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The 8 Best Chew Toys For German Shepherd Dog Breed

What kind of dog is the German shepherd?

A German shepherd is one of the most popular and favorite dogs to many pet owners across the globe. These dogs are usually active and love to have regular physical exercises every day. Doing so will help them stay healthy and acquire appropriate behaviors. Besides that, German shepherds are also playful by nature. They can quickly get along with different people of all ages, like teenagers, adults, and even children.

Moreover, you can also find the dogs of this breed that enjoy the company of other pets at home if you have one, especially if you raise them together in the same house. You’ll also love these dogs because they are intelligent. They can quickly learn things directly and indirectly. In fact, many german shepherd patients always let their furry friends undergo training to learn new tricks and behaviors.

Chew Toys Buying Guide for German Shepherd Owners:

The use of chew toys aims to give your pets time to be busy so that they can manage their anxiety level, and it’ll also help them not get bored. Many pet owners use these chew toys for entertainment, especially when their dogs are aggressive and playful. In fact, it’s not only good for dogs, but there are also available chew toys intended for rodents, birds, and many other lovely pets.

Moreover, you can find tons of the best dog toys in the market today. That’s why you have to choose one that fits best with your lovely German shepherd. One thing to remember when buying a new one is its quality. Since dogs have strong teeth and jaws, they tend to bite the toys very hard. That’s why if you’re using chew toys with low-quality materials, it won’t surely last a day. The one you’ll be buying at the store should be durable and solid.

In addition, you also have to consider the size of the chew toys for your dogs. You need to get one based on the size of your pets. The small chew toys won’t work out well with big dogs, like the German shepherds you have at home. It’s because there’s a tendency they may swallow the toys and might result in choking or asphyxiation.

Besides the size, you also have to provide your pets with chew dogs of different colors and shapes. It’s because they can also get bored with what toys you give. Make it interesting for them to like it so much and play with it most of the time. These are a few things to keep in mind when you buy a new set of chew toys for your German shepherd.

Things to Avoid When buying a Chew Toy:

As mentioned earlier, you should avoid buying small chew toys that your dogs can swallow and those that your pets can quickly destroy and rip. Besides that, don’t purchase any chew toys with different accessories because your furry friend may enjoy biting them and swallowing them without your knowledge.

Additionally, if your dogs usually show too much aggressiveness, they can crack their teeth when biting hard objects, resulting in additional bills in your vets. That’s why, as much as possible, you have to watch for your dogs so that this won’t happen to them in the future.

Best Chew Toys For German Shepherd Reviews

As previously mentioned, you can find tons of chew toys in the market today. However, you may not know which one is the best for your dogs. To help you out, check these eight best chew treats for German shepherds below.  

Kong Rubber Chew Toy

First on the list is the rubber chew toy by Kong. It has various colors that your pets will surely love, like blue and pink, and it comes in different sizes, like large and medium. It‘s also not heavy because it only weighs 0.11 lbs. The primary material used is rubber with a soft puppy formula, and it guarantees quality and durability.

That’s why you don’t have to worry about your dog destroying the chew toy the day you purchase it. It’s super strong, and you can let your pet use it for a long time. Besides that, if you have little dogs and you notice their teeth start to grow, they seem to be fond of biting anything for satisfaction.

Hence, you have to start using this product of Kong because this is one of the safe chew toys for puppies that you can find in the market today. The material used for this toy is also perfect for little puppies that suffer from painful gums and teeth due to development and growth. It’ll give them comfort during their teething phase of life.

Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy


Next on the list is the wishbone chew toy by Benebone. The exciting thing about it is that its color and texture look like a real chicken. Not only that! Its taste is also like one because manufacturers used chicken flavor in making it. That’s why you can surely find your dogs get super excited playing and biting this wishbone chew toy whenever you bring one at home.

Moreover, the main material used for this product is nylon, and it only weighs 0.17 kg. That’s why it’s easy for your dogs to pick, bite, and chew. You can also guarantee that you may allow your dogs to use it for a couple of weeks because they can’t easily break or rip it apart. It’s solid and durable, and it’s one of the high-quality products in the US today for tons of pet owners across the country.

In addition, whenever you buy this product by Benebone, you can always get in touch with them if you have questions or concerns with the purchase you’ve made. It’s to ensure you’re getting the best value of the products and the services from the customer support they currently have.

Nylabone Chew Toys for Puppies

Puppy Chew

This is another product of chew toys for your little puppies from Nylabone. These German shepherd toys are intended for dogs in the teething stage of their life. You may have noticed that when your dogs’ teeth start to develop and grow, they tend to feel the need to bite something. It’s to ease the pain they feel, and it’s also a way to give them satisfaction.

Moreover, this product from Nylabone is also made of nylon, and it weighs around 0.17 lbs. It also has small and regular sizes, depending on the size and weight of your dogs. Like the previously discussed product above, this one also has a chicken flavor that makes most dogs excited to start biting and chewing.

Hence, these chew toys of Nylabone are one of the best options you have for your cute little puppies. The company is continuously creating new products to help their puppies have healthy teeth and gums that will significantly boost health and wellness.

Nylabone Key Ring Bone


Another product of Nylabone is next on the list. It’s a key ring toy that’s made of thermoplastic polymer. The primary goal of this product is to help your dogs acquire appropriate chewing habits. This toy is not that hard because it’s intended for cute puppies with little growing and developing teeth. 
Besides that, these toys have bristles to help clean your dogs’ gums and teeth to avoid accumulating tartar, resulting in getting dental problems in the future. Even if this is intended for little puppies, they also have created a particular size for bigger pets. Besides that, your dogs will surely enjoy playing and chewing this toy because of its bacon flavor. 
Hence, if you’re planning a new set of chew toys in the future, you can always add this toy of Nybalone to your list of favorites. Doing so will surely help your little puppies have healthy teeth and gums and help you avoid any possible dental fees for your vets. 

Oneisall Chew Toys for Dogs

Oneisall chew toys for dogs is one of the best chew bones for German shepherd puppies. These products have been popular in the market today for different pet owners in the country. It’s made of high-quality nylon, so it’s sturdy that your dogs can’t easily break or rip it. As mentioned earlier, the teeth and gums of your dogs must always be clean to avoid any accumulation of bacteria and tartar that may cause any possible dental issues.

With that, the chew toys for dogs by Oneisall also has the same objective. It’s to help your pets reach the best dental health and for you to get rid of any dental fees for your vet in the future. It’s because as your dogs keep biting and chewing the toy, it rubs their teeth and gums, taking all dirt and plaque. That’s why if you can see your dogs always doing that, you’ll have peace of mind that their teeth are healthy. 

Besides the health benefits that your pets can get from this product, it’ll also help them manage their anxiety level and stress. If your dogs also become aggressive and physically active, using these chew toys will help them calm down and relax. You’ll surely find them busy, so they can never get bored.

Pet Qwerks BackBone Chew Toy

Pet Qweks

This is another product in the US that has been popular for many dog parents nationwide. It’s the BarkBone chew toy by Pet Qweks. The exciting thing about it is that it’s in the shape of a real bone. That’s why it makes your dogs easier to bite, chew, and hold it with their jaws. Besides that, there’s no artificial color and any additives and flavors in manufacturing this product. 

Hence, these best chew bones are always safe to allow your pets to play and chew these BarkBone chew toys at home. In addition, all materials used to create this product are non-allergenic and toxic-fee, so you have nothing to worry about the health of your lovely dogs. 

That’s why if you’re planning to buy new chew toys for your furry friends, you can always consider this one from Pet Qwerks. It doesn’t only help your dogs to kill boredom and get entertained. It also promotes dental and overall wellness. 

JW Pet Rubber Dog’s Chew Toys

As mentioned earlier, you have to provide your dogs with different chew toys to keep them interested in playing and chewing them. Otherwise, they won’t pay any attention to whatever you give, and they tend to drop their toys anywhere in the house. With that, this next chew toy for dogs by JW Pet is what you need that’s worth trying and even worth your money. 

Moreover, the exciting thing about it is that it’s in a spiral shape like a DNA model that will surely capture the attention of your dogs. It’s made of high-quality rubber, so it’s a little bit soft, but it’s sturdy and highly durable. It also weighs 0.02 lbs, making it easier for your dogs to pick, bite, and chew. 

Hence, if you’re looking for something new that you can give your dogs to bite and chew, these toys from JW Pet are one of your best options. With its exciting shape and color, your dogs will surely find it interesting to play with it while biting and chewing it and running and jumping around your house. 

Snug Rubber Balls for Dogs


Another interesting chew toy for your lovely dogs is these rubber balls by Snug. These toys are round, like balls, and the same size as a tennis ball. Hence, besides that chew toy for dogs discussed above that looks like a DNA model, this one is another perfect option that will surely get your pets’ attention. 

Besides that, these toys are made of rubber, so it’s soft but a little bit sturdy, and highly durable too. You can let your furry friends play with these balls together with other children who are also dog lovers. It’ll surely be a lot of fun for everyone.  

That’s why if you want to give your dogs something interesting to keep their attention, these rubber balls by Snug will always deserve a spot in your list of favorites. You can find tons of them online. Just choose one that will fit the size of your pets. 


What are the health benefits of using a chew toy German shepherd can get?

Using chew toys will provide your dogs with tons of health benefits, especially for German shepherds. Since this breed is usually working dogs, you should expect that they are more active than others. That’s why if they didn’t do anything at home, you might find them stressed or exhausted. It’s because they should have regular physical exercise to stay healthy. With that, using any chew toys will help you make them calm and achieve their best health. It’s also the best way for your dogs to manage stress and anxiety.

How can chew toys help improve the dental health of your dogs?

Another benefit your dogs can get from these chew toys is for the improvement of their dental health. As they keep on biting and chewing a particular toy, it’ll rub their teeth and gums and consequently remove any plaque and tartar that may result in pain and any other dental issues in the future. Besides that, as they keep chewing the toy, their bodies will excrete more saliva to clean their mouth further. It’ll also get rid of the acid from accumulated bacteria stuck in their teeth. These are some reasons why letting your dogs chew their toys will improve their dental health. Hence, if you’re new to raising a dog, don’t forget to let your pet do the same thing to get these benefits.

What’s the best toy German shepherd puppies can use?

You can find tons of chew toys online and even at the store near your area. There are tons of options to be the best one in the market with different colors, designs, and sizes. However, the best toy you have to choose for your German shepherd will depend on its current size. Since this breed is big and tall by nature, you should never buy a small one that they can easily swallow. It’ll also be the best toy for your dogs if it’s always safe.

What are the alternative homemade dog toys?

If you don’t want to purchase any ready-made chew toys for your dogs in the market, you can always make a few alternative homemade dog toys at your most convenient time. Hence, check some of them below.

A ball in a sock
This is one of the easiest and most affordable DIY chew toys for your dog. You only have to put a tennis ball inside a sock you’re not already using. Then, tie the open part so that the ball won’t come out from the sock. Besides a tennis ball, you can also use others of different sizes. Just make sure that the ball is boog enough so that your dog can’t swallow it when playing or chewing.

Kitchen Towel
If you have some kitchen towels that you’re not using anymore, you can still use them for something interesting for your dogs. You can make a new chew toy for your furry friends with that material. You only have to cut the towel vertically and leave an inch or two at the top. There should be three cuts in total. After that, you have to braid those three parts of the towel, as most women do with their hair. Then, securely lock both ends to avoid loosening up quickly when your dogs start playing with your DIY chew toy.

One Big Knot
This next DIY toy for your dogs is also easy to make. You’ll be creating a big knot to form a big ball of fabric. You can use another kitchen towel or other piece of cloth that you’re not using anymore. It’ll be better if it’s big so that you can create a big ball out of it. The first thing you have to do is to tie a knot in the middle of the kitchen towel. After that, tie another knot on top of the one you’ve recently created. Then, repeat the process until it becomes a big ball of fabric. That’s it! You can now let your dogs play with your DIY chew toy.

Raising a dog will give so much fun for you and your entire family at home. They’re friendly and amazing buddies to be with wherever you go. However, you have to make sure that you’re ready for the responsibility of having a dog. It’s because it might be requiring much of your time and effort to attend to their needs.

Besides that, it’ll also be more challenging if your dogs are so playful and physically active. That’s a manifestation that your pets are healthy, though, but the challenge is there. There’s nothing to worry about it because you can find tons of chew toys in the market today to help you out with furry friends. With the list of products discussed above, you have plenty of options to help your pets calm down and behave well.

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