Hearts of Gold: 15 Greatest Dog Rescuers in the USA

It is no longer a surprise that many dogs and even other animals have been abused by their homeowner and other people in particular. It has already reached an alarming rate, especially in the United States, where these abuses and abandonment are visibly rampant. According to the survey, about five thousand dogs in a day have been abused, abandoned, tortured, and have lost their homes. 

The good thing in the USA, there have been established dog rescuers operating up to this date and functioning their best to provide an amazing fight against dog abuse and abandonment. These volunteers from different dog rescuers facilities have dedicated their lives to reducing the rate and build a more effective and productive home for dogs. 

A lot of extraordinary news from dog-loving volunteers who have accomplished together in creating remarkable things for dogs. They are considered heroes in our modern world.

These organizations have even done more than their mission just to fulfill what these dogs deserve. Hence, an enormous recognition for their excellent service should be furnished to acknowledged their huge influence in the vitalities of these poor animals.

In this article, we will show you the top dog rescuers in the USA, and together let us appreciate their mission and objectives in the service. We will also understand what dog rescuers are and why they exist. Take a glimpse down below to discover further. 

What Are Dog Rescuers?

There is some confusion as to how dog rescuers function compared to dog shelters. However, they do act the same way, yet dog rescue facilities are owned and operated by the private sector and mostly have volunteer workers.

What these dog rescuers do is to rescue dogs from other abusive pet owners or those in a hopeless circumstance. It is a major facility that renders momentary shelter for the rescued dogs. They are taken care of by foster parents until they find an excellent permanent parent for them.

Provided that these dogs have undertaken several serious cases of abuse and tortured their whole being, the dog rescuers have established rehabilitation therapy to restore the overall behavior, health, and mental recovery of these dogs. 

Typically, there are types of dog rescues that focus on either one or two types of breeds to cater to the distinct needs of each breed of dog. These specified dog rescuers are better since their means and therapies applied are well researched for the particular dogs they focused on. Similarly, the volunteers, who function as their foster parents have the knowledge and dedicated passion for a specific breed. 

Overall, dog rescuers are facilities that are not funded by the government and solely function and depend on monetary donations and volunteer workers. Although there are occasions that have accepted help from the government, yet this scenario happens rarely. 

Significance Of Dog Rescuers

More Information

Dog rescue facilities provide by the rescuers serve as the dogs’ temporary home wherein they can conserve their interpersonal relationships and restore familiarity to people. 

People who are interested in adopting rescued dogs have more advantages since these dogs have spent much time with their foster parents, and there is available information to learn from them before deciding to have one. You can effortlessly choose what is best for you and what temperament you prefer for a dog. 


Since these dogs have experienced worst from previous owners or unkind individuals, the adoption process requires more involvement with the dogs to ensure that the right owner is chosen. They get to bond, play, and interact with them a lot of times.

Compared to shelters, dog rescuers have more strict rules and procedures followed. Hence, the welfare of the dogs is not taken for granted and always on top of security.

Nurtured Accordingly

The welfare of the rescued dogs is the priority. They are provided with adequate food, nutrients, and vaccine. Their overall mental health and well-being are also taken care of. 

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Top 15 Greatest Dog Rescuers In The USA

1. Vet Ranch

Where to find: Texas, USA

This dog rescue organization is a nonprofit group that is dedicated to providing medical care for homeless dogs and other animals. They also offer a rehabilitation program for dogs that are rescued from an abusive home or abandoned owners.

Their goal is to spread awareness of the rise of these poor situations among animals and to extend more help. Their full success stories and other contact information can be found on their website, https://vetranch.org/. Check it out!

2. Susie’s Senior Dogs

Where to find: New York, USA

Similar to the previous one, it is a non-profit organization that is passionate about delivering high-quality care and rehabilitation programs for senior dogs. They have already documented several successful adoption stories and how these families and people have experienced changes in their lives after adopting senior dogs. 

They are giving special attention to senior dogs as these typed of animals are often abandoned or neglected. However, they are established to provide a chance for senior dogs to belong in a favorable home. 

3. Humane Society of the United States

Where to find: Washington, USA

From their name itself, their aim to establish a humane society for dogs and other animals. It is a huge organization that has reached internationally and built Humane Society International is the international.

The facility they have in the United States is just one out of the others, such as in India, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. They passionately battle for the right of animals to be respected and away from the cruel world. Visit their website and learn more of their advocacies,  https://www.humanesociety.org/ 

4. Austin Pets Alive!

Where to Find: Texas, USA

They work started by rescuing dogs from euthanasia at the Austin Animal Center. Their director, named Dr. Ellen Jefferson, has begun to establish nationwide advocacy in rescuing dogs and other animals that are highly at risk from being euthanized.

They also cater to adoption and programs for foster caring. Over ninety percent of the list has been saved by this organization and still fully operates until this time. Visit their website at https://www.austinpetsalive.org/ to understand more about their goals and mission. 

5. City of San Jose Animal Care & Services

Where to Find: California, USA 

This organization offers services for animals that are at high risk of euthanasia. With an impressive forty percent, they have decreased the number of animals who underwent euthanasia, and they have available dogs waiting to be adopted by capable homeowners.

They have no official website; however, this site https://www.sanjoseca.gov/your-government/departments-offices/animal-care-services/animal-care-services-2 provides its achievements and how to contact them.

6. Multnomah County Animal Services

Where to Find: Oregon, USA

They boast their achievement by rescuing over ninety percent of dogs saved from the harm of euthanasia. They even began to establish programs extending their efforts to cats and other animals as well.

This organization is a proud member of ASAP or known as the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland, still continues to function with the same aim from the first day it was established. Take a look of their website and pay a visit at https://multcopets.org/

7. Arizona Animal Welfare League

Where to Find: Phoenix, Arizona

This is an old organization that was founded in the year 1971, which initially provides shelters for homeless dogs. In the year 1990, they started operating and rescuing animals on the list of euthanasia and furnish them with temporary homes while giving programs like behavioral restoration and medical treatments.

Visit them on their website by clicking https://aawl.org/ or through Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AAWLeague/

8. Humane Society of Sarasota County

Where to Find: Sarasota, Florida

This organization offers therapy and training among dogs by restoring and improving their behavior through its K-9 programs and Feline program established, especially for dogs that are sick or unwanted.

They are excellent in providing veterinary help for their rescued dogs. Reach them at http://www.hssc.org or through https://www.facebook.com/Humane.Society.of.Sarasota.County 

9. Members of the Metro Denver Shelter Alliance

Where to Find: Colorado, USA

Reducing the rate of euthanasia not limited in Colorado is the main aim of the organization. They formed an alliance from various twenty-five rescue shelters which are dedicated to the same goal by promoting lives and decrease the rampant euthanasia among dogs and other animals.

In the year 2005, they have reached over eighty-five percent of the success rate through their collaborative actions. Take a look at their achievements at http://www.mdawalliance.org/

10. Richmond SPCA

Where to Find: Virginia, USA

They started in the year 2002, and since then, they have saved thousands of lives from their rescue missions and improved the lives of many dogs and animals.

Together with Richmond Animal Care and Control, their joint efforts have bestowed safe shelters and provided the animals with a healthy community. They even accomplished to attaining their goal of reaching a percentage of seventy-five adopting rates. The list goes on at their website https://richmondspca.org/

11. Tompkins Country SPCA

Where to Find: New York, USA

This organization is offering a comfortable home for dogs and other animals. They are responsible for restoring and continuing the treatment of their rescued dogs. Their facilities are equipped with amazing quality that dogs should be pleased with.

Due to its passionate commitment to helping animals, the ASPCA gifted them a vehicle to easily transport animals and additional funds to hire extra personnel for wide distribution of service. Visit them at http://spcaonline.com/ to get informed of their accomplishments.

12. Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition Shelter

Where to Find: Brooklyn, New York

BARC provides secured and comfortable homes for rescued dogs that categorized from being unwanted, sick, homeless, or abused. They provide rehabilitation programs for these dogs while exerting efforts into finding adequate new homeowners perfect for them.

You may contact them and dig into their website at http://www.barcshelter.org/ or via Facebook page and search, https://www.facebook.com/BarcShelter

13. Pet Haven of Minnesota

Where to Find: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Founded in the year 1952, the organization truly cares for the welfare of animals, including dogs. With their unparalleled efforts and passion, they are proud of their achievements by gaining a badge as first Foster-based Animal Rescue Organization in the Minneapolis.

After sixty-five years of service, they still continue to uphold their initial mission and goal, which is offering excellent care, medicinal help, and restoration of behavior until they find a new comfortable home. Visit their site at https://pethavenmn.org or https://www.facebook.com/PetHavenMN to learn and understand more of their goals.

14. New York Bully Crew

Where to Find: Long Island, New York

This organization is catering specifically to Pitbull breed dogs. It was founded in the year 2010 and had already helped thousands of Pitbulls. However, the organization does not only limit their help, but they have extended their service go other dog breeds as well.

Aside from helping dogs find their new caring homes, they also actively provide awareness to all people of the abused done every day to Pitbulls. Pay them a visit at their site https://www.nybullycrew.org/ or like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/newyorkbullycrew

15. Arizona Animal Welfare League

Where to Find: Arizona, USA

They are considered to be the biggest and oldest rescue facility in Arizona, founded in the year 1971. Initially, they provide service by rescuing dogs and other animals from euthanasia, and now its operation has widened.

They are already conducting pieces of training for behavioral restoration and the provision of therapeutic care. You can visit their website at https://aawl.org/ for more useful and detailed information about them.


With the help of the organizations mentioned, they provide hope and rehabilitation for unwanted and abused dogs in the United States. With the help of volunteers, dogs will have better lives, and hopefully, in the long run, the significant reduction of abused and abandoned dogs should be possible.

These great dog rescuers deserve a prestigious recognition from everyone with their selfless service for our beloved dogs who are in need of rescuing.

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