The Puli Dog Breed: Top 10 Facts

A Puli dog breed can leave you in astonishment. His mere physical appearance is already amazing! If this dog flounders on the floor, you might just perceive it as a huge contorted thread mop. But they are more than the physical look. You should know more of the common facts that tackle the skills and characteristics of these dogs.

Common Facts about the Puli Dog Breed

Here are some common facts that you should know about the Puli dog breed: 

  1. Puli dogs are expert in herding

Puli dog breeds have an impressive history of herding. They had over 1,000 years of herding practice. During the first settling of the Magyar tribes in Hungary, they carried their herding dogs. The tribes had huge herding dogs that looked the same as Kuvasz. They also had smaller dogs that looked the same as today’s Puli.

2. They have interesting physical traits

Female Puli dogs have a height that reaches around 36 to 42 centimeters, while male Puli dogs have a height that is around 39 to 45 centimeters. The fur strands of these dogs grow while their height also gets taller. Amazingly, Puli dogs stop shedding the moment they stop growing. 

Puli dog breeds are extremely strong and dash just like the wind. They have brawny legs and possess a slash of wildness. Furthermore, these breeds demand regular exercise and require a huge space where they can freely run.

3. They have a coat that comes in two layers

There are only very limited other dog breeds that have a coat that is similar to Puli’s. The coat of Puli breeds comes in two layers that spontaneously knot together and are structured into fluffy cords. Their coat secures them from a rough climate and possible predators. Some people opt to brush their Puli dog to keep the two coats separated, and to prevent the cords from forming.

4. They are known for their stable and cool personality

Puli dogs have a stable and cool personality. Nonetheless, these dogs can break out if exasperated. Owners of these dogs should train them at an early age. Often, a puppy Puli is set to undergo training as early as 4 months old. Naturally, they are intrusive and determined since they are characterized as guard dogs. Hence, they should be trained to behave. Furthermore, a bad character should be immediately reformed.

5. Puli breeds come in various colors

Puli breed dogs can be black, white, or gray. Puli dogs in black color were commonly assigned to herd the sheep since sheep would tend to be ruled by dark-shaded dogs rather than those that are light-colored. Shepherds can also easily discern black Puli when mixed with the sheep.

Meantime, the gray or white Puli worked as nighttime protectors, securing the herds or flocks against the wild animals or robbers.

6. They are animated and smart

The most famous Puli in the whole world is Mark Zuckerberg’s pet, Beast, here “exploding” in animated zoomies

The Puli breeds are animated and smart. They are perfect even when exposed and blended with other pets. Nevertheless, prudence is recommended with kids since kids can turn hostile which the Pulik do not appreciate. These breeds are commonly aloof with new people, although not extremely threatening. Pulik are very devoted and guard the owner even in a bit hint of danger.

7. They are master in agility

You may have the perception that the cords of Pulik give them a difficult time moving around. However, in reality, these dogs surmount in agility competitions. These dogs need to run swiftly and do extreme turns to herd the sheep. They have the ability to easily steer agility courses. Owners of these dogs may find it pleasing to know that their pets are extremely trainable since they are anxious to delight their owners.

8. They require a lot of attention

The coat of Puli dog breeds requires a lot of attention since it is corded. While a puppy Puli grows, it will be important to separate the cords to make sure that they do not twist around into a large knot. The moment the cords get in contact with the ground, it has to be trimmed to avoid the dog from stumbling on his hair. It is also necessary to trim the nails regularly.

9. Pulik are a great family companion

Although they are known to be herding dogs, Pulik are a great family companion and a protector of the family. They feel that the best place for them is anywhere with their family and would always prioritize their family and would always return to check their status, whether off supervising with his herd, inspecting something, or howling an alarm. Although they are great watchdogs, they do not normally bark inadequately.

10. Pulik is the plural term of Puli

Officially, the plural term of Puli is Pulik. Both terms were broadly used and linguistically correct. However, Pulik is opted by the majority of Puli fanatics.


Puli dog breeds are incredible pets to raise. Current owners of these dogs could attest to the great personality and skills of these dogs. It wouldn’t be surprising if you are also planning to get a Puli dog. However, you should not make an abrupt decision when planning to get a Puli dog. It would be best if you take your time and familiarize the facts about these dogs. Research on their characteristics and determine if you have the luxury of time to care for the dog and make him happy.

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