Wholehearted Natural Dog Food Reviews

The Wholehearted dog food line, a subsidiary of Petco, has branded itself as a provider of high-quality and affordable food product for dogs. It consists of a wide variety of product innovations with real ingredients, enriched with vitamins and minerals to support the overall wellness of your pet. These are 5 the best wholehearted dog food products that your dog will truly crave for.

  1. Wholehearted Grain-Free Beef and Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food for All Ages

This grain-free real beef-based dry dog food is suitable no matter what kind of dog breed you have and what age it is in. This dog food ensures to give your dog the right amount of protein in every serving. It gives a balanced meal diet to your dog that has other essential nutrients and minerals it needs to be healthy.

Aside from protein that is helpful for the development of the bones and muscles, it also has Chondroitin and Glucosamine to support joint health as well. You will no longer need any supplement to take good care of their physical health because it has Omega-3 and Omega-6 that supplies antioxidants to protect the coat and skin.

  1. Wholehearted Grain-free Duck & Lentil Recipe

This duck and lentil dry dog food recipe feature a combination of different Vitamin, Minerals, and Probiotics that take good care of the overall health of your pet. Its based ingredient is from animal protein, so you can be sure that this dog food focuses on the daily energy for it to be active for the rest of the day. It features Omega-3 fatty acids that go well with the food’s natural antioxidants to effectively combat impurities that may affect the health of your dog. It aims to make your dog healthy for it to maintain an active lifestyle.

It has a high concentration of Vitamin E, Zinc, and Selenium to strengthen the dog’s immunity and to help avoid age-related chronic disease. Your pet will surely get all the benefits because it can be digested efficiently. It doesn’t contain unnecessary carbohydrates because it is free from grain, wheat, corn, potato, and soy.

  1. WholeHearted Lamb and Chicken Recipe Wet Dog Food

This wet dog food is made from real lamb and chicken ingredients that offer a high-quality protein. The lamb has natural Vitamin B12, Zinc, and Iron that would aid in the growth, development, and maintenance of muscles and joints. While the chicken has compounds that ensure your dog only receives the right fats and calories so that its bodily weight is regularized to avoid overweight and obesity. Since this is wet food, it is filled in with delicious gravy that will make your dog salivate just by smelling at it.

It is not only filled with essential vitamins and minerals that will surely benefit your dog, but it is created to please the taste and smell appeal of your pet. One packet consists of different textures that your dog will surely enjoy. Even though wet foods spoil faster than dry dog food, it doesn’t contain preservatives, so you can be sure that what your dog will be taken into its digestive system is all-natural.

  1. WholeHearted Salmon & Pea Dry Dog Food Recipe for All Life Stages and Breeds

If you are looking for a dog food that is filled with almost all nutrients and minerals that are needed by your dog, this Wholehearted dry dog food is the right one. It has benefits for each and every body part of your dog’s body. It has Omega-3 Fatty Acids to take good care of their heart functioning, and it helps boost the dog’s mood and immunity to different diseases. Salmon is a good source of other essential nutrients your dog needs, such as B Vitamins, Selenium, Astaxanthin antioxidant, and Potassium.

It has a fishy taste that your dog will truly crave. It is loaded with vitamins and nutrients but is just light on the digestive system of the dog to avoid digestive issues. You can give this dry dog food to any age, size, and breed of your dog. It can also be used for cats.

  1. Wholehearted Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food Recipe

The combination of chicken and brown rice is a perfect diet if you are concern about the overall weight of your dog. It consists of a balanced diet enriched with Vitamins and Minerals. To ensure that it caters to the needed nutritional needs of your dog through proper proportioning. It is suitable for all ages.

It does not only filled the dog’s stomach with healthy nutrients but is also making sure that the digestive health is maintained through the canine probiotics that are filled in just one serving. It can be given to your dog alone, or it can be a side dish to other dog food. It is made from real chicken and brown rice, which is known to encourage cellular metabolism to ensure overall balance in your dog’s functioning.

Tips in Picking the Best Dog Food for your Dog

Make sure to consider the dog’s breed, size, and age

Not all dog foods are suitable for all kinds of dogs. There are some dog foods that would only cater to a certain age group or a certain breed. If you would use a dog food that is not suitable for your dog, there is a possibility that it won’t get all the benefits that the dog food offers. There would also be side effects that your dog may experience especially digestive issues if you give them dog food that does not suit your dog.

Familiarize yourself with the general wordings on the packaging

In some brand labels, there are words used that are just implicitly stated, or it is not literally explained. Like for example, when you see the word chicken dog food, it would mean that the package consists of about 95% protein. If you see the word “dinner,” it would usually mean that there is only about 25% protein content on the dog food.

Check the ingredients

The ingredients part on the label is where you can see the total amount of ingredient that is included in the dog food. Dogs are naturally omnivore that is why an ideal food for your dog consist of both meat product and vegetables. You must also check the nutrients and minerals that are infused on the dog food for you to make sure that your dog will benefit positively. Food products that are labeled as all-natural and organic are preferred but avoid dog food that is only labeled as a by-product because it means that it does not have real food ingredients that provide a high concentration of vitamins and nutrients.

Final Thoughts

These 5 Best Wholehearted Dog Food are the top food products. It has both dry and wet dog food that is suitable for your dog’s digestive system. You can choose from over 74 products with different flavorings that aims to give a specific need of your dog depending on what nutrient or mineral the whole food package is concentrated in. There are different factors to consider to make sure that your dog will not only have a full stomach but will also be enriched with all the essential nutrients and minerals.

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