How to Throw the Best Doggy Birthday Party: Top 10 Fun Ideas

Let’s be real: You want to treat your favorite friend in the whole world on his birthday, your pup! Why not do it on their birthday? These simple themed doggy birthday party ideas will bring a blast to both humans and doggies alike (not to mention unforgettable memories made and wonderful pictures for you to post on your doggy’s FB account)!

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Take your pup on a shopping spree!

If you don’t have the time for a larger birthday celebration, your pup will appreciate something fun to dig into. Take them out to your local pet store and let them browse the toy aisle. What better gift is there than one that your pup picks out themselves? For dinner, allow your pup the best treats, such as all-natural chicken jerky, peanut butter, apple slices, or other dog-friendly dinners! Check out these recipes for more ideas.

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Doggy Birthday Idea # 2: Tennis Ball…or Hundreds of them?


This one may sound silly, but playing with 30, 40, or 50 tennis balls on his dog themed birthday party is loads of fun for your furry friend! It also makes for wonderful Instagram photos as your yard will be colored by the bright neon balls. Buy a couple of tennis balls by the bulk and unleash your dog and their friends into the yard! They’ll absolutely go nuts over chasing these balls. Find bulk tennis balls on sites like Chewy or large novelty ones on Amazon! Your friends and family and their furry friends would love running around too to play.

Pool Party

Dogs and pools: a joyful (but expensive) mix - Cayman Compass

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What better way to celebrate your doggy’s barkday than to take a dip in a shallow pool if you have a pool of your own? Invite friends and their pups over to jump into the pool, and serve out fun summer dishes like barbecue and lemonade, as well as homemade watermelon treats for your dog’s friends! Your furry friend would adore being able to jump in and swim with you on this special day. Consider buying floating toys for your dog to fetch, like these Wobble Wag Giggle Balls. If you want a cheaper and more colorful alternative, try ball pit balls! It could definitely spice up the photos used to remember your dog’s birthday. Even if you don’t have a pool, whip out the water guns and the hose for a splash of fun.

Stuffed Animal Party

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Ice Cream Party for Doggo & Friends


This birthday tip is fun for both humans and dogs, because they make things like doggie ice cream available at most retail stores! For this one, all you have to do is make one trip, set out on your porch, and dig into some sweet treats. Or, find your closest ice cream stand or shop that sells dog-friendly ice cream! Find brands such as Frosty Paws or Pooch Creamery online or at big retail stores like Walmart.

Decade Themed Party

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This popular theme can easily be translated for your pup! Buy some neon props and streamers, and rock out with some decade-appropriate music. Milkshakes are sure to be a hit for the ’50s, and be sure to blast some rock. If you want something more formal, try a fancy suit and tie at a 20’s party that allows fancy snacks for both humans and pups! Consider handing out these doggie treats as hors d’oeuvres.

Spa Day

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Treat yo’self, and your dog! Give your pupper the best day they deserve by giving the perfect spa day. There are online tutorials on how to massage your dog, as well as luxury shampoos that leave your furry friend’s fur and skin feeling great. Sites like Chewy and Amazon sell the best luxury shampoos that help soothe your pup’s itches or other skin problems with a simple touch. If you want to go the extra mile, there are dog groomers that are hireable to visit your party location, and they could offer services like claw painting and hairstyles for your pup!

Costume Party

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Host the cutest get together with other dog owners by celebrating your dog’s birthday with a costume party! Not only will you have adorable photos of your fuzzy friends, you could also host activities like “best costume” with a doggie gift basket as a prize. Be sure to include treats and little accessories to jazz up the winner! If you’re stumped on how to dress up your doggy for his special birthday party, check out Party City or Amazon.

Cocktail Party

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Make dog friendly cocktails with fruit and water, for yourself, however much alcohol you think you need, and virgin ones for the kids! Check out these human recipes and these dog recipes! Now everyone can relax with a drink of their choice. Play some relaxing music in the backyard for the perfect ambiance to celebrate your dog’s birthday! If you want something that doesn’t include too much extra work and money for the supplements, try freezing some fruit like bananas, strawberries, and watermelons in some water, and watch your pet attempt to get to the sweet treats!

Baking Party

Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats | Recipe Recipe | Land O'Lakes

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This can be lots of fun as you could make treats for your furry friend and for yourself! Get a group of people together and some treat recipes and have fun hanging out with your friends and your dogs. Consider making these recipes, which are edible for both dogs and humans! Peanut Butter Dog Treats, Banana Dog Treats, and even most fruits are edible for both species. If not, try these human-only recipes to bake along with the dog biscuits on Food Network!

In this day and age, with the proper research and proximity to good birthday party supply stores, it’s not hard to throw a cute dog-themed birthday party that’s affordable, so go ahead and start planning your doggy’s birthday. It’s an adorable way to celebrate and have fun since a lot of us treat our pets like our children. It may seem silly, but what better excuse to celebrate?

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