5 Reasons why Strollers Benefit your Dog’s Quality of Life

You’ve probably seen people toting their dogs around in strange carriers, like their bags or other restrictive containers. While this may look cute on the outside, it’s probably very uncomfortable and hot for your pup! However, there is a much safer way to show off your pup! Consider investing into dog strollers, which is much more comfortable and safe for your furry friend! Here are some more reasons why you should give your pup a fancy new ride.

Elderly Dogs

Your pup probably doesn’t want to believe it either, but they’re getting old! Elderly dogs may not need as much exercise, but they still may want a breath of fresh air every now and then. With age, your pup may be more susceptible to joint problems and arthritis, which can cause them pain if they walk too much. A doggie stroller is the perfect solution to your old pup’s problems! This way, you can still bring your old puppy out for walks without having to worry about bringing them out for too long.

Weather Control

Whether it’s too hot or too cold, strollers are built to handle weather! If you want to bring your pup around during the winter, you can keep them cozy by surrounding them with blankets or even bring their bed along with them. That way, your pup can get a breath of fresh air even during the colder months. 

If you’re worried about your pup overheating, doggie strollers are also the best way to keep your pup comfy! Since most strollers are made of mesh, they are able to provide breathability as well as shade so your pup can stay cool! You can also protect your furry friend’s paws from the hot sidewalks, which can easily cause burns.

Injuries and Surgeries

If your pup has recently gone under the knife, they would need time to recover, as well as a means of transportation. A dog stroller is perfect for a recovering pup! This can make vet trips easier as well, as it may be troublesome for your pup to move around while they are healing from injuries or surgeries. 

You can also pack medication, bandages, cones, water, or whatever your pup may need for your pup in the stroller, if you ever feel like they need it on the go.

Crowds, Parks, Cities and Small Spaces

Sometimes, places simply aren’t very dog friendly, especially if you have a small dog. This can be a busy park with bigger dogs running around, or kids wanting to play with your cute pup. This can cause your poor pup to stress out! However, by using a stroller, your pup now has a safe space where no one can bother them, and give them an ease of mind.

In a pet store, if your pup is nosy or bound to rip into products, you should consider getting a stroller! That way, you don’t have to wrestle with your pup to get a toy they snatched off the shelves, or worry about them eating spilled treats on the floor!

If you’re ever in the city, it can be hard to walk your pup on the sidewalks, and people may accidentally trip over a small pup if they’re not looking where they’re going! A stroller is helpful in protecting your pup from accidentally getting in someone’s way, and you don’t have to worry about letting them out of your sight either!

More Time to Have Fun

If you ever bring your pup out and they’re prone to getting tired quickly, a stroller for your dog is what you may need! If your pup is the stubborn type who refuses to move as soon as they get tired, putting them back into a stroller may be easier than having to carry them all the way back to the car. That way, your walks or exercise can last longer, and your pup can keep you company! Not only that, you can easily pack water, treats, and toys into the stroller, so you bring more things along with you for your pup.

A stroller is a great accessory to have to keep your pup healthy! By getting a stroller, you’re helping your pup with various troubles they may have, and giving yourself peace of mind by seeing your pup healthy and safe. Consider getting a stroller today for your pup! 

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I’m a certified crazy dog mom, a physical therapist (for hoomans), writer, animal rescuer, and foster home provider. Together with my hubby Ryan, I’ve fostered and helped look for forever homes for over a hundred shelter dogs in the Southern Illinois area. I mostly work with Puppy Rescue 911, Inc., a certified animal rescue organization based out of Chester, IL (home of Popeye!)

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