25 Best Pet Ramps that Won’t Bust Your Budget

25 Best Pet Ramps that Won’t Bust Your Budget 

Pet ramps are mobility aids for old, arthritic, or disabled pets that need help climbing up high beds, couches, and cars. Pet ramps rank higher when it comes to safety compared to pet stairs as the inclined surface is easier on the pet’s joints compared to stairs. 

We all want the best for our pets but we don’t want to blow our cash on shoddily constructed ramps that may be cheap but would do more harm to your pet. Imagine a tri-folding ramp collapsing under the weight of your chonk! *shudder*
Quality pet ramps can be pricey. Luckily, we combed through the long list of pet ramps on the market right now and came up with this listicle of the best investment. 

We only chose affordable pet ramps but with good construction in mind so buying one won’t bust your budget. Give your little furry ones the care they deserve with these top pet ramps on our list.

1. Pet Gear superTrax Free-Standing Ramp 

Pet Gear Free-Standing Ramp review

The Pet Gear free-standing ramp is ideal for helping pets walk up a high SUV back or to reach your high bed. You can choose from 4 models; each can support dogs from 200 to 300 pounds. The surface has a pressure-activated grip so your pet’s paws can grip on the mat. This is a supertraX mat that is soft and will protect your pet’s paws as well as your car’s interiors. This can also be removed to clean.

Extra features include portability by easily folding the ramp so you can lug it from vehicle to home. Additional safety features includes raised edges so your pet’s paws won’t slide off the side. 

maximum capacity: 200 pounds

2. SASRL Adjustable Pet Ramp 

 Equipped with their proprietary paw traction mat, this finely engineered pet ramp has an adjustable frame to accommodate the little furballs or the huge doggos in your pack. It has a high-traction surface that prevents slippage for that easy climb or descent, making your pet more confident with managing uneven surfaces. Its sturdy wood frame enhances safety as your pet walks or runs up the ramp. It folds easily so you can store it compactly. Can accommodate pets up to 200 pounds.

Additional advantage of the SASRL adjustable pet ramp is its free-standing design so you don’t have to fiddle with attachments to anchor the ramp to your couch or vehicle. This is an excellent option for older, arthritic senior pets to feel young again. No assembly required, just set on the ground and go. Pack it up without any hassle. 

3. TOBBI 62” Bi-fold Portable Dog Ramp for Large Pet

Tobbi 62

The TOBBI 62” bi-fold portable ramp has a space-saving design for easy transport and storage. The surface is made of a high-traction material to prevent slipping. This is ideal for senior pets and those with issues with mobility. This dog ramp can accommodate pets up to 200 pounds.

It’s easy to store and surprisingly lightweight (12 pounds) for a full-length folding ramp. You’ll be impressed when you examine its solid build and the material used to give the ramp its textured surface. Engineered to fold nicely for compact storage and portability. 

4. PetSafe CozyUp Bed RampPetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp review

The PetSafe CozyUp is a bed ramp so your pet dog or cat can come up with the bed on their own. This is made of strong and durable material and can support up to 120 pounds. Your pets will be safe with a strong carpet cover while the legs and the frame have a cherry wood finish.

5. PetSafe Happy Ride Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp

PetSafe Happy Ride Teloscoping ramp review

The Pet Safe Happy Ride is an extra-long telescoping ramp that is ideal for helping your pet climb up beds, couches, and cars. It is made from durable aluminum that can support pets up to 300 pounds. This is a lightweight ramp that weighs only 18 pounds. It is easy to fold, carry, lift, and store.

6. PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

PetSafe Solvit Telescoping Ramp review

The Pet Safe Solvit is a deluxe telescoping ramp that can help your pet move up and down furniture and in and out of tall vehicles. It has adjustable size to match your dog’s capabilities, and since this is made of tough aluminum, it can support dogs or other pets up to 400 pounds. It has a high-traction surface plus side rails to avoid slipping.

7. DOG QUALITY Gentle Rise Dog Bed Ramp

Gentle Rise Dog Ramp review

The Gentle Rise Dog Ramp helps your dog access your bed. It is for small dogs, senior dogs, and those with mobility issues. This bed ramp reduces injury arising from pet stairs, and its non-slip rubber flooring reduces pressure on your pet’s joints. It is safe and sturdy with side rails on the side and a gradual slope.  

8. MDBT Dog Bed Ramp 2.0 for Small Dogs

MDBT Dog Bed Ramp review

The MDBT pet ramp is for high beds and couches. It is foldable and collapsible so it can be easily kept under the bed or inside the closet in an upright position. This is lightweight and sturdy and weighs less than 15 pounds so you can easily remove this and transport it anywhere. 

9. Good Life Black Non-Skid Pet Ramp Ladder 

Ramp4Paws Dog Ramp review

Crafted from durable material, easy to fold, easy to assemble, even easier to transport because of its light weight. The Good Life Bi-fold pet ramp can be set flush beside your bed, couch, the back of the car, the front steps. Very convenient and safe for pets to use and for pet owners’ peace of mind. Now, your senior furbabies, sick pets, and itty-bitty little ones (pups) can manage heights with ease thru this Bi-fold pet ramp. Not for children’s use.

10. AKC Convertible Pet Steps & Ramp with Anti-Slip Strips 

AKC Convertible Pet Steps and Ramp review

The AKC Convertible Pet Steps ramp can be converted to a stepping ramp in just seconds. It has an anti-slip tread with skid strips where your pet will step on. This weighs less than 10 pounds, and thus it is easy to take anywhere. It is the perfect height for a pet to prevent joints and paws. This can be used indoors and outdoors. 

11. Carpeted Ramps 46” Folding Solid Wood Pet Indoor/Outdoor Carpeted Ramp 

Carpeted Ramps 46

The Carpeted Ramps 46-inch folding ramp is a bi-fold solid wooden ramp that lets your pet go up high and hard to access areas of your home. It comes with a carpeted tread for sure footing, and when it’s time to clean, you can remove this easily. The ramp will not move because of rubber grippers at the bottom. You can use this indoors or outdoors.

12. Smart Pet Ramp Junior

Smart Pet Ramp Junior review

The Smart Pet Ramp helps pets get in and out cars and vans with a foot tread surface and a non-slip edge for a safe and secure climb. It is great for pets with joint and back problems and also for elderly pets. This weighs only 8 pounds so you can travel with this pet ramp anywhere. 

13. Etna Compact Folding Pet Ramp 

Compact Folding Pet Ramp review

The Compact Folding Pet Ramp from Etna is a ramp with a rough surface that will prevent slipping. It also has raised edges to keep your pet steady as he moves up and down the ramp. At the end of the pet, the ramp is rubber stoppers, so it won’t move.  You can fold this away neatly when not in use. It folds flat and thus, you can easily hide it under your bed, inside a closet or in the trunk of your car. 

14. Solvit Ultralite Bi-Fold Dog Ramp 

Solvit Ultalite Dog Ramp review

Solvit Ultralite has a bi-folding ramp that weighs only 10 pounds. But despite its lightweight, it can support weights up to 200 pounds. The surface is high-traction that will enhance your pet’s footing. It also comes with a safety latch that secures it while you carry it in your car or when stored. You’ll also find a safety handle on the side which you can use to carry the folded ramp anywhere it’s needed. 

15. Tote’N Store Folding Pet Ramp

Tote'N Store Folding Ramp review

The Tote’N Store Folding ramp is ready to use in just seconds with no hardware needed to set it up. And when you’re done, it folds back easily as well. It is easy to transport as it weighs only 6 pounds. It can fit anywhere when it is folded, and this can hold pets up to 65 pounds. This is ideal for small to medium dogs.

16. Generic el Steps St SUV Stairs Travel Ramp

Generic El Steps Travel Ramp review

The Generic el Steps is made for SUV boarding for senior dogs and those with medical issues. It is also for puppies that can’t reach high into your SUV or van. This ramp is made from durable PP, and because of this, it can take up to 165 pounds. This has many anti-skid lines so your pet can move easily and with improved stability. 

17. Royal Ramps 14” Tall Pet Ramp 

Royal Ramps 14

This pet ramp is lightweight but remains sturdy and stable to use. It has a soft cover that can be removed and washed. It is a small dog pet ramp that is made of high-density foam. It weighs only 6 pounds and thus may be carried anywhere.

18. Pet Gear Dog Ramps – Travel Lite Bi-Fold 

Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Ramp review

The Pet Gear Dog Ramp is a bi-folding ramp that provides your pet easy access to your car as well as to hard-to-reach areas in your home. It has a removable carpet surface that you can wash by machine or by hand. The bottom has rubber stoppers, so this will remain in position as your pet uses it. You can fold this up when not in use, and it occupies only a small space in your room, car, or garage. 

19. Orvis Reflective Pet Ramp 

Orvis Reflective Pet Ramp review

The Orvis Reflective Pet Ramp is made for senior dogs and also for dogs with vision problems. It is a tri-fold ramp with wider steps and each one with reflective strips. It has rubber grippers at the bottom, so the ramp remains steady even during days when it is rainy or snowy. It has a 200-pound capacity made of strong plastic and steel. 

20. The Pet Ramp and Staircase 

The Pet Ramp and Starcase review

This is a ramp that transforms into a pet staircase in just seconds. Made for small dogs, this can also be used by senior dogs or sick pets. It provides pets with arthritis the ability to move up and down beds and couches without stress on the muscles and joints. The steps can fold down, and each step is lined with non-slip carpet for confident movement. The frame is made of pine and can support up to 130 pounds.

21. Royal Ramps 21” Tall Pet Ramp with Landing

Royal Ramps 21

The Royal Ramps pet ramp has a landing on top, so it’s easy to take your pet on a high bed and down again. It is made from high-quality high-density foam that can support pets up to 75 pounds. It is covered with upholstery-grade fabric that resists stains. It is machine washable with a zippered design. This is a 3-piece modular ramp that you can interchange as your pet’s needs change over the years.

22. Pet Gear Designer STRamp 28” Pet Ramp 

STRamp 28

The STRamp is from Pet Gear, and this is made from durable materials that won’t lose their shape even when used by a medium-sized dog. It has removable treads made of carpet for cleaning. The surface is a gentle slope that’s effortless when used. At the bottom of this stramp are rubber grippers that will keep it in place no matter how much it is used. It will arrive unassembled, but it can be assembled easily and quickly so your dog can use it right away. 

23. Scalloped 25” Pet Ramp 

Scalloped 25

This pet ramp has a unique design. It is made from high-density PU foam that can support small dogs and cats up to 100 pounds. It has a soft and comfortable micro-suede cover. Your pet will find this soft and steady as he climbs up and down your bed or sofa. This scalloped pet ramp weighs less than 13 pounds, and thus you can easily take it with you on vacation or when you travel. The fabric cover is removable and washable.

24. Wang Tong Shop Pet Stairs Steps Dog Ramp

Wang Tong Shop Pet Stairs review

Help your pet reach his favorite spots like your bed or sofa with the Wang Tong Shop pet stairs. This can be converted into a dog ramp and folded down when not in use. It is made of wood but with an iron rack to support each step. It is suitable for small to large dogs with a maximum capacity of 80 pounds. The stair material is made from velvet and maybe spot cleaned if these become dirty.

25. HalfSTEP II – Multi-Purpose Ramp 

HalfSTEP II - Multi-Purpose Ramp review

The HalfSTEP II is a portable ramp that has a strong construction with a 500-pound capacity. It is made for small to large dogs to help them enter vans, cars or beds. This pet ramp has a secure surface that prevents your pet from slipping and sliding as he moves up or down. It comes with rubber stoppers at the bottom, so the ramp stays in place when it is used. 

Using a pet ramp is indeed a good idea if you have a pet that can’t jump up or down your bed, couch, or car. It may be a challenge for some pets like senior dogs or dogs with joint problems to move or step, and a well-constructed, safe, and durable pet ramp is a lifesaver. Make sure your dog knows how to use the ramp properly and never leave it unattended, especially when climbing on your car, SUV or truck. Also, find the right pet ramp for your dog’s needs, his size, weight, and his abilities.

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