7 Best American Bully Collars – Editor’s Pick 2023

American Bullies are known for their stubbornness but being strong, ferocious, and muscular is what defines them the most. 

That’s why you need the right collar to control them while training or walking them on a leash.

American bully collars can be stylish, comfortable, and durable – exactly what you need! However, with different brands, sizes, and styles to choose from, choosing the right one for you and your dog can be difficult.

What features should an effective American bully collar have? Which ones are the best investments? Let’s find out…

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Today we will discuss everything you need to know when buying an American Bully collar and the 7 best collars for your dog.

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Best American Bully Collars: Top 3 Picks!

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Things To Consider When Buying An American Bully Collar – Buyer’s Guide


There are so many options for collar designs.

Just recently, only a few designs and color options were available. But, today, you can now get a variety of different colors and unique designs that suits your bully the most.

It is common for many pet owners just to choose the most popular design. However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this as the best strategy. It is important to choose a collar that is both unique and functional.


Make sure the collar perfectly fits your dog. As I mentioned earlier, American bully breeds are muscular and strong, and their necks can be very thick and tough to fit collars.

So it’s important to get one that easily slides on and off without too much resistance.

Also, for safety reasons, make sure the collar isn’t too loose. If it is, your American bully can get out of it and escape.

On the other hand, if the collar is too tight on their neck, they’ll feel uncomfortable and constricted, which isn’t good for any dog to experience.


There are so many different types of materials for an American bully collar. Some of the most popular ones include leather, nylon, and metallic.

  • Leather is usually the priciest option, but it is also the most stylish and durable material for this breed.
  • Nylon collars are made with strong and sturdy material that is perfect for training.
  • Metallic collars are often the most effective ones for bigger or stronger dogs. If you have a bully that is prone to jumping up, this may be the best option for you!


The last thing you want is your bully to feel uncomfortable while wearing their collar. This is especially true if they are new to the idea of having a collar.

When looking at different options, make sure you choose one that doesn’t rub against their skin too harshly or cause them discomfort in any way.

Comfort is an essential aspect of choosing the right collar, so it should be soft and comfy for your dog.


You need to choose a collar that is strong and sturdy enough to hold your dog.

It should be able to resist pulling, biting, scratching, and chewing. American bullies are strong and powerful dogs which means you need an extra-tough collar for them.

You may need a specific training collar for stubborn dogs depending on their behavior. A shock collar for large dogs is also helpful for training your dog.

If you notice that it isn’t as tough and durable as you need, consider purchasing a more expensive or durable American bully collar. 


Customizing your American bully collar is a great idea.

Bully breeds are extremely loyal and enjoy when people pay attention to them.

By personalizing their collars, you will show them that they are important to you which in turn will make them feel loved!

You might also choose to add a small tag with the name of your dog so they can easily be identified outdoors.


Lastly, make sure to consider your budget before purchasing a collar.

If you can afford to spend more, choose a stylish leather option with multiple color options. If your budget is smaller, choose a basic nylon option.

However, I recommend avoiding buying a low-quality collar because the material will likely cause your dog discomfort and may not be durable enough in the long run.

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7 Best American Bully Collars – Editor’s Pick 2023

Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar 

Black Rhino is a famous pet company known for producing cool products. This amazing collar ranges from small to large sizes, but it’s not available in specific sizes.

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This American bully collar is designed using a long-lasting and robust material – ideal for those stronger dogs or ones that break their collar easily!

Although it is a little heavier than others on the market, it is comfortable and soft for the dog.

Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar – Best Features

  • Very durable
  • Quality material – contains Neoprene padding
  • Comfortable & good support 
  • Waterproof
  • Available in different colors (black/orange, black/green, black/red)
  • Ranges from small sizes to large sizes

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Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar – Pros and Cons


  • Quality support & comfort (Neoprene padding)
  • Suitable for outdoors (waterproof)
  • Strong and durable
  • Reflective for extra safety


  • Heavier than others

No products found.

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar 

This collar is highly functional and stylish for your bully with its military look and feel.

No products found.

In addition to the military theme, this collar is strong, durable, easy to attach, and comes with different adjustment points making it highly comfortable for the dog.

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar – Best Features

  • Comes with a heavy-duty D-ring & buckle
  • Has a military look
  • Quality Nylon material
  • Durable and long-lasting design 
  • Available in different colors
  • 5 adjustment points

No products found.

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar – Pros and Cons


  • Good comfort & support padding
  • Heavy-duty D-ring (hold larger dogs without breaking or snapping easily)
  • Durable and long


  • Stitching can wear over time

No products found.

Herm Sprenger Pet Supply Imports Chrome Plated Training Collar 

This collar is a great choice for those who want to train their bully. This collar is made of high-quality materials that can withstand pressure without requiring corrections.

No products found.

This collar is ideal for strong dogs that don’t mind walking fast.

Herm Sprenger Pet Supply Imports Chrome Plated Training Collar – Best Features

  • Perfect for large necks (up to 12 inches)
  • Superior quality – chrome plated
  • Protective safety features
  • Available in different sizes

No products found.

Herm Sprenger Pet Supply Imports Chrome Plated Training Collar – Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for training large dogs
  • Comfortable and safe for dog when training
  • Can withstand excess pressure


  • Larger and heavier than most other collars

No products found.

Soft Touch Collars 

Designed with strong dogs in mind, this collar is known for its comfort and quality. Made with genuine leather, it’s the real deal!

No products found.

With easy customization (ring next to the buckle for a dog tag), this collar is ideal for dogs with larger necks – 18 inches to 21 inches.

Soft Touch Collars – Best Features

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Genuine leather material
  • Customizable (add a dog tag next to the buckle)
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Lifetime guarantee

No products found.

Soft Touch Collars – Pros and Cons


  • Superior quality
  • Comfortable and safe for dogs
  • Beautiful 2-tone colors are available


  • More expensive than others

No products found.

DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar 

This long-lasting American bully collar is made with 100% genuine leather and is popular with all breeds from Labradors and Golden Retrievers to large Pitbulls.

No products found.

Beautifully presented, it is available in various sizes and comes in black or brown. With a one-year guarantee, it’s definitely worth the investment!

DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar – Best Features

  • Quality material
  • Durable and stylish
  • Customizable
  • Various sizes available
  • Metal alloy buckle

No products found.

DAIHAQIKO Leather Dog Collar – Pros and Cons


  • Genuine quality – handmade stitching
  • Hardware & sturdy
  • Metal buckle prevents rust


  • Limited colors

No products found.

Beirui Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar 

With its added safety of spikes, this collar can be a perfect addition to your bully’s sleek and muscular body.

No products found.

Made with solid and durable material, this collar is perfect for medium-large breeds of dogs.

Beirui Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar – Best Features

  • Spikes defend against any attacker
  • Quality material – leather
  • Thick & soft
  • Chromed D-ring

No products found.

Beirui Sharp Spiked Studded Dog Collar – Pros and Cons


  • Heavy-duty chrome D-ring ideal for walking bigger dogs or training
  • The PU leather is very comfortable for the dog


  • Spikes/rivets are sharp and not safe for children

No products found.

Bestia Genuine Leather Dog Collar 

Despite its look, the linen inside provides enhanced soft cushioning and comfort. As you can imagine, the collar is made of quality material (leather), making it durable and long-lasting.

No products found.

Available in 3 colors (red, white, and brown), it comes in various sizes, making it one of the easiest collars to fit any breed or dog size.

Bestia Genuine Leather Dog Collar – Best Features

  • 100% leather
  • Handmade
  • Comfortable
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Comes with D-ring & nickel-plated buckle

No products found.

Bestia Genuine Leather Dog Collar – Pros and Cons


  • Made from genuine quality leather
  • 100% durability
  • Soft leather makes it very comfortable for your dog
  • D-ring & buckle are the quality standard and won’t rust or erode


  • Can be difficult to adjust or take on/off the collar if your dog is strong
  • Nickel-plated studs may hurt younger children

No products found.

How To Collar Train Your American Bully

Collar Training is one of the most important things you need to start when you get a young pup. Collar training is a way to get your pup used to wearing a collar from an early age.

It is a very important part of the dog obedience training process as it lays the foundation for future communication between a dog and his master.

There are many benefits to collar training your dog, but how do you do it? Here’s how:

#1 – Smell

Let your pup smell the collar before you put it on. This will get them used to the odor and they will not be so intimidated when it is put on.

#2 – Praise And Treats

The first thing you want to do is give your dog a treat for putting on the collar. This will make your dog associate the collar with something positive and will make him more open to wearing it. When the collar is off, no more treats

#3 – Repeat

Repeat step two at least five times. Remember you want the dog to think the collar being on is a good thing, so when it is put on, give him his treats.

This will make him understand he gets rewarded for wearing the collar.

A good idea is to lengthen the period of time the collar is on. By extending each time by 10 or 15 seconds, your dog will be more open to it.

#4 – Fasten Collar

Now it’s time to fasten the collar so you can move on to training your dog how to walk on a leash. To do this, just pick up the collar and hook it together. Do not close it yet. Again, repeat this process a good few times.

Continue to use positivism and treats to get your dog more open to the idea of wearing a collar.

When you have progressed a bit, take one hand and place it on the back of his neck with the leash in your other hand. Run this through 10 times, changing directions every time so your dog doesn’t anticipate where you are going next.

#5 – Familiarity

Leave the collar on for 5 to 10 minutes at a time before you take it off. This will make your dog more familiar with the sensation of wearing a collar, and he will be more willing to wear it.

Let him eat his next meal with it on. This will further familiarize your dog with the collar and will help him understand that it is nothing to be afraid of.

#6 – Play

Try any low-impact games, such as fetch or tug of war, so that they can get accustomed to wearing a collar during playtime. Make it part of the game. Show him that the collar is nothing to be afraid of and neither is wearing one.

This will also help them come back for more!

#7 – Take It Off

Take it off after playing or when you’re putting him back in his pen and give your dog a treat. This will show him that it is okay for him not to have the collar on, so he doesn’t need to feel anxious about anything being wrong with him.

Repeat this a few times a day until you can put the collar on and off without him getting distressed. If he starts to act anxious or apprehensive, slow down the process.

#8 – Stay Patient

Patience is key when you are trying to collar train your dog. Don’t get angry with him if he has an accident; it will only make him scared of having the collar on even more. You need to be firm and consistent in teaching your dog that wearing a collar is a good thing.

Give your pup praise and treats for allowing you to put the collar on him.

#9 – Walking On A Leash

Once your dog has become accustomed to wearing the collar on his own accord, it’s time to move forward with training him how to walk on a leash.

When he walks in front or behind you, give a little tug of the leash and tell him to sit. This will teach him that when you have the leash on, you are in charge and he must obey your commands.

If he does not listen, put a little pressure on his neck by pulling back on the leash. This will get his attention and he will understand that it is important to listen when the leash is on.

When giving a command, give a firm voice tone and use a phrase such as “halt” or “sit”. Be consistent in saying these phrases with each command so your dog understands what you expect from him.

#10 – Don’t Overdo It

Don’t try to rush the process and don’t do too much at once! You want your dog to learn how to walk on a leash without getting too stressed out, so you need to take things slowly.

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People Also Ask

What Kind Of Collar Is Best For An American Bully?

There are various styles to choose from on the market, but this type of dog will do better with leather collars, especially for training or bigger breeds.

Mostly made with genuine leather, these collars are sturdy and can withstand pressure without requiring corrections.

Bark collars for large dogs are another popular option for American Bullies.

How Big Is An American Bully’s Neck?

Adult American bullies have a neck that is best measured at the base of the head. The average neck size is 18-24 inches, although the neck size can be larger depending on the dog.

Is A Harness Or Collar Better For An American Bully?

A harness can be a better way to control a large or strong dog such as the American Bully. It also makes it easier on your back and arms.

Small dogs are more likely to pull or tug on the leash, causing injury. The harness distributes the pressure across a greater area of the dog’s body, which reduces strain on its neck and back.


Depending on what you are looking for in a collar, there are various styles to choose from. Luckily most of them are made of good quality and are comfortable for the dogs.

Quality is more important to me than price. So I always make sure that the collar is comfy on my dog and will last long.

Here are my top 3 American bully collars that stand out for the others:

1. Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar
2. OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar
3. Herm Sprenger Pet Supply Imports Chrome Plated Training Collar

Do you have a favorite collar for your American bully?

Please leave a comment below and let us know.

I would love to hear from you!

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