Top 15 YouTube Channels True Dog Lovers Need to Follow

Dogs are the world’s most popular pets. Almost every single household has a dog as pet owners enjoy the overall package that dogs come in. At the same time, YouTube is the most popular video platform on the planet, and almost every person in the world has access to it. You can enjoy all kinds of videos on YouTube and follow channels that you might enjoy learning from. This includes channels dedicated to dog lovers.

YouTube has all kinds of different channels that cater to whatever kind of hobby or interest you may have. As such, you can easily find a lot of channels for dog lovers. But, since there are plenty of different YouTube channels for dogs, we have filtered out the ones we believe are the best for all dog lovers out there.

Hope for Paws

Hope for Paws is not exactly a YouTube channel that is dedicated to dogs. Instead, it is a channel that is dedicated to all sorts of pets and animals worldwide and is truly one of the best channels, dog and animal lovers all over the world to follow. The reason why you should follow this channel is that it gives you an idea of what dogs and other types of pets experience due to how they were abused and neglected by their owners.

By knowing the ordeals of these pets and by learning of the stories of the people who rescued those dogs and other animals, you will begin to appreciate your pet dog even more, and you will know how to properly treat your furry friend. Moreover, it also comes with useful tips and tutorials you can use if you also want to rescue dogs and pets. So, by virtue of how this channel was established for a greater purpose, we believe that dog lovers all over the world should follow it.


DOGTV was not exactly made and established for dog lovers. Instead, its original intention was to create a YouTube channel for your pet dog. But how is that even possible? How was this channel able to cater to dogs? Well, it actually contains videos that will allow your pet dog to interact with other dogs all over the world so that it will feel like it has friends through the internet. It uses the dog’s senses to make it understand what is happening in the videos.

Other than that, DOGTV has evolved from being a channel solely for dogs into an all-around informative place that allows you to learn more about dogs. It is an avenue for you to learn more about dogs and to know tips and tricks regarding dog care, such as knowing when you should take the dog to the vet and knowing how to give your dog a better environment.

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Dog lovers and dog trainers rejoice! That is because you have an avenue where you can simply look at dogs and learn more about them as well as know tips and tricks that can help you become a better dog trainer yourself. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution is a channel made by the celebrity dog trainer named Zak George, who is well-known throughout the world for his expertise in dog training.

This channel has over ten million views per year and is one of the best places for you to actually learn about how to train your dog. It comes with informative videos as well as tutorials that you can use to improve your skills and to broaden your knowledge. And even if you simply just enjoy watching dogs, this channel is great for you as you can simply admire the well-trained dogs featured in this channel.

Top Dog Tips

Top Dog Tips is a YouTube channel made by a website of the same name. It does not have the highest number of subscribers, but it actually has over 12 million views. The reason why it is so popular is that it comes with a lot of informative videos that were made specially to help you understand more about your dog and to learn new tips and tricks that will help make you a better dog owner.

If you want to know how to cook healthy meals for your dogs, the channel has a tutorial. If you want to learn about different types of dog supplies, the channel has you covered. And if you want to learn daily tidbits about general care for your dog, Top Dog Tips should be the channel of your choice. It basically has everything a dog owner needs.

Cooking With Dog

The name of the channel might be a little bit misleading. But do not let the name fool you because this channel is not something related to cooking using dogs as ingredients. Instead, it actually is a cooking show with a real dog named Francis as the host. The premise of the channel is quite simple as the Japanese chef, whose identity is unnamed, cooks meals while Francis narrates the events in English.

If you are wondering what the meals featured in this channel are, they are usually Japanese dishes and are not recipes for dogs. In that regard, this is not a channel that was made to be informative when it comes to dogs but is simply a cooking channel that will allow you to learn recipes in a unique and cute way because of how it features a dog as one of its main characters.


Jiffpom is arguably the most famous animal in the entire world because he holds numerous records in the animal category. He is the record holder for the most Instagram followers for an animal, as well as one of the more popular animals on TikTok. The YouTube channel alone has over 270,000 followers and more than 5.5 million views.

What makes Jiffpom such a popular dog is not only because he is cute but also because it is one of the more talented animals you can find on the internet. He has been featured in numerous TV shows and is consistently one of the most well-followed dogs in the world. His YouTube channel contains bits and pieces of the things he does each day, as well as other cute videos about some things that Jiffpom does, such as skating and different doggy tricks.

Drew Lynch

Drew Lynch is an American standup comedian that has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. However, unlike the other channels on this list, Drew Lynch’s channel is not exclusively about a dog. Instead, most of the content you can see in his channel is dedicated to his standup act and are about things that viewers can generally relate to.

But what dog lovers will love about Drew Lynch’s channel is that he also uploads videos where you can see him narrating stories about his beloved dog. Dog lovers will love how relatable the videos are as they usually give viewers a glimpse of Lynch’s life and about how he lives normal days with his pet dog.


Zsianz1 is a channel that has a bit of everything you need from a YouTube channel for dogs and other animals. Think of it as your all-around YouTube channel for different types of animals, but it actually has more content regarding dogs. There are different things you can find on this channel. This includes tips and tricks regarding pet care as well as remedies and treatments for different conditions your dog might be facing.

In any case, you also love looking at videos of other animals such as horses and sheep, Zsianz1 has you covered. It is simply a YouTube channel made for animal lovers all over the world.

Sophia Yin

With over 18,000 subscribers and over 4 million views, Sophia Yin’s channel is so informative when it comes to different kinds of things you may want to learn about dogs. This channel is run by someone who really knew how to take care of dogs and other animals because of how she was so knowledgeable regarding tips and instructions that can help make you a better pet owner.

However, because of Dr. Sophia Yin’s passing, her YouTube channel no longer has any new content. Nevertheless, the channel’s older videos are still very much useful for all kinds of dog and pet owners. As such, Sophia Yin should be on your list if you want to learn more about dogs and other animals.


Garedea23 is a YouTube channel that features the most popular Siberian Husky in the entire world. Named Mishka, this husky is known for her videos that feature her singing and talking. Mishka is so popular that he has, in fact, been featured in a lot of TV shows. The channel has over a million subscribers and has nearly 600 million views. That goes to show just how enjoyable Mishka’s videos are for dog lovers and even for any person in general.

Taylor Nicole Dean

Taylor Nicole Dean’s YouTube channel has nearly 2 million subscribers and has about 200 million views. But why is this channel such a hit? Well, that is because Taylor Nicole Dean is such an avid lover of pets. She owns dogs and a lot of different types of pets that she features in her videos. Dean uses a vlog style of presenting her content, and most of the animals she features suddenly pop out of nowhere. Of course, Taylor Nicole Dean has a dog, and her video about it usually has over a million views.


Eileenanddogs, as its name suggests, is a channel featuring Eileen and her dogs. But instead of just featuring Eileen’s daily life with her dogs, this channel is actually an informative one thanks to how it contains dog training videos that are all useful in making you a better dog owner. 

However, what sets it apart from all of the other training videos is that Eileen teaches you how to train your dog in a loving and compassionate way as opposed to the drill sergeant way that other dog trainers use in training their dogs. On top of that, Eileen also teaches you the wrongs things you are doing with your dog so that you are getting both good and bad.

Mr. SillySpoon

This YouTube channel does not have a lot of subscribers and views, but what we can say about it is that it is one of the rising stars in the world of dog and pet channels on YouTube. What makes this channel so popular is that it does not only feature silly and cute videos of dogs but also happens to have funny animal videos. The best part is that it does not feature videos made by the owner but actually features videos submitted to it by pet owners. So, if you happen to have a silly dog in your house and you managed to take a video of it doing some of its antics, your pet might become an instant star if you submit its videos to this channel.

Funny Pets

Funny Pets is actually a lot similar to Mr. SillySpoon. The name of the channel is self-explanatory. It has a lot of videos that feature funny dogs and their antics. This makes it a good channel for dog lovers to follow. It will give you the daily dose of laughter you need, especially if you are extremely fond of watching funny dogs doing their stuff. And for cat lovers, Funny Pets also features silly cats caught in the act of doing some of the hilarious things.

Cesar Millan

Of course, no list will be complete without the channel of perhaps the most popular dog trainer in the world. Cesar Millan, also known as the dog whisperer, is a celebrity dog trainer and is known worldwide for being able to train and discipline even the toughest dogs to train. You can watch videos of how he does it, or you can simply enjoy the things he does with different types of dogs. If you are a dog lover, there is no reason why you would not enjoy Cesar Millan’s channel.

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