What Is The Best Wet Dog Food For Small Dogs?

Wet or canned food can be hard to go through. All the labels look the same, and it can be rather confusing when you’re buying them in the pet store! Wet food can be easy to understand as long as you do your research.

Why Should I Choose Wet Dog Food?

Wet food can be bulky and more expensive, but they offer so much more to your pup! They often have real meat and meat by-products, which gives your pup the full protein they need. Canned food is chock full of nutrition!

Wet dog food can help with the digestive system if your pup tends to be constipated. The water content helps your pup digest better! It can also help your pup eat, if they have a hard time chewing due to health issues or old age.

Canned food is also more appealing to your pup. Since wet food tends to be more flavorful and give off a scent, your pup is bound to eat if they were once a picky eater! Consider switching to wet food if your pup tends to dislike a lot of foods.

What Should I Expect With Wet Dog Food?

One of the main concerns of wet dog food is dental problems. Because wet dog food has a lack of surface area, it can’t easily clean your puppy’s teeth as compared to kibble. When switching to a wet dog food, make sure to be more diligent about your pup’s dental health!

Wet food food, when transitioning from kibble, can often leave your furry friend with stomach problems, like diarrhea or upset tummies. One way to counteract this issue is to ease in the wet food more slowly, so your pup can get used to the food. Or, try mixing in dry kibble with wet dog food to see if your pup can handle it better.

Since your pup may be on the smaller side, make sure to monitor their weight! Wet and canned food tend to be full of protein, and your pup may gain weight much faster than you expected. Always watch your pup’s heath and eating habits to make sure they stay healthy, especially when switching to a new food!

What Wet Dog Food Brands Are Good For My Pup?

Now that you know what to look for in wet food, check out these brands that are known for their great nutrition and value!

Taste of the Wild Canned Dog Food Variety Pack

Taste of the Wild creates incredible recipes for both dry and wet food! This can is chock full of real meats, vegetables, and fruits to make sure your pup gets the right nutritional needs.

Taste of the Wild Canned Dog

This can is also grain free, so your pup can digest better and gain antioxidants from real vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, blueberries, and raspberries. 

On the label, meats and fish are the first ingredient which is always a priority. The meal is also made in the USA!

Halo Small Breed Canned Dog Food

Halo prides itself with excluding rendered meats from its dog food products, such as chicken meal or any type of meal. This means your pup gets their full true protein rather than animal byproducts, compared to dry kibble.

Halo Small Breed Canned Dog Food

As most canned food has, their top ingredient is always meat and never any carbohydrate-filled food.

This can also provide real non-GMO peas and carrots that offer antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins, created just for small dogs in mind! That means that the nutrition formula was made to make sure it covers all the needs of a small pup.

BLUE Buffalo Small Breed Canned Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is always a popular choice when picking dry dog food, so why not go for their wet food? Blue’s canned food features all-natural ingredients, and has meat as its top ingredient.

BLUE Buffalo Small Breed Canned Dog Food

This can doesn’t even contain any by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives!

This formula is also made with small dogs in mind, meaning that the protein-to-carbohydrate ratio is meant for a small dog’s energy rather than a larger dog. While this can have sweet potatoes to help with digestion, they also feature ancient grains, such as barley, that also help with digestion!

Merrick Canned Dog Food

Merrick also has an exceptional dry dog food recipe, so why not try their wet food as well? This can be served for all breeds of all types!

Merrick Canned Dog Food

The first ingredient for this wet dog food is chunky USDA-approved beef, along with real broth from beef and chicken, and several types of starches and fruits to keep your pup’s digestive tract clean and healthy. Compared to dry dog food, Merrick doesn’t have any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or by-products.

If your pup has allergies, this can is also grain-free! This doggie dinner has sweet potatoes as a substitute, which is perfect for your furry friend’s tummy.

Instinct Original Wet Canned Dog Food

Instinct prides itself on having a full protein dog food, with 95% real meat and 5% veggies.

Instinct Original Wet Canned Dog Food

This is a healthy brand for your pup, especially since it’s chock full of real food! USA-raised beef is its first ingredient, meaning your pup will get the best of the best!

Instinct also makes sure your pup won’t get any grains, potato, corn, wheat, soy, byproducts, or artificial color or preservatives. Instead, your pup is getting nothing but veggies to help their digestive tract! This brand also makes sure your pup has natural omega fatty acids to help their skin and coat.

Wet dog food is always a great source of chow for your pup! While it may be more expensive, it’s always worth it, in the end, to see your pup’s tail wagging for dinner. Always check with your vet, if you’re making a change in their diet, if the food you chose is right for your pup! 

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