The Chinese Crested Dog: Best Guide to These Hairless Pups

One of the most amazing, loyal breeds is the Chinese Crested dog. These are lovely, slightly-hairless dogs that stand out in any pack. They are the best companion for laid-back people as all they want to do is to lie around, daydream and sleep. If you have a Chinese Crested dog in mind as your next pet then get ready to bond with a very loyal dog. It won’t leave your side and will always protect you no matter where you are. 

What Are Chinese Crested Dogs?

Chinese Crested dogs are small growing only 11 to 13 inches tall and weighs only up to 12 pounds. They are ranked as companion dogs as this breed is not into exercise, playing, or running around. 

The Chinese Crested dog is available in two varieties: a hairless variety which has lovely silky hair along the head known as the crest, on the tail or the plume and along the feet and the Powderpuff Chinese Crested variety, a dog with a full coat. Overall, the Chinese Crested dog has fine slender bones with an elegant charm. The hairless Chinese Crested variety usually has a lot of fine hair on the body and this can be a problem for people with allergies. This is not a hypoallergenic dog and will shed slowly. 

How To Groom A Chinese Crested Dog?

A hairless Chinese Crested dog will need bathing at least once a week. Some people think that sunblock should be applied on a hairless’ body to protect it from UVB rays but this is not true. Applying products on hairless’ skin will only cause irritation and infection. It’s best to just leave it alone. Meanwhile, the crest, plume, and feet of a hairless variety must be brushed regularly to remove nits and knots. Mild dog shampoo is best to keep these parts neat and clean. But when it comes to the Powderpuff variety, regular brushing is needed.  

Despite having little to no fur on his body, the hairless variety can withstand the sun and would have no problems staying out or lounging out in the sun. However, this dog cannot tolerate the cold and will need a blanket or a thick sweater to cover its exposed skin when the temperature becomes cooler. As some Crested owners say: the cold can kill a hairless Crested quicker than heat. 

Do Chinese Crested Dogs Have A Special Diet?

There is no special diet for a Chinese Crested dog but we recommend feeding your pet organic pet food. This kind of food is the safest for all dog breeds as they don’t contain toxins, antibiotics, extenders, or other chemicals that will only do harm than good to your pet. Also, never feed your pet human food as these can be dangerous to their health. Human food like chocolates, onions, garlic, fast food, spicy food, and salty food can harm your pet. But if your pet has health issues or is a senior dog, consult your vet regarding the right kind of food for him. 

How To Train A Chinese Crested Dog?

A Chinese Crested dog is an intelligent breed and will respond well to early training and support training. These pets are very eager to learn and will do all they can to receive treats.  You can teach this dog all kinds of commands and tricks using treats, his favorite toys, and clicker command. 

This breed is great for apartment living and those living in small areas. These prefer to stay with their owners and may be very possessive of their owners too. Sometimes, some Chinese Crested dogs will not do well with kids as they can become impatient and may nip and bark at small children. If you have other pets or dogs at home, you must introduce these to your pet Chinese Crested dog early on to help it adjust well. 

You must also train your Chinese Crested dogs early especially when you plan to leave them at home. This dog may suffer from separation anxiety and this can cause excessive barking, biting, and destroying stuff. This breed may look frail but it can dig and run relentlessly. It can be very hard to capture a Chinese Crested after escaping from a fence so train your pet early. 

What Are Health Issues Of Chinese Crested Dogs?

This dog breed is generally healthy but may still be prone to some health issues. It does not mean that your pet will get these illnesses but it’s best for any owner to be aware of these conditions early on. Chinese Crested dogs are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, dental problems, retinal atrophy, dry eyes, and skin conditions. 

To prevent skin conditions, keep the body hair shaved. Be careful with administering medications especially topical medicine to this breed as most dogs will have severe allergic reactions to drugs. Even topical flea medicine should be applied carefully and should only be considered as the last resort. Use flea collars, mild shampoos, and soaps first to get rid of fleas and ticks.

Where To Get A Chinese Crested Dog?

Chinese Crested dogs are available through dedicated breeders. We recommend getting one from a reliable and experienced breeder to avoid health issues. Also, you can check pounds and shelters as they may also have this breed as a resident. Always consider adopting first before shopping for any kind of dog or pet. 

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