop up later on.

Samoyed Corgi Mix – Main Traits

Now that you know some Samoyed facts, let’s take a closer look at the Samoyed Corgi mix main traits and find out more about why they make such great pets.

samoyed wearing costume

Samoyed Corgi Mix – Physical Appearance & Size

Unlike the Samoyed and German Shepherd mix, the Samoyed Corgi mix is a small to medium-sized dog, weighing in at 20-30 pounds and standing 10-13 inches tall.

They have a thick double coat which can be either white, cream, brown, black, or any combination of these colors. The undercoat is thick and soft while the outer coat is longer and coarser.

This coat is one of the main features of the Samoyed Corgi mix and is what sets them apart from other breeds. It helps to keep them warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

The coat does require a fair amount of grooming, however, so if you are not up for the task, this may not be the breed for you.

The Samoyed Corgi mix has a wedge-shaped head and pointed ears that stand erect. They have dark brown eyes and a black nose. Their tail is long and fluffy and their legs are short and stocky.

Overall, they have a very cute and cuddly appearance which is one of their endearing features. It is important to remember though, as, with any mix, their appearance can vary depending on which parent they take after more. 

So, they could look more like a Samoyed or they could look more like a Corgi.

Samoyed Corgi Mix – History (Samoyed & Corgi Breeds)

In order to understand this breed, it is important to know a little bit about their parent breeds.

The Samoyed dog were used by the Samoyede people for herding reindeer and hunting. It was bred originally in Siberia. 

The breed was brought to England in the late 1800s and quickly became a popular dog among the upper class. They were even featured in paintings by famous artists such as Cecil Aldin.

The Samoyed continued to grow in popularity and eventually made its way to America where it has remained one of the most popular breeds ever since.

The Corgi is a breed that originated in Wales. They were originally bred for herding sheep and cattle, and indeed there are different types of corgis.

cute corgi puppy looking up

The Corgi is a very old breed with records of them dating back to the 1100s. However, they did not gain widespread popularity until the 1930s and since then, they have been one of the most popular breeds in America and Europe. 

The Corgi is also the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II who has owned one or more of them throughout her reign.

The mix of these two popular breeds has resulted in a dog that is loved by many and in high demand.

Samoyed Corgi Mix – Temperament

The Samoyed Corgi mix is a very friendly and outgoing dog. They love people and enjoy being around them.

Much like the Samoyed Australian Shepherd mix, they are also very playful and affectionate, making them great pets for families with children. They love nothing more than a good game of fetch or a cuddle on the couch.

This mix is also intelligent and easily trained. They are quick learners, pick up commands quickly, and are eager to please their owners. 

The Samoyed Corgi mix does require a fair amount of exercise, however, so they are not the best choice for someone who is looking for a low-maintenance pet. A daily walk or play session is a must for this breed.

They are also extremely loyal, making them great watchdogs. They also tend to have a mischievous personality so early socialization and training are a must.

Samoyed Corgi Mix – Grooming Needs

The Samoyed Corgi mix has a thick, double coat that requires a consistent amount of grooming.

They should be brushed at least once a week to prevent mats and tangles from forming. It is also important to keep their coat clean and free of dirt.

This breed also sheds heavily, so if you are not up for dealing with a lot of hair, this may not be the breed for you. When brushing their coat, it’s important to use a long-toothed comb to reach the undercoat. This ensures that the entire coat is being brushed and prevents mats from forming.

The Samoyed Corgi mix should also be bathed as needed, but no more than once a week. Overbathing can strip their coat of natural oils and cause skin irritation.

Make sure to use a  dog-specific shampoo when bathing your Samoyed Corgi mix to avoid drying out their skin and coat.

Their nails should also be trimmed regularly to prevent them from getting too long. This is especially important if they are not getting a lot of exercise as their nails will not naturally wear down.

The Samoyed Corgi mix is also prone to ear infections, so their ears should be checked and cleaned regularly. 

The Samoyed Corgi mix is a high-maintenance breed when it comes to grooming, but the reward is a dog that is soft, cuddly, and always looks its best.

Samoyed Corgi Mix – Health Risks

The Samoyed Corgi mix is a generally healthy breed with few health concerns. However, like all breeds, they are susceptible to certain health problems.

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Some of the health problems that have been reported in this breed include hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s disease, and epilepsy.

Hip dysplasia is a condition that can cause the hip joint to become dislocated. It is a genetic condition that is more common in larger breeds.

Von Willebrand’s disease is a blood disorder that can cause excessive bleeding. It is also a genetic condition and is more common in certain breeds, such as the Samoyed.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that can cause seizures. It can be genetic or caused by a head injury.

The Samoyed Corgi mix is also prone to weight gain, so it is important to make sure they are getting enough exercise and eating a healthy diet.

Overall, the Samoyed Corgi mix is a healthy breed, but like all breeds, they are susceptible to certain health problems.

Samoyed Corgi Mix – Feeding & Diet

The Samoyed Corgi mix should be fed high-quality dog food that is appropriate for their age, activity level, and weight.

Puppies should be fed three to four times a day, while adult dogs can be fed once or twice a day depending.

It is important to make sure they are getting enough exercise and not overeating, as they are prone to weight gain. Recommended foods for the Samoyed Corgi mix include:

  • High-quality dry dog food
  • Wet dog food
  • Raw dog food
  • Cooked chicken, turkey, or fish
  • Vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans
  • The best-canned dog food

The Samoyed Corgi mix should not be fed human food as it can cause them to become obese.

They are also prone to pancreatitis, so high-fat foods should be avoided.

Some of the foods that should be avoided include:

  • Chocolate
  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Ice cream
  • Cheese
  • Greasy food

A healthy balanced diet is important for the Samoyed Corgi mix to maintain their health and prevent obesity. The Samoyed Corgi mix should also have access to fresh water at all times. This breed is prone to dehydration, so it is important to make sure they are drinking enough water.

Samoyed Corgi Mix – Exercise & Training

This breed is a high-energy breed that needs a lot of exercise. They are bred for working and herding, so they have a lot of energy to burn.

This breed needs at least an hour of exercise a day, but they probably prefer to have two hours of exercise!

They love to play fetch and go for walks, so make sure to give them plenty of opportunities to do so.

man play fetch with his Samoyed Corgi mix  dog

The Samoyed Corgi mix is a smart breed that is easy to train. They are quick learners and respond well to positive reinforcement.

However, they will need a lot of patience and consistency when training, but they will eventually get the hang of it!

Some of the things that can help train your Samoyed Corgi mix to do include: 

  • Obedience training
  • Puppy kindergarten
  • Agility training

Samoyed Corgi Mix – Lifespan

This breed has an average lifespan of 12-14 years.

This is a relatively long lifespan for a dog, but it is important to remember that they are susceptible to certain health problems that can shorten their life.

It is important to take them to the vet regularly and make sure they are getting enough exercise and eating a healthy diet. While some health problems are out of your control, there are some things that you can do to help your Samoyed Corgi mix live a long and healthy life.

People Also Ask

Is Samoyed Corgi Mix a Good Family Dog?

The Samoyed Corgi mix is a great family dog! They are loving and loyal, and they love to play. They are also good with kids, but they will need to be supervised when around them. This breed is also good with other dogs and pets, but they may try to herd them.

How Much Does a Samoyed Corgi Mix Cost?

The Samoyed Corgi mix typically costs between $500 and $2000. This price range depends on a few factors such as the breeder, the location, and the color of the dog. It also depends on whether you are getting a male or female, and the parent’s lineage.

Is Samoyed Corgi Mixes a Protective Dog?

Yes, Samoyed Corgi mixes are protective dogs. They were originally bred to be working dogs, so they have a natural instinct to protect their family and home. However, they are not aggressive and will not attack unless they feel threatened.


The Samoyed Corgi mix is a great family dog! They are loyal, intelligent, and loving.

They are also good with kids and make super family pets.

With that being said, they require a lot of exercise and need an active family to keep them happy. They also tend to shed a lot, so they are not the best breed for those with allergies.

However, with regular grooming and general care, the Samoyed Corgi mix can be a great addition to any family. And with a face like they have, how could you resist!?

Do you think Samoyed corgi mix can be a good addition to your family? Share your thoughts with us.

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