Dog Licking Its Fur Sibling’s Face: Why Do They Do This?

As pet owners, we are very aware of our dog’s behavior. They are playful and cute. Their cuteness melts our hearts.

They can be very playful to us humans. They jump around, wag their tails, play catch or give a friendly bark just to catch our attention. But dogs can be friendly to other dogs too. They may act strange to other dogs, and we have noticed it. They can be territorial, or they can be friendly. 

We know that dogs can be territorial and protective, but knowing our dogs better would actually surprise us with many other traits in which they do to show their emotions.

If you have multiple dogs, siblings particularly, you may notice they have this tendency to lick their sibling’s face? Ever wonder why they do that?

Dogs lick most of the time, whether it’s you or another dog. but what does it mean?

Dog licking is a part of their social interaction. Seeing your dog lick another canine may actually be apart of their social interaction. This is an amicable and loving gesture that also carries other possible intentions and meanings. The licking of another dog is a sign of social status. 

Dog Licking Its Sibling’s Face 

As mentioned, dog licking another dog is a part of their social behavior. If you have multiple dogs, siblings, for example, you may have noticed that they often lick their sibling’s face.

Do you need to worry? The answer is no. Dog licking its siblings face their way of showing tender loving care to their siblings. It is their way of communicating with their brother or sister and their way of showing trust and affection.

dog licking human face

You may observe that the other dog does not react negatively to the sibling’s actions, and in fact, they would seem to like it. The interaction between the two becomes a way of establishing care and a reliable emotional connection.

Another reason why a dog may lick its sibling’s face is for grooming purposes. The intention of this brother or sister is to helpfully groom, and most of the time, it works.

Mother Instincts

Of course, we are not new in seeing a mother lick her fur babies, and we basically know the reason why. This is a mother’s way of showing care and love to the little fur babies. The mother is showing her maternal act of grooming her puppies.

Newborn pups are very dependent on their mothers. Mothers licking their puppies are the perfect sign of showing us humans of the love and care that they are giving to their pups.

Dog Licking Other Dogs

No need to fuss. This would only mean that your dog is friendly. It is your pet’s way of saying hello to the other dog.

You may have actually observed that dogs who are friends or have been comfortable with each other would lick the other dogs’ face, this only means that they are “friends” and this is their way of saying “Hello. How have you been?”.

Mother dogs like to kiss their puppies. Puppies love to lick their mothers. Siblings lick the face of their siblings. Dog licking other dogs face. Dogs are licking humans’ faces.

This is how our poochies show their affection to other dogs or to us. This is a sure sign of affection, trust, love, and care. This is part of their social interaction. This is our dog being friendly and caring.

The sight of your pet licking its sibling should not worry you. Instead, try to indulge your pets to more binding activities that will enhance their bond more as siblings. Who knows, you might be rewarded by a kiss from your loving furry friend.

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