How to Measure a Couch Cover (to Protect from Dog Hair)

Securing a couch cover is certainly very useful to any pet owner who loves cuddling with his pet dog. Every pet owner realizes that one of the perks of getting a pet dog is that they can introduce lively and happy moments despite the boring times. 

Your dog may enjoy cuddling with you while you are reading your favorite book or watching your favorite TV series. They even give you comfort whenever you feel sad and depressed. However, although these things could sound very soothing, it is a sad fact that your dog may also utilize your couch as their comfort area whenever they cannot see your presence, leaving your couch under their grace. 

You can protect your couch and learn how to measure a couch cover to protect from dog hair. By doing so, you can keep your furniture free from any dog-related damages while streamlining their conservation.

Measuring a Couch Cover

To preserve your couch from the mess of dog hairs and other pet-related damages, you should get a couch cover. But how do you get the best cover that could perfectly suit your couch? 

Well, you just have to measure a couch cover properly. To obtain the right measurement of the couch cover to protect it from dog hair, you have to measure your couch first. Here are the steps and guidelines on how to get the best couch cover to protect your couch from dog hairs:

  1. Begin with your unembellished couch. Get the measurement of the width of one of the arms by tracing a diagonal direction.
  1. Measure the depth of the arm by going front then to the back.
  1. Get the measurement of the height of the backrest, from the top going to the bottom.
  1. Measure the width of the seat starting from one inside arm to another inside arm.
  1. Measure the depth of the seat, from back to front.
  1. Contrast the width and depth of the armrest to the measurements of the arm flap for the couch cover.
  1. Contrast the height of the backrest to the length of the back flap.
  1. Contrast the width of the seat to the width of the couch cover.
  1. Contrast the depth of the seat to the length of the seat-to-floor flap.
  1. Choose the couch cover with a lengthier bulge of fabric intended for the arms of the couch, seat, and backrest to hold the couch cover in position.
  1. Adorn your newly measured couch cover over the couch.
  1. Insert the rest of the materials down in the middle of the cushion and arms. Do the essential modification if there is a need to.

Simply follow these steps to properly measure a couch cover. The use of a couch cover could give you several advantages. It protects your couch from spills, messes, and dog hairs. It can also secure your couch from possible scratching and chewing as your pet dog loves to play around and he may do naughty things whenever you are not around.

These steps are quite simple to follow. It is not exhausting either, so you should expect to come up with a properly sized couch cover without going through rigid processes. 

Measuring a couch cover for your couch to protect it from dog hairs will guarantee the maintenance of your furniture, and at the same time ensure quality time with your dog. However, you should bear in mind that you must never purchase a couch cover that is a lot larger or very small as compared to your couch. If that is the case, you will fail to achieve your objective of protecting your furniture from any pet-related damages. 

Aside from your failure to protect your couch, it may hang clumsily and drift around every time you and your pet dog sit over it. To be certain, you should use a measuring tape and get the measurements. Record the dimensions and contrast them to the measurements of the couch cover you intend to use. You can choose a couch cover that is a bit larger than your couch, but you should never be tempted to get a smaller one.

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