How Funny Looking is a Komondor? 10 Facts About This Herding Breed

Although the appearance of a Komondor dog might lead you to believe that they were formed to mop the floors, you should know that these dogs are more dignified than that. These dogs have a long and benevolent legacy as a flock-protecting dog breed in Hungary. They still keep an active protective hunch and will protect their people even at the expense of their lives.

Funny Facts about Komondor Dog Breeds

Komondor breeds are undoubtedly physically cute and lovable. They have unique physical traits that you might find both humorous and interesting. Here are some of the common facts about the Komondor dog breeds: 

1. Komondor Is A Giant Breed

The Komondor dog is a giant breed. It weighs about 60 to 100 pounds, or even more. If you are planning to get a Komondor, you have to make sure that you are ready to have him as a family companion and willing to nurture a pet of that size.

You cannot simply depend on an underground electronic-type fence in containing this dog. The shock may not be enough to hold him off and stop him from abandoning the yard if that is his objective.

2. They Have Interesting Physical Traits

The Komondor breed has a noticeable big head. Their eyes are brown and they also have ears that hang and are structured a stretched triangle. They are a bit rounded on their tip and they have a long tail. 

3. Puppy Komondor And Adult Komondor Have Distinct Coats

A puppy Komondor has a thick, shielding coat that begins to drop into cord-resembling curls. The adult version, on the other hand, has a thick, supple, fluffy undercoat and an unrefined outer coat that is curly or wavy. Jointly, the undercoat and outer coat form crest-like cords that stretch while the dog gets old. Nevertheless, their coat remains white, although not essentially pure white.

4. They Were Naturally Born With A White Coat

A Komondor dog is born having an exclusive white coat. Nevertheless, a functioning Komandor’s coat can be faded by the essential features and may look off-white if not routinely washed. Conventionally, the coat cushions the Komondor from conceivable wolves’ bites since the bites will not absorb the deep coat.

5. Komondor Has Coats That Form Braids

Although Komondor has coats that are naturally patterned to braids, they do not need to be brushed. Unfortunately, this does not imply that their grooming program will be easy. Owners of these dog breeds should know that they should keep the cords of their pet separated. 

Also, their magnets can also serve as lures to dirt, thus the dogs need to be bathed frequently. Bathing these dogs can consume time plus the fact that their cords do not easily get dried. Furthermore, owners should also trim throughout the muzzle. If not properly managed, their large coats can begin to emanate an odor that is similar to mildew.

6. They Have Coats That Look Like A Mop

Their mop-resembling coats were formed to shield them from their predators as well as the rough weather. They resemble a Hungarian Racka sheep. You will also notice their white coats which let them harmonize with the sheep flocks. Their coat is soft and starts to mat at age of 8 to 10 months. However, you should not be fooled by how he looks like.      

Komondor is independent and strong working dogs. Nowadays, they are mainly a show dog or a family pet.

7. The Length Of Their Cords Surges As The Coat Ages

Komondor has cords that surge as the coat ages. Moulting is limited with this kind of dog breed, opposite to what one may perceive once cords are completely developed. The only indispensable shedding happens as a young Komondor before the complete formation of dreadlocks.

8. Komondor Puppies Have A Size That Can Do More Casualty Than Other Dog Breeds

Komondor puppies are habitual chewers. This is highly influenced because of their size. If you want to keep your home in order, it will be best if you do not let them roam around the house until such time that they become completely matured. 

It will be helpful if you can keep these puppies occupied with socialization, play, and training experiences. A dull Komondor puppy can be a damaging puppy. 

9. They Are Vigilant

A Komondor breed is vigilant. They are commonly found resting during the daytime. But in the nighttime, they constantly move around, guarding the place, inspecting all part of his territory. You will be amazed by how these dogs can quench intruders and hold them down until such time that their owner arrives.

Some Hungarian Komondor breeders have once stated that an intruder can be permitted to invade a place that is being watched by a Komondor, but he can never expect to easily escape or leave the place.

10. Adolescence Can Be Detected With The Changes In The Komondor Breed

A Komondor dog breed will eventually experience adolescence. This stage can be determined as the dog shows changes in his eating habits, trainability, personality, and overall attitude. Breed-particular statute needs some breeds that could be gagged in public areas. The only place that demands the Komondor dog breeds to be muzzled is Romania.


To conclude, Komondor dog breeds are incredible pets. With their distinct physical traits and impressive personality, you might want to get this dog for the family. However, it is still important that you learn more about the traits and characteristics of these dogs to make sure that you are ready to raise them.

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