Dog Sitter Rates: How Much To Pay?

For many of us, our dogs are a crucial part of the family. 

However, sometimes our obligations can get in the way of taking care of our furry family members, so we have to consider asking for help from a dog sitter.

There are different variations in the prices of dog sitters.

Dog owners will typically pay on average $15 per hour, but the rate mostly depends on where you live and whether the job is full-time or temporary.

Sure, you can always find a cheaper teenage dog sitter, but remember, the qualifications should be more important to you than the fee.

Today we will discuss the pros and cons of getting a teenage dog sitter and how to choose the right one. So, let’s find out…

Average Pet Sitting Rates

The rate of $15 per hour is how much the average dog owner pays for a dog sitter. Like I mentioned before, there is no set fee as it varies from area to area, and there are other factors as well.

Average Pet Sitting Rates Per Visits

The average pet sitting rate per visit depends on how many visits per day the sitter has to make.

For example, if a pet sitter typically charges $15-20 for one visit per day, it would be around $60 for three visits per day. These rates would generally include feeding and walking. Other services like boarding or bathing may be available depending on the sitter.

Some dog sitters can also offer extra services like a vet trip, extra walks, or mileage (if the sitter is not local).

Average Pet Sitting Rates Per Visits

ServiceCost (average)
1 visit a day$15-$20
2 visits a day$40
3 visits a day$60
Mileage rate (10-20 miles)$5
Mileage rate (20-30 miles)$10

Average Pet Sitting Rates Per Day

The average cost of a pet sitter ranges from $20 to $30 per day, depending on the type and size of pet you need care for.

Cat care will typically cost $10 to $20 on average per day as they generally require less work.

For small dog breeds, the price range for dog sitting can be between $20 to $25 per day, whereas larger dogs can cost over $30 per day.

Average Pet Sitting Rates Per Night

If you want your dog sitter to care for your pet overnight, it will cost between $40 and $75 per night. This service has many benefits, including:

  • You keep your home occupied and secure from break-ins.
  • Your pets won’t become lonely, bored, or distressed.
  • In case of an emergency (such as a sick pet), you have someone to call.

Professional vs. Teenage Pet Sitting Rates

A professional pet sitter will typically charge more per visit as they have qualifications and experience. Also, they are insured for your pet’s safety.

Teenage pet sitting rates will usually be lower. However, you should always look at how long they have been dog sitting and how many previous customers they had (if any!).An advantage of having a local teenage sitter is that they can care for your pets more regularly and become familiar with them. This means your pets will most likely remain happy, healthy, and well-behaved.

How Much To Pay A Teenage Dog Sitter

As I mentioned before, how much you pay for a teenage dog sitter depends on several factors such as:

  • Terms of agreement – how long is the arrangement and how many visits per day/week?
  • Availability – is the sitter available on short notice? Do they have a regular schedule, or is it more sporadic?
  • Experience – how much experience does the sitter have about caring for animals? Do they have the necessary qualifications in pet care that you require?
  • Environment – what type of environment should your teenage dog sitter stay in? For more challenging environments, they will require a higher fee.
  • Tasks/responsibilities –  what kind of tasks and responsibilities do you need from your dog sitter? Will the sitter need to provide long walks for your dog or just let the dog out in a yard and watch it?

Remember, how much you pay for a teenage pet sitter mostly depends on how experienced and trustworthy they are.

Also make sure to never compromise your pet’s happiness.

I personally will pay even more than the average rate if the dog sitter is willing to take care of my pet the way I do!

What Does A Pet Sitter Do?

A pet sitter is not just passively ‘watching’ your pets, but also taking care of them the way you would.

Some key tasks may be:

  • Feeding your pet – making sure your dog get the right food and treats at the right times.
  • Letting them outside – how often does your dog need to go outside? Besides taking your dog out, the sitter will likely have to walk or exercise your pet.
  • Bathing – this may not be required, but if so, is the sitter willing to do it?
  • Playing with your pet – a sitter should be able to actively engage in playtime with some pets.
  • Collect or pick up droppings in a yard or on the street.
  • Medication supervision – will they be able to administer medication? This should only be required only in rare circumstances.
  • Injury care or treatment – how experienced is the sitter in dealing with injuries or care for your dog’s wounds.
  • General company – can you leave your pet alone with the sitter, or do they need to be supervised at all times?

Advantages Of Pet Sitting

Constant Monitoring

Your pet sitter can closely monitor your pets and let them outside to relieve themselves, which is much more sanitary than just letting them do their business on the street or in your yard.


Your pet sitter can pay attention on how much water your pets are drinking and how often they get to play and exercise. This keeps them happy and healthy.

Administer Medication

Your pet sitter can give your pet medication, such as insulin shots for diabetic animals or pain relief medication for older pets.


Your pet sitter can take your pets for walks, play with them, and generally give them the attention they need.

No Need To Hurry Home

You don’t have to rush home from work or leave earlier than planned to ensure your dog is okay.

Pet Sitting Price Factors

Here are some factors that go into how much to pay a pet sitter:

  • How many pets are being watched?
  • How long do they have to watch them?
  • How many visits per day/week?
  • How far away is the sitter from you?
  • How trustworthy and experienced is the pet sitter?

How Much To Tip A Pet Sitter?

Pet sitters generally expect a tip. The standard is 15% – 20%. This might not always apply if they aren’t very experienced or you feel they don’t deserve it.

jar for tips

There are many good pet sitters out there, but how much to pay one depends on how well your pets get along with them. Also, how trustworthy the sitters are in terms of how they care for your pets.

The more your dog or other pet likes them, the higher the tip!

How To Choose The Right Pet Sitter?

What qualifications and experience do pet sitters need to have? Ask for references or professional certs if applicable.

What is their training? Are they familiar with the species of pet you have, how to care for it, how to feed it, how to medicate it, etc?

How much can you trust them with your pet and how trustworthy are they in general? Do you have a good rapport with them? 

Always trust your intuition!

How well does your dog or cat get along with them? How do they act around them? Does your pet actually like the sitter?

Do they show genuine care and affection for animals? It’s often easy to tell how much they love animals. Your sitters need to give their best to keep your pet happy and healthy.

What are the average rates in your local area, and how often do you have to pay them? Some sitters might give you a discount if you pay weekly!

Do they live nearby? If not, how will this affect how often they visit and how much will it cost them for travel?

People Also Ask

How Much Should A 13 Year Old Charge For Dog Sitting?

The amount a 13-year-old charges to dog sit will depend on how many dogs they are watching and how often. The rate should be around $10-$20 per day for one dog. However, this could increase depending on the area, how many pets are there, and how long they need to take care for your pets.

How Much Should You Pay A Friend To Dog Sit?

When you ask a friend to dog-sit, how much they charge should depend on how often they will be looking after your dog. It can range from $10-$25 per day depending on how long they’re watching them for and how good a friend they are!

A good rule of thumb is to pay them a little lower (30% approx) than what a professional service would charge.

How Much Do You Pay A Teenager To Dog Walk?

How much a teenager charges to dog walk could depend on how long it is for. Most seem to be charging around $10-$20 per visit or walk, which might increase depending on how often they’re walking your dog and how far away they are from you.

Do You Pay A Pet Sitter Before Or After?

This depends on how much you trust the pet sitter. If a friend has recommended them or you personally know them, chances are you can pay them before! If not, it is pretty standard to pay after the service has been performed and everyone is happy.


Your dog is an important family member, so how much to pay a teenage dog-sitter vs a professional dog sitter depends on you.

Teenage dog sitters charge less than a professional dog sitter. Professionals are usually fully trained, certified, and trustworthy when compared to your typical teenager.

Either way, the benefits of using a dog sitter are huge.

Most importantly, you will be able to have some me time’ or go on that work trip, while your dog is being taken care of by somebody who loves them just as much as you!

Have you ever employed a teenage dog sitter? How much do you usually pay?

Let us know in the comments below.

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