When Should My Puppy Switch to Wet Food?

Choosing food for your pup can be hard! There’s a lot of different types of food, wet and dry, for puppies or for adults, and even the type of protein. These small details may be complicated to understand, but always experiment to see what your pup likes the most! You should even consider going to the vet for food recommendations to understand what exactly your pup needs to be happy and healthy.

Some dog owners will recommend wet dog food! Once your puppy has fully grown to their average weight, it’s safe to switch over to wet dog food. Be sure to check how big your pup is by checking in with your vet, or even googling it! However, it may not be a switch you want to make right off the bat. Wet dog food tends to be more expensive, and can be hard to store as it’s bulky to put away, and it has to be refrigerated after being opened. However, wet food has several benefits, as it can hold more nutrients, have organic ingredients, and be much more appetizing to pups! Take these pros and cons to consider if you should make the switch.

Wet dog food also has different benefits depending on the qualities of the pup! This list below outlines a few reasons why you should consider giving your pup wet dog food instead!

1. Age

As your dog gets older, it may be more beneficial to switch to wet dog food! Your older pup may need more nutrients and other kinds of meat that dry dog food can’t offer. There are several adult wet dog foods that are aimed towards senior dogs, such as lean meats to ensure your pup doesn’t get too much fatty protein, vegetables to ensure your dog gets vitamins and other fibers to help your pup’s digestive system, as well as a smooth texture to help your pup eat!

2. Hydration

Several dog owners and even vets recommend wet dog food if your pup tends to avoid water! Water is essential for any form of life, with your pup’s active lifestyle, water is the most important ingredient in their meals! Dry dog food doesn’t naturally have water in them, but wet dog foods have water and broth, both substances that help hydrate your furry friend! Plus, because the food is water based, many wet dog food brands infuse vitamins and nutrients into the liquid and it all helps your pup.

3. Protein Intake

Wet dog food contains the purest form of protein you can offer your food! Dry dog food may not contain 100% meat, and instead have things like fillers and other unnatural substances. Wet dog food can fill your pup up with the right kind of protein as well as fill up your pup’s tummy! Protein is an important ingredient in your pup’s diet, as they right amount can help your dog’s coat and skin. Having the best form of protein is critical for your pup’s health!

4. Picky Eaters

If your pup is a picky eater, wet dog food may be what you need to get your pup eating! If your pup doesn’t like their food, it can be a real problem. While they may not starve, they may actually be feeling sick from eating their food. From being underweight to digesting problems, wrong food can be a problem. Switching to wet dog food may be what you need to help your pup eat! Wet dog food smells more appetizing to dogs, as dry food doesn’t have much of a smell. Cracking open a can of wet dog food is what your pup needs to love eating again!

5. Dental Problems

If your pup is losing their teeth, jaw problems, or even a small mouth, wet dog food may be better for them to eat! Since wet dog food is typically softer and easier to digest, dogs with dental problems will benefit greatly from eating wet dog food instead of dry dog food!

6. Weight Gain

If your pup is underweight, wet dog food may be what your need to help get your dog back on the right track! Due to the protein content of wet dog food, your pup can easily gain weight if they aren’t as energetic as other dogs. However, if you’re worried about causing your pup to be overweight, have to fear! Daily exercise is more than enough to put away the small adverse effect of pure protein.

7. Diabetes

If your pup has diabetes, it’s recommended that your dog eats wet dog food! Wet food can help with kidney function due to its water content. It can also help with other bodily organs, such as the urinary tract!

Always check with your vet if you’re considering a diet change, especially if it’s related to any of the health issues above. However, at the end of the day, wet dog food is up to you as an owner! 

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