8 Best Samoyed Mixes – Which One Is An Excellent Choice?

Are you a dog owner looking for a new furry friend to add to your family? If so, you may be wondering if a Samoyed mix is the right choice for you. These dogs are beautiful, friendly, and make great companions.

But with so many different mixes available, it can be tough to decide which one is the best fit for your lifestyle and personality. 

Well, wonder no more! We’ve collected the eight best Samoyed mixes for you.

Choose the one that’s perfect for your family and lifestyle – and remember, all of these dogs make excellent pets.

#1 Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix (Golden Sammy)

Golden Samoyed mixes are a blend of the Samoyed and the Golden Retriever.

They often adopt the appearance of a Golden Retriever and the Samoyed’s thick fur. The fur color ranges from white to golden tan or brown. Their eyes are a mix of a warm brown to an olive shade.

Samoyeds are a high-energy breed, so if you want a dog to keep you active and play all day, this is the one for you! These dogs have great endurance – they can walk for miles or run around in your yard.

They can reach a height of between 21 – 24 inches, and they can weigh anywhere from 50 to 75 pounds.

Their coats don’t shed as much as other breeds, which makes them a good choice if you want a hypoallergenic dog. As quiet low-maintenance dogs, they require minimal grooming.

They are considered quite a healthy breed and usually live for between 12 and 15 years.

If you’re looking for a medium-sized dog who loves to play with kids, comes from active parents, and is fiercely loyal, then this mix might be perfect for your household.

#2 Samoyed Pomeranian Mix (Pomsky)

Pomsky mixes are a blend of the Pomeranian and the Samoyed.

samoyed and pomeranian dog on white background

These dogs have a mixture of their parent breeds’ colors and shapes, with some appearing rather like a purebred Pomeranian and others more like a Samoyed. The coat is most commonly white, but it can be lighter or darker depending on the parent breed.

Pomskies are quite active dogs, so you’ll need to keep them busy with games, walks, and playtime throughout the day.

The Pomsky is a small-sized dog and can reach up to 12 inches in height and weigh between 9 and 15 pounds.

They may have the Pomeranian’s characteristic plumes of fur around their ears and muzzle OR their Samoyed parent’s mane-like fur under their chin.

They have a thick coat that sheds quite a bit – it may feel slightly coarse to the touch because these dogs are double-coated. This means they need regular grooming to keep their coat in tip-top condition.

Their lifespan is approximately 12 to 15 years, which is on the higher end compared to other breeds.

These dogs are more likely to have genetic problems than others, but this is something that can be avoided through healthy nutrition and good care.

#3 Samoyed German Shepherd Mix

This rare breed combination is very unusual.

This crossbreed is adorable, and clever with both the German Shepherd and Samoyed parent breeds highly intelligent

The resulting mix is eager to learn new things, so you’ll need to keep them busy with training sessions and exercise as they grow.

They are very large and inherit the Samoyed/German Shepherd mix from their parents.

The fur’s color is a mixture of white and the typical German Shepherd color. Although their body shape is closer to the Samoyed than the Shepherd, the fur density is more like the Samoyed. This mix is said to closely resemble a wolf.

They have thick fur and need regular brushing and grooming to keep their coat healthy.

Considered a healthy mix breed, they have a relatively long lifespan of between 10 to 15 years.

#4 Samoyed Husky Mix (Samusky)

The Samusky is a crossbreed between a purebred Samoyed and a Siberian Husky.

In appearance, these dogs are similar to the Samoyed but with longer fur that often forms dreadlocks or thick clumps around their legs.

Their eyes are blue-green in color and their ears stand upright as they do on both their parents.

They come in colors like white, cream, and red and may inherit these colors from either parent.

They are medium-sized dogs and can grow to be as much as 24 inches tall (on the larger side for Samoyed mixes). They weigh up to 60 pounds.

Fur care for this breed is high maintenance, but they are not known to shed as much as other breeds.

This most common breed needs regular grooming and care because of its double-coated fur. They’re also very active dogs that require daily exercise and playtime to stimulate their mind and keep their bodies healthy.

They usually live up to 15 years.

#5 Samoyed Corgi Mix (Samoyed Corgi)

Appearance-wise, you can expect this crossbreed to have long legs from the Corgi parent breed and shorter fur from its Samoyed parent. They have a fluffy tail as well as ears that stand up on their head like those on both parents.

samoyed and corgi playing on the lawn

Their fur is usually white, but it may have the Corgi parent’s colors such as brown and tan distributed throughout their body or just on patches of their body.

Samoyed Corgi mixes are medium-sized dogs that grow to be up to 20 inches tall and can weigh as much as 40 pounds.

This mix may have single or double-layered coats that are dense and thick. Because of this, be prepared for regular grooming needs, brushing, and baths. They shed more than other breeds but are still pretty low compared to other dogs.

They are good family dogs and get on well with children (they may be less tolerant of other animals and household pets though).

They’re highly intelligent and not known for their aggression.

Samoyed Corgis usually live up to 12 years.

#6 Samoyed Australian Shepherd Mix

This crossbreed is a mix of two family-friendly and highly intelligent breeds.

They’re affectionate, loyal, obedient, and sociable with children. They can be friendly with other pets as well but may have a tendency to bark at strangers so early socialization training will be important.

They are medium-sized dogs that grow up to 21 inches tall and can weigh about 40-50 pounds.

Their fur is usually white with the Australian Shepherd’s color spread all over their body or in patches. They can also be black, white and a brown or tan color depending on their parents.

These dogs need regular grooming care and regular exercise and playtime. They can be prone to separation anxiety and may bark a lot as well as dig and chew.

Friendly and loyal to their families, they may become protective of you without proper training. Generally healthy, their life expectancy is 11 to 15 years.

#7 Samoyed Chow Chow Mix

Both the Samoyed and Chow Chow are Nordic breeds. They are able to withstand the cold and harsh climates thanks to their crossbreed.

samoyed and chow chow mix breed

Because both breeds have double-layered fur, that can be thick, straight fur that requires a lot more grooming than other breeds. Regular brushing and baths are needed to keep these dogs looking their best.

For color, a mix of both the Samoyed and Chow Chow will be somewhere between since the Samoyed is typically white while the Chow Chow can usually be brown.

Their size and weight will be the same, although they won’t grow as big as the Samoyed.

They might be more susceptible to certain health problems such as hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, and allergies.

Friendly and good with family members, they should play well with children since they’re patient like their parents. They can be prone to barking though.

These dogs usually live up to 13 years old.

#8 Samoyed Poodle Mix

Also affectionately known as the sammypoo, they are a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Samoyed.

Their coats will vary in color but are likely to have brown, black, gray, or apricot colors from the Poodle. They’re medium-sized dogs that grow up to 20 inches tall and can weigh up to 50lbs

Their fur is medium in length, but dense and curly. This breed has the advantage of not shedding as much as the Samoyed but they’ll still need regular grooming, brushing, and hair care to prevent mats.

They are easier to train, as they are less stubborn than the Samoyed and possess a great temperament.

They are very active dogs and require a lot of exercise. They learned this from the Samoyed. To keep the sammypoo healthy, they need to exercise for 90 minutes each day. This does not just apply to walking. These activities include running, swimming, and playing.

They have an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

People Also Ask

Are Samoyed Mixes Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Samoyed mixes are known to be among the top 5 best breeds for people with allergies to dogs. However, depending on their generics, there can be some variations in terms of shedding and grooming needs.

What Is A Golden Sammy?

A golden Samoyed is a mix breed between the Golden Retriever and the Samoyed. They’re a large breed that typically weighs 55-75 lbs and can grow as tall as 22 inches. Also, their coat will vary in color, but it’s usually golden or white. They’re generally friendly dogs that are easy to train and live for 12-15 years.

Can Samoyed Mix Puppies Have Health Issues?

Yes, if the parents have a history of health problems, there is a chance that their offspring can inherit those conditions. However, this will depend on which mix they were crossed with and if the other parent does or does not have any genetic disorders.


One of the best ways to have a happy, healthy dog is by incorporating exercise and training into their routine.

If you’re looking for an intelligent companion that will keep your family on its toes, then a Samoyed Mix is a great option!

Intelligent, cute, and great with kids, they love being around people and they’ll never stop trying to please you. 

There are many interesting facts about the Samoyed breed. With no known health issues or behavioral problems, they make a great addition to any home.

What is your favorite Samoyed mix?

Share your comments with us below.

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