Top 10 Best Joint Supplements for Senior Dogs

Dogs are known for being bundles of joy and energy. Younger and middle-aged dogs just cannot get enough fun and excitement. They love playing catch or fetch, running around, jumping up and down, and even swimming. But, just like any other animal, dogs will eventually age. All of that running and jumping will eventually catch up to their age as they themselves would begin to realize that they could no longer do the things they were able to do in the past. The older the dog gets, the weaker its joints eventually become.

While weaker joints are typically a sign of old age in senior dogs, that does not necessarily mean that they should not get to enjoy the best things in life. Even older dogs should still be able to run and jump around well as long as their joints are strong and healthy enough. As such, it is up to you to help your senior dog keep its vigor up by providing it with the best joint supplements in the market.

If you are looking for joint supplements for your senior dog, here are some of the ones you should consider:

Cosequin DS Plus by Nutramax


Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus is what we believe to be one of the best, if not the best, supplements to help keep your senior dog’s joint health up. What we liked about this product is that it comes with quick results and great ingredients that allow you to see visible changes in the way your dog moves and runs around in just a few weeks. In about a month or so, you will be able to see your dog looking like it had the vigor it had when it was younger.

This joint supplement for dogs contains these active ingredients – sodium chondroitin sulfate, magnesium, and glucosamine hydrochloride. When taken together in recommended quantities, these components are effective in maintaining joint integrity, ensuring there’s adequate synovial fluid in the joint for optimal health. Additionally, MSM is included in the ingredient list, an efficient anti-inflammatory for repairing and maintaining the connective tissues found in your dog’s joints. All of those make this product a good choice for helping senior dogs maintain their mobility and energy.

Dasequin by Nutramax


Dasequin is also a good product by Nutramax Laboratories. It might have the same end purpose as Cosequin, but Dasequin functions a bit differently and has different ingredients that all combine to help in keeping your dog’s joint health well enough for it to be mobile even at an advanced age. Dasequin contains ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and avocado soybean unsaponifiables that all great at supporting joint health.

With the ingredients it is made with, Dasequin has proven to be effective at repairing hour dog’s joints to the point that it can even help in healing injuries. And after the loading period of six weeks, you will begin to see a lot of improvements in the way your dog moves. This means that Dasequin also works fast enough to allow your dog to recover the vigor and mobility it once had a few years ago.

Glucosamine for Dogs by Doggie Dailies

One of the better joint supplements for senior dogs is Glucosamine by Doggie Dailies. The reason why it is so good is that it actually combines six different active ingredients to make sure that it has everything your dog needs for its body to repair its joints and for it to maintain its joint health. In addition to the six active ingredients that repair connective tissues in the joints, this supplement also has other ingredients that help in maintaining your dog’s heart, skin, and coat. As such, you can think of Glucosamine as the all-around supplement to give to your dog.

Another reason why we love this product is that it actually is considerate of your dog’s taste preferences. It comes in flavors such as chicken and peanut butter so that your furry friend would actually love taking this supplement in as compared to the other supplements that you have to stuff inside a piece of chicken for the canine to eat. You can feed it to your dog daily, and it certainly will enjoy chewing it.

GlycoFlex by VetriScience

GlycoFlex by VetriScience is a chondoprotectant that veterinarians all over the world love to recommend for older or senior dogs to take. Other than the fact that it also comes with the active ingredient glucosamine, it also has other ingredients that are great at maintaining joint health while also repairing the connective tissues in the joints. And the best part is that there are clinical studies that back up the effectiveness of this product.

What you should also love about GlycoFlex is that it was made for the different stages of your dog’s life instead of just for older dogs. What that means is that there are specific products that are effective depending on the stage. For example, younger dogs that are expected to be working dogs or athletic dogs are given Stage 1, while those that are recovering from surgeries are given Stage 3.

Natural Care Hip and Joint Soft Chews by PetNC

Taking care of your senior dog’s joints should not be an expensive endeavor. That is why PetNC Natural Care Hip and Joint Soft Chews makes it a point to provide you with an alternative that is still effective at maintaining your dog’s joint health but at a price that is much more affordable than most of the other supplements you see in the market.

While it is expected that this product won’t be as effective as the others on this list, what you will be happy about is the fact that it is completely safe for your dog and also has its own good effects at a price that is friendly to your budget. That means that even those who are not willing to break the bank are still able to help keep their dog’s joint health well-maintained.

Flexodine Plus by Vetoquinol

What you would love about Flexodine Plus by Vetoquinol is that it has a lot of natural ingredients that are as free from any harmful chemicals as possible. The flaxseed oil, fish oil, and omega-3 fatty acids you can find in this product are all effective in keeping your dog’s joint health up in a natural way. But what really makes this product so good and unique is that it has undenatured type II collagen, which is great at helping the joints by improving the dog’s immune system. This means that this product has a different approach but is still just as effective as the others.

Advanced Strength Glucosamine by ProSense

When it comes to glucosamine, Advanced Strength Glucosamine by ProSense tends to stand out a lot. It simply has a higher level of glucosamine compared to other products. This makes it a good choice for fighting off any sort of damage on the dog’s joints while also improving the rate of repair and recovery in the cartilage found in the joints. What also makes this product good is that it is not only effective for senior dogs but also for canine arthritis as well as for working and athletic dogs that have joints that are always under a lot of pressure.

All-Natural Hip and Joint Supplement by Infinite Pet Supplements

All-natural is the way to go when you are going to choose Infinite Pet Supplements’ All-Natural Hip and Joint Supplement. Other than the fact that this product is made out of all-natural ingredients that are free of any synthetic materials found in other products, it actually works wonders when it comes to repairing connective tissues and reducing inflammation. In that sense, it not only helps in maintaining your dog’s joint health but is also effective at relieving your pet canine of the pain it is feeling from its old joints.

Hip + Joint Care by Tru-Active

Tru-Active is another good choice for you if you are looking for a product that only contains natural ingredients. It is completely safe for your dog to use and is also produced without any of the cooking processes found in other products. This means that the ingredients are as potent as they can ever be. On top of that, this product also contains essential vitamins and nutrients that add to its effectiveness at maintaining your dog’s joint health. This makes this product a good all-around supplement for your dog as it also aims to improve your pet’s overall health to help in maintaining its joints.

Liquid Glucosamine by Synflex

If you are having trouble giving your dog a chewable tablet, then Synflex Liquid Glucosamine should be a good choice for you because of how it comes in a liquid form that is flavored with beef to make sure that it is quite appealing for your dog. This formula contains a whopping amount of 1,500 mg of glucosamine to give it that added potency you want. On top of that, it is 98% all-natural and also comes with other natural ingredients that all play their own role in helping your dog’s joint health.

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