Why Does My Dog Hate Baths?

Usually, bath time in our dogs makes an undesirable chasing game with the dog between its pet owners. Then once that you already caught your dog, the trail is not over yet. There is also a continuous struggle to avoid our pets from making the runoff. 

Let your pet know if it is bath time already by the use of some usual cue. If your pet dog loves to swim, but it usually against to go into its bathtub, it is not considered an abnormality.

Its avoidance of taking a bath is likely going like a subject of just simply as getting its body wet. Luckily, giving enough time as well as practicing our pets can teach them to allow taking usual baths.

The following are a few reasons why does our pet hate taking a bath and how we deal with it.

Reasons Why Our Pet Hate Taking A Bath

The Smell Of Dog Shampoo

Some dogs hate taking a bath because they hate the fragrance of the shampoo. If you are going to wash your pet, choose for a shampoo that has a designated solely for dogs. A shampoo that is used for other animals is unsuitable for dogs and even the shampoo that is used by a human. 

Shampoo for the human is known to be very delicate to the fur and skin of a dog. To prevent aggravating your pet with the overpowering smell of the shampoo, try to pick a mild dog shampoo that is unscented or has a great subtle fragrance. Try to consult your vet for them to give some suggestions about what shampoo to use for your pet.

The Floor Of The Bathtub

There are a few dogs that hate taking a bath due to the bathtub floor that might be uncomfortable for them because it is hard to stand on it. Commonly, not every floor in bathtubs does give much in regards to the way of friction. 

So if you feel that your pet is troubled with a smooth floor, just give them a bath in your yard with the use of a hose. You may also just put a mat on the floor of the tub so that it helps your pet to have traction in it and feel even more comfortable standing on it.

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Afraid Of The Running Water

There are a few dogs that may be rooted to see running water, but there are some dogs that not so glad when they see it. Most dogs worry about taking a bath just simply due to its looks and even loud sound that feels terrifying for them. 

Practice for an outdoor bath using a hose for your pet to take a bath. You may also use warm water for bathing your pet, and commonly, the cold water makes the dog overreact.

Avoid splashing your pet with running water. It will your pet feel nervous. Just used a washcloth to clean the face of your dog. By doing so, it lessens the nervous feeling that running water might get into the nose of your pet. 

Make Your Pet Calm

When you are about to bath your pet, you may first try to make them feel as secure as possible. Try to talk with your pet with a calm voice while you bathe them and peacefully rub its back.

And when he is done with a bath session, give them a positive connection with the whole experience, you may give them a new toy or just give them a yummy treat. By doing this, your pet may associate bathe into something great, and it may not hate bathing anymore.

Prevent running after your pet, sometimes chasing games can be fun with your pet but it may link the behavior of usually running away from you while you are about to give them a bath.

You can use a nylon collar for your pet to chew while having a bath, but just keep an eye to avoid the risk that it may choke it and may bring another kind of injury or accident.


Bath time with our pets may always be with something that they love and enjoy. Offer them something to chew after bath time for them to makes a bath more tolerable because they expect something that rewarded them when bath session is over. 

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