How to Build a Sturdy Dog Ramp for High bed

There are several practical reasons why it is best to come up with a sturdy dog ramp for high beds – considering this small size and skeletal conditions to their disabilities and old age. But other than that, even pet owners will also need it. Securing a dog ramp can help your dog to go up and down the high bed and at the same time helps the pet owner eliminate the requirement of picking up their dog and carry him to the bed.

By making use of effective steps on how to build a sturdy dog ramp, you can ensure that you can create a functional and strong dog ramp that can also be tailored to suit the décor and layout of your bedroom. Yes, it will be possible to create an ideal dog ramp that is best for your bedroom!

Things To Consider Before Building A Dog Ramp

Before you proceed to the actual work, it is important that you first consider some fundamentals and determine what your pet dog needs. Obviously, there is no sense in making a dog ramp that is not usable for your pet or one they will not consider strong enough to access.

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You need to be mindful of the following things:

  • The size of the dog
  • The weight of the dog
  • The health of the dog
  • The location of the ramp
  • Do you intend to make the ramp transferred from one place to another?
  • The design

These are just simple things but they all play an important role in determining the success and effectiveness of your project. Other than coming up with beautiful artwork, you should first give importance to the reliability of your dog ramp.

Steps On Building A Sturdy Dog Ramp

When building an indoor ramp, particularly one that dogs use for getting into the high bed, you will have boundless ideas on how to turn them captivating, wonderful, and realistic. To help you make a sturdy ramp for a high bed for your dog, here are the things that you need to prepare:

  • Cabinet hinge
  • Drill 
  • Screws
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wood crates in various sizes
  • Paint (optional)

Here are the procedures in building a sturdy dog ramp:

1. Constructing The Shelves

Crates are available in your local market or you can get them at the nearest supply store. Remember, if you aim to build a sturdy dog ramp, you must go away from choosing cardboard that is not durable enough. Wooden crates are embellishing and strong. You may also want to paint them if you like to turn them modern and stylish.

Set them up as you deem them fit, however, see to it that they spit up in a manner that retains to the incline you opted for your dog’s ramp. Then get the hot glue gun to attach the crates together.

2. Connecting The Pathway

Put the pathway we constructed before into the spilling crates. If you are satisfied with how things appear, you can simply connect the ramp to the shelves. See to it that you perform the adjustments to the designs before proceeding to screw the pathway to the aiding shelves.

To help you secure all things in their position, get your drill, and do some holes. Screw the standard cabinet hinge on the uppermost crate or shelf. Attach the other part of the hinge to the plank of the pathway, and your dog ramp should be ready!

Securing a hinge will grant you more space to modify the incline afterward as your dog gets old or if you think that the dog ramp is quite hilly for him after all. You may put additional crates underneath to lower the incline or the other way around.

3. Painting

Although it is optional, you can also paint the resulting product before installing it in the bedroom. You may want to style it however you want to make it suit smoothly with the design of your bedroom. The shelves are very manageable for storing throws, bedding, or books.

If you do not like open shelves, you may also want to include cabinet doors on your ramp. You just have to add several boards or buy pre-made doors, some extra screws, and more hinges.

Look at this adorable little buddy. His name is Thor and he’s a rescued dachshund. Thor has learned to navigate the ramp especially designed for him and his little Shih Tzu brother Gizmo after encouragement and lots of belly rubs given by his hu-mom. If you don’t have woodworking or carpentry skills to build a doggy ramp from scratch, comb through our list of the best dog ramps on the market for the best product that fit you and your furbaby’s needs.

Common Dog Ramps For High Bed

You can base your project on any of the two common dog ramps for high bed:

  • Ramp style – this is the common, flat-type dog ramps for high beds. These types of dog ramps can be placed in the living area and bedroom to help the dog climb couches and high beds.
  • Stairs style – this style will also make a good choice for your dog. You can make this type of dog ramp and keep it in the living area of the bedroom. This style also blends well with the furniture and appears like an embellishing piece.


Building a sturdy dog ramp for a high bed isn’t just an accessory. Rather, it is also necessary for the health of your dog. As your pet gets aged, he may experience joint pains and may find climbing on your high bed difficult to do. Dog ramp can help your senior pet to go up into the bed and at the same time lessen the pain he feels in his joints.

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