Top 5 Most Hypoallergenic Dogs

Most pet lovers that have an allergy to their favorite pet can still enjoy being a parent to them. The technique is just picking for a pet from a hypoallergenic dog breed; it is a perfect choice, especially for those people that have an allergy. 

Most of the allergic people are either allergic to shedding hair or the saliva of the dog. The more hair has a dog, the more possible that it is flying around your house, stay in an item of furniture, and it even goes into your nasal passages. 

So when you choose a pet dog that is a hypoallergenic breed, the dog should be small so it has less hair, or you may choose a curly-coated hair dog so that its hair may prefer to cord than it drops out, or you may choose a hairless breed.

Here Are The Five Most Hypoallergenic Dogs That You May Choose From

1. Bichon Frise

This breed is small with a curly-coated calm lapdog that has a lower activity level in which it blends with a high ability to train and a friendly perspective that makes it be an ideal pet for most dog lovers. 

white bichon frise puppy outdoors

Yet, its coat feature may be different markedly in an adult’s. However, its coat needs a persistent brushing, so an allergic pet owner might want to hand off this task into another family member. 

2. West Highland White Terrier

A short-legged terrier was first bred in Scotland. Their short legs assist them in compressing into a hard to reach places and make them easier to control in a rocky place with loose footing.

The West Highland White Terrier is not only known because of its friendly behavior but also the very little shedding of its brushy coat. They considered hypoallergenic pets because their coat is occasionally shedding, and they belong to a low dander dog. 

3. Poodles 

The Poodles belong to the list because this pet is known to be so adaptable. Poodles also come with three different sizes, few colors as well as a great number of personalities. These dogs also are known for being intelligent and loyal pets.

toy poodle sitting on a green bench

Poodles even smell good, compared to any other dogs. The most hypoallergenic dog is a large Standard Poodle; they obviously create the slightest dander. It is perfect for you if you live with a royalty level. In addition, the right grooming is important for the poodles.

4. Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a compliant companion. These pet dogs have a great healthy kind that needs low maintenance and prefer to live even in a compact space like in apartments. 

Italian Greyhound wearing wool sweater

This peaceful, sophisticated, and has a long-lived pet may need a minimal kind of grooming, which is considered to be a benefit, especially in dog lovers. They are quiet in the house, and they are friends with some other dogs and even cats. But most of all, they have great devotion and loves to bond with just one person with its owner. 

Italian Greyhound is a naturally neat dog that almost no doggy smell. They also drool a little, and they are a non-shedding pet, so they are considered as a hypoallergenic dog.

5. Portuguese Water Dog

This breed is a water-loving dog that has an ideal coat for those who suffer in an allergy. This is a type of athletic dog that is comfortable to leave even in apartments if you provide them an appropriate exercise.

It may show some definite fondness into one family member over another. These kinds of dogs required a usual brushing with professional grooming.


You may also try to make time hanging around with different members of breeds that you like and observe which of them makes you set to sneeze. However, an allergic person can be allergic even in one or more types of dogs, so try to look for a low-shedding breed to set off those allergic signs.

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