Protect Your Couches From Dog Hair (Along With Other Furniture)

One of the best things about owning your pup is having them cuddle up with you anywhere! Outside, inside, on the bed, or on the couch. However, one thing pups tend to do is shed, pee on furniture, or even scratch it.

While protecting your furniture may seem like a puzzle, couch covers are an easy solution to everything your pup may do to your couch!

Why Should I Get A Couch Cover?

Couch covers are a simple and easy way to protect your couch, especially if your pup is known to like jumping on furniture. Instead of having to worry about your pup scratching up the sofa or having a little accident on a cushion, couch covers can protect the fabric or leather!

If your pup is a shedder, you don’t have to worry about the couch getting all hairy! A couch cover is able to catch all your puppy’s fur, and you can easily take it off to wash and clean.

If your pup is a furniture biter or scratcher, a couch cover can protect your actual couch from teeth and nails! At the very least, your pup will be biting a $20 cloth cover over a $200 couch!

Couch covers can also be stylish, or add a pop of color in your room! If you’re one for subtlety, some covers are made to blend in with your couch. 

What Should I Look For In A Couch Cover?

Couch covers should be washable. If you pup makes an oopsie on the couch, you can easily grab the couch cover and wash it! If the cover is starting to smell funny, you can wash it! In other words, finding something that can be washable and reusable is definitely a game changer.

Avoid plastic couch covers. Not only do the plastic ones tend to look bad, they can also be a choking hazard to both dogs and children alike. They can also easily tear, leading to a rather ugly looking couch. 

Find durable materials. You want your couch cover to last as long as possible to save money! Plus, the couch cover should be immune to doggie scratches and bites, since you’re buying it to protect your furniture.

The couch cover should fit the couch! If the cover isn’t the right size, it may slip off easier and end up ruining the objective of the couch cover. 

Check the materials! If your sofa is leather, you may want a grippy couch cover, but on the other hand, if you have a cloth couch, you may want to stick with a cloth-like material to make sure it matches!

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Here are some recommended couch covers below:

Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Couch Cover 

This cover is amazingly high quality, but carries a hefty price of up to 100 dollars. It is polyester, quilted, and covers the back, seat, and arms of your couch. It doesn’t skid, is machine washable, easy to install, and best of all, it’s super comfortable for both your pup and yourself.

Chiara Rose Anti-Slip Armless One- Piece Sofa Shield

If you want a cheaper option to protect your furniture, this sofa cover is much more affordable than the Sure Fit Deluxe, while still having many of the same features. However, it does not have protectors for the arms of the couch, so it may not be the best for you if your pup likes to relax there. As an added bonus, this cover is praised for its aesthetics, which can easily blend into most rooms.

Le’ Benton Stretchable Dog Sofa Cover

This cover is different from the others mentioned so far, in that it is meant to be stretched around your couch, rather than being draped across it. As a result, this cover provides a much larger degree of protection than the other covers. As a downside, many report the cover to be difficult to put onto their couch, although with practice it becomes much easier.

Gorilla Grip Original Slip Resistant Large Sofa Protector

There are some times in life where you don’t have the time to invest in a more expensive or harder to set up sofa cover. In that case, this cover is perfect. Its texture is suede-like, making it easy to clean (especially liquid spills), and its bumpy bottom prevents slipping. It comes in many different colors too, for the aesthetic focused customer.

Velvet Plush Stretch Sofa Slipcover

If you liked the style of sofa cover where you stretch the cover around the couch, this is another great option. While less durable than the other slipcover, it is in a more affordable price range, and can cover up pet-damaged furniture easily. The snug fit on the sofa allows for easy cleanups of any kind, and prevents pets from messing up the cover.

However, if you pup tends to target other furniture, here are some small tips, tricks, and products that can help your pup to stop destroying your stuff!

Tire your pup out. Take your pup out for a walk or play fetch with them in the backyard! This may be able to deter your furry friend from chewing on things he’s not supposed to. After all, a tired pup can’t cause trouble!

Find durable chew toys. Try to find toys your pup likes! The problem could be that your pup doesn’t like a type of toy, and it may lead him to chew on things he’s not supposed to. Have a variety of hard and soft toys at your pup’s disposal!

Consider bitter furniture sprays. There are sprays made that taste super bitter that your pup won’t like! Take a peek at this Bitter Apple Spray that won’t damage your furniture at all. These spray will give your pup a nasty surprise if they’ve tried to lick the furniture!

Protecting your furniture and having an energetic puppy should never be a nuisance! Be sure to try all these methods to make sure nothing gets damaged in the long run. If you want to keep a clean home (relatively) free from pet hair/dander, make sure you got these babies handy. Quality vacuum cleaners are one key piece to keeping the pet hair invasion at bay. Happy shopping!

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