Border Collie Mix Breeds – Guide To Lovely Border Collie Mixes

Deciding to own a Border Collie Mix dog is one of the most exciting moments for mix-breeds enthusiasts. The thought of having a unique furry friend with mixed characteristics of the popular breeds with border collie’s features is quite fascinating.

But, let’s not deny that the most challenging part of owning a Border collie mix breed is finding the right one for you. It can be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to getting mixed-breed pets.

So, we’ve made this quick guide about top border collie mixes along with their features, characteristics, and some pros and cons of owning one.

Top 10 Border Collie Mixes

Border collies are famous because of their intelligence and undeniable energy, perfect to combine with other breeds. That’s why there are many types of border collie lab mix since their characteristics usually complement other breeds. So let’s get to know which mixes are the perfect combination.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

Australian Shepherd and Border Collie have strong similarities in their looks and some physical features like their smooth furry coats. So, for a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix (Aussie Collie), you can expect a lovely furry friend that is so soft to cuddle.

australian sheperd dog in the bush

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Pros

  • Perfect for families with kids as they are calm and full of affection.
  • They are also usually energetic canines as well as smart.

Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix Cons

  • They are not ideal to be a watchdog because of their calmness.
  • They can have separation anxiety if you leave them alone and for a long time.
  • They need regular grooming (4 times a week) because their coat can mess up easily.

Husky Border Collie Mix

The hybrid of husky and border collie is still unknown since it’s new, and there is little information about it. But having gorgeous, intelligent puppies with these two purebred parents means having a great breed that loves to run and jump even in colder places.

Their fur is thick and perfect for freezing temperatures, which makes them resilient outside, but they also have a soft side inside.

Moreover, you can expect Husky Border collie mix pups to grow with smooth and medium-length fur coats.

Husky Border Collie Mix Pros

  • Energetic, playful, and great companion.
  • Husky border collie mix-breed dogs are also reliable, especially if they inherit the intelligence of their border collie parents.
  • They are great if you want to train your dog to do tasks or jobs like herding animals or other physical tasks.

Husky Border Collie Mix Cons

  • Since most collies are with great energy, they usually need a rigorous amount of physical activity; a simple throw-and-fetch every morning might not be enough.
  • They have health risks related to bone disorders (osteoarthritis, myelopathy, or disc disorder)

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

German Collie or Shollie is the perfect name for a mixed breed of a German shepherd and border collie. You can expect the puppies to grow with long and thick coats for this mixed breed inherited from the German shepherds.

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix Pros

  • You will have playful and lovable puppies.
  • They are also affectionate and protective, so they are great with kids.

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix Cons

  • One thing that might be a struggle of having a border collie mixed with a german shepherd is the fact that they are both heavy shredders (weekly brushing needed).
  • They are also energetic, which means they need more physical activities and exercise.

Border Collie Pitbull Mix

The common problem of owners of Pitbulls is their aggressive traits. Thus, breeders tried to solve this concern through the hybrid of a border collie and pitbull since collies are calm and intelligent. But it’s imperative to find a qualified and reputable breeder for this mix.

Border Collie Pitbull Mix Pros

  • Their offspring can be alert and social, making them ideal for watching the house.
  • They can also be loyal and protective

Border Collie Pitbull Mix Cons

  • They are extremely energetic, which can be a challenge for owners to keep up with their energy.
  • You probably need to have a wide outdoor space for them to roam.

Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix

If you’re fond of training dogs to do some sports or simple tasks, this blue heeler border collie mix is just the right choice. You can expect an energetic, intelligent, and friendly dog if they are exposed to early socialization.

grey blue heeler puppy

Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix Pros

  • They are fast learners and affectionate to kids.
  • They are very athletic and enjoy sports.

Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix Cons

  • They need to have the right amount of physical and mental stimulation.
  • They can cause trouble if they are bored.

Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mix

Puppies with parents of both border collie and the great Pyrenees are usually big and sturdy because of the parents’ attributes. 

Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mix breeds are great family dogs because they are protective, loyal, and great with children.

Border Collie Great Pyrenees Pros

  • They can be intelligent and reliable watchdogs with their large size and alertness.
  • Their looks are attractive
  • They are harmless

Border Collie Great Pyrenees Cons

  • They are highly energetic and also significantly big, which means they need a spacious place to live.
  • Some of them can experience seasonal shedding, so they may need regular grooming.

Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix

Gollies are the term for the hybrid between a Golden retriever and border collie, which you can expect to be adorable because of their smooth and shiny coats.

Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix Pros

  • Gollies are protective and family-friendly.
  • They are also smart since both parents are known for their intelligence.

Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix Cons

  • They can outsmart you, which can be a real challenge.
  • They can have health issues such as obesity, allergies, cancer, eye or heart problems, which is important to get them only from reliable breeders. 
  • You’ll have a problem with their shedding as they shed so much.

Border Collie Beagle Mix

Border Collie Beagle mix dogs are alert and prominent with herding instincts. The benefits of owning this kind of hybrid dog are they are highly trainable and cooperate well with their owner. However, they can have a problem when it comes to dealing with kids because of their herding instinct.

Border Collie Beagle Mix Pros

  • They are very loyal and obedient (highly eager to please)
  • Generally healthy breed

Border Collie Beagle Mix Cons

  • They need a lot of training and exercise to keep their bones and muscles healthy.
  • You should watch out for common health issues such as hip dysplasia or epilepsy.

Rottweiler Border Collie Mix

A rottweiler border collie mix will have very alert and energetic traits but also lovable. They are also protective and affectionate with their owners. Although, they might be a bit aggressive since Rottweilers are known for that trait.

Rottweiler Border Collie Mix Pros

  • They are great family protectors
  • They are known as whip-smart breeds

Rottweiler Border Collie Mix Cons

  • Can express destructive behavior if not entertained

Border Collie Corgi Mix

Border Corgis are known for their herding ability and intelligence. They’re known to be loyal and very affectionate with all family members.

Border Collie Corgi Mix Pros

  • They are loving, loyal, and affectionate puppies.

Border Collie Corgi Mix Cons

  • They can become defensive or aggressive due to their territorial characteristics.
  • They shed more often, so you will need to provide a regular grooming regimen for this breed.

People Also Ask

brown and white border collie

Are Border Collie Mixes Good Family Dogs?

Collie mixes are good family dogs so long as you provide regular training and exercise. They are family-friendly dogs that get along well with children if they are trained and socialized early.

What Is The Best Mix With A Border Collie?

We couldn’t decide which Border Collie mix is the best, but here are our top 10 favorites:

1. Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix
2. Husky Border Collie Mix
3. German Shepherd Border Collie Mix
4. Border Collie Pitbull Mix
5. Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix
6. Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mix
7. Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix
8. Border Collie Beagle Mix
9. Rottweiler Border Collie Mix
10. Border Collie Corgi Mix

Are Border Collies Mixed Aggressive?

Border Collies, in general, are not aggressive. However, Border collie mixes from breeds that have aggression in their genes tend to inherit these traits. That’s why it’s important to start training and socializing them as soon as you bring them home.

Are Border Collie Mixes Calmer?

Collie Border collie mixes tend to inherit the calmness, energy, and intelligence of their parents. So you can expect a Border Collie mix to express calm traits.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Border Collie?

Most of the Border Collie Mix Breeds have an average lifespan of 10 to 17 years.


There are plenty of mixed breeds of a border collie, but with this simple guide, you’ll have some idea of the factors you need to consider before getting one.

If you’re a fan of Border Collie mixes, then we hope you found this article useful. These mixes are perfect for anyone who wants to find a furry friend with characteristics of both the border collie and other popular dog breeds.

After reading our guide, it should be easier to find the perfect pup for your lifestyle! Let us know which breed or mix has caught your eye so far. What’s your favorite?

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