Top 20 Doggy Celebrities with Huge Online Following

Well-known dogs online are real deal celebrities. They have attained their cuteness and charisma dominating the scene of the world wide web. This is not surprising, though, provided that dogs are naturally stress reliever, and we humans, we regularly pursue anything to alleviate our life and brighten up our day. Currently, with merely a single click, seeing cute dog photos certainly captures all our stress. 

However, with numerous dogs accounts all over social media, it could be tricky for you to browse who to follow. Hence, in this article, we have compiled some of the celebrity dogs that have earned huge followers online. If you are interested in discovering what breed is conquering your favorite social media site, check them out below and make sure to follow them if you haven’t. 

Here Come the Doggy Stars: 


A Pomeranian breed of a dog named Boo is on the top of the list with whooping sixteen million followers on Facebook. He was one of the few dogs who made the first appearance on the world wide web. His Facebook page titled after his name Boo was created by his owner around the year 2009. It was loads of pictures of him in adorable dress and outfits together with his friend, a Pomeranian dog as well named Buddy. 

Later, due to its considerable popularity, Boo was called the Cutest Dog in the World, and since then, his page has gained thousands of followers until it reached what it has achieved today. However, in the most unfortunate event, at the age of 14 years old, his friend Buddy passed last September of 2017. 

Jiff Pom

Similar to Boo, another Pomeranian has reached the second spot on the list with over ten million followers on Instagram. This little buddy is named Jiff Pom from @jiffpom. Today, he has the highest followers on Instagram among all other dogs, even humans. This fact has even reached a record as the Most Popular Dog in the World around 2015, proudly representing the Animal Kingdom.

You can say he is the most popular dog on Instagram. His name was derived from the Germany and Poland of the Pomerania region. Not just that, combining all the other social media accounts he has, there are over twenty-five million followers gained in total. Apart from its popularity, Jiff Pom also holds a record of the Fastest Dog To Run in Two Paws in the World. 

With high ranking status, he has probably given his owner load of money from his back to back successful commercials. Around 2014, Jiff Pom was even featured in the Dark Horse music video of the singer/songwriter, Katy Perry. 


A Pug is a breed of dog with no expectations to reach popularity on Instagram. Raising the banner of all Pugs in the world, Doug is a widely famous Pug reaching 3.9 million Instagram followers at @itsdougthepug. It also has whooping ten million followers all from his other social networking accounts.

Being the King of Pop Culture, a self-declared nametag of Doug is primarily famous through his trending videos, which mostly depict music videos and TV shows parodies. Due to his popularity, he even reached the hearts of a few celebrities like Katy Perry, Halsey, and Justin Bieber. Not to mention, he also has merchandise and books of him that are the best selling. 

Comparable to Jiff Pom, Doug has likewise featured in an Irresistible music video of Fall Out Boy in the year 2015. Run by his owner named Leslie Mosier, it continues to provide us with a daily dose of Doug’s cuteness and charm. 


All across from Tokyo, Japan, a rising start in Instagram named Maruto or popularly known as Maru, is a breed of dog called Shiba Inu. Her owner Shinjiro Ono is very much proud of what her pet has reached up to this date, with a rewarding number of followers, reaching up to 2.5 million Instagram followers at @marutaro. Her star brighten in Tokyo first and eventually reached around the globe because nobody can resist her cuteness, right? 

Originally, the Instagram profile of Maru started to create cheerfulness on the faces of the viewer after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in the country around the year 2011. From then on, Maru, the dog, has always cheered up the lives of other people by continuing to lighten up their day with her cute photos. 


Tuna is a popular dog with a mixed breed of Chihuahua and Wiener or Dachshund breed. Hence, Tuna’s famous nametag is Tuna, the Chiweenie. With over 2.1 million Instagram followers from @tunameltsmyheart account. 

Living with his owner in Los Angeles, Tuna is a rescued puppy and was adopted by his current owner at the Dog Rescue event in the year 2010. He has an apparent huge overbite that allows his upper teeth to stick out. His owners never anticipated such warm delight over Tuna, yet it should not be surprising since the dog is naturally adorable. 

In the year 2011, is the year when his owner first posted photos of Tuna on Instagram, and since then, his popularity has been established worldwide. Not only that, but his owners also made use of his popularity by raising awareness about animal rescue and has been touring across America to reach their voices. He likewise melts the heart of every reader with his book entitled, Tuna Melts My Heart: The Underdog with the Overbite.


Samoyed, a breed of dog who belongs to the Herding dog category. No one has expected that  Maya, a dog with Samoyed breeding, could reach an overwhelming number of Instagram followers reaching up to 1.9 million, at his account @mayapolarbear. 

She has gained popularity on Instagram by posting funny videos of her, and memes. Sometimes, her owner, named Lingli Ye, also posted some of her learned tricks. Visiting her account, you will find dozens of videos of her eating a tremendous amount of food, pet-owner moments, and her dresses and outfits. 


Shih Tzu is already a popular breed of dog, and it is not surprising that Marnie, the dog, who came from the Shih Tzu family, has reached popularity by gaining 1.8 million Instagram followers, basing from its account called @marniethedog. 

She possesses a unique physical feature, characterized by her tongue always hanging out on the mouth side with her most distinguishable feature, her slight head lean, which is permanent due to her condition from the time she was still young. 

Marnie was adopted with already old age, living his fullest life at the comfort ld New York, the USA with Shirley Braha, her owner. Her extravagant lifestyle, like wearing amazing and adorable clothes and meeting a few Hollywood celebrities, has been publicized around the world through her social media accounts. 

With the aim to inspire and spread awareness of the significance of adopting a senior dog, is the content of her book entitled Marnie The Dog I’m a Book. At the age of 18, Marnie passed away in peace and happiness. 

Manny the Frenchie

A lot of French Bulldogs out there have become famous on the internet, but Manny is different. With over 1.7 million Facebook followers he has on his Facebook page, and 1.1 million Instagram followers as well, Manny uses his charm and popularity to help and donate to charity.

If you are not aware of yet, Manny the Frenchie is the most popular French Bulldogs on the internet. Originated from Chicago, Illinois, Manny has been sought by many individuals and agencies to be the face of their advertisements, magazines, and even on several movies. 

His owners, Jon Huang and Amber Chavez, did not realize that their pet would reach this kind of fame. Initially, they were only posting photos of him during his younger days and did not think he could attract many followers. 

Up to this date, Manny still continues to gain popularity and has become involved in many partnerships and has become the face of PetSmart, a line founded by Martha Stewart. 

Loki the Wolf Dog

A Wolf Dog breed named Loke is a magnificent dog with a breed mixed of Husky, Arctic Wolf, and Malamute. Currently residing with his owner, Kelly Lund, in Denver, Colorado. Being a photographer, Lund is fond of taking pictures of Loki together with his adventures outdoor. 

Later did he know that Loki the Wolf Dog will attract the attention of many and gain love from the netizens. He even partnered with some famous brands like Chaco Footwear and was featured in some advertisements of Toyota and L. L. Beand brand. Around the year 2015, Loki’s owner resigned from his job to switch to a full-time manager of Loki’s Instagram account. 

Harlow and Sage 

Harlow and Sage are two famous dogs of different breeds. Harlow is a Weimaraner, and Sage was a miniature Dachshund. They both managed to take Instagram by storm and reached a whopping 1.5 million followers putting smiles and joy on the faces of their fans worldwide. Unfortunately, Sage passed away peacefully in the year 2013, leaving his best buddy alone. 

With this, Brittni Vega, their owner, wanted to fill the loneliness left by Sage; they decided to bring in two miniature Dachshunds whom they later named Reese and Indiana. Thus, completing their family again. 

Vega regularly posts photos of them, and soon, they have reached more fans than before. Due to their online popularity, they were given an opportunity to launch their own book and which later recognized by the New York Times as best selling book and eventually created merchandise of Harlow and Sage. 

Minnie and Max

A duo tagged as Minnie and Max the Pugs has reached online popularity due to their followers on Facebook, which has attained around 1.3 million. They were known by people through their great talents and the famous head side tilt they do. 

Because of their fame, they were able to visit and get featured on Ellen show, Good Morning America, and even Animal Planet. More and more TV shows and channels have invited the duo to showcase their talents. Minnie and Max update their fans through posting of photos via the Facebook page. 


Maddie, the Nashville dog, comes from Coonhound stock and is happily enjoying with her hooman, Theron Humphrey. Theron is a photographer who is fond of taking random pictures of Maddie and posting it on his Instagram account @thiswildidea. 

Later did he realized that Maddie has an amazing balance and could hold poses. She became the interest of his owner’s photographs and soon gained millions of followers, reaching up to 1.2 million. Due to her popularity, she was invited to be partnered with various brands and companies like Goose Island, Discover Boating, and many more. 


Compared to other dogs on the list, Mishka, a Husky breed dog, has reached 974,000 Facebook followers and even attained one million subscribers on YouTube, just by simply being cute. Well, dogs are cute and charming, though; however, Mishka is uniquely talented. She can talk! 

Yes, you read it right, a dog that can talk. There is no doubt that she was able to gain the netizens because of her unbelievable talent. She can talk some phrases like I’m hungry, I love you and No, in a very loud voice. Hence, many viewers are amazed by her talent, and many of her videos on YouTube have millions of views. 


A charming dog is weighing only three pounds, named Norbert. He is a therapy dog who became famous by giving smiles and happiness to children confined at the hospital. Not just worthy of following due to his charm, but his works are truly an inspiration to others. 

Apart from that, he also has a distinguishable feature of long tongue hanging outside his mouth. His Instagram, with 860, 300 followers around the globe, is filled with photos and videos of him, especially those good times he had with his brother, Fred a Golden Retriever. 

Being widely popular, it is not surprising that he has already published his own children’s book starring him. You can even purchase plush toy merchandise. 

Loki, Bear, and Momo 

With followers of over 708 thousand Instagram followers, Loki was famous and known by many as the main star dog at the @Lokistagram account. However, Loki peacefully passed away last 2016. Creeping with loneliness, Viv and Tim, owners of Loki, decide to bring in another dog and named him Bear. 

While they still use Loki’s account in memories and celebrations of the good life Loki had, they also proudly present their adoption story of Bear. Loki’s fans surely adored it. Bear instantly loved by many and gained additional followers. They ended up adopting another dog and became Bear’s brother named Momo. With huge fame, their owners were able to raise awareness by being an ambassador of animal rescue. 

Sir Charles Barkley

With a considerable number of followers on Instagram, Sir Charles Barkley is a French Bulldog with 476,000 fans all over the world. His owners created an Instagram account for him to showcase his cuteness when Sir Charles Barkley was still a puppy. Later, he gained worldwide popularity, which was not anticipated by his owners. Up to this date, the account still continues to brighten up the day of every fan. 


You may never find any dog on Instagram with the most stylish photos ever. Meet Bodhi, setting the record as the Most Stylish Dog in the World. He has over 400 thousand followers on his Instagram account named @mensweardog. He’s a Shiba Inu breed which poses on the camera like a professional model. He captured many netizens with his good looks and very stylish clothes. 

Tonkey Bear

A Bear Coat Shar Pei named Tonkey Bear is one of the very famous dogs on Instagram with 326 thousand followers. He loves cuddle time and snoozes. He became really popular online due to his natural cuteness and mushy look. Tonkey’s account is loaded of adorable photos of him that give delight and joy to every face of his follower. 


With over 232 thousand Instagram followers, Winston tagged as Winston the White Corgi is a dog full of energy and food. He is uniquely different from other corgis because Winston has an overall coat of white color. Netizens became fans and followers of Winston not only because of his cute photos but also with his distinct stank eye, which he gives to his owner whenever she gets home. 

Miss Asia

You may have heard the name somewhere, but if you are a follower on her Instagram account, @missasiaxoxo, you will recognize this French Bulldog star. Miss Asia is owned by the singer-songwriter, Lady Gaga, and had been with her most of the time, like in shooting, modeling, and recording, for instance.

She likes fo to play outdoor with his other French Bulldog brothers, named Gustavo and Koji. Her followers have reached 227 thousand and still continues to grow. Not only that, she is famous, but she is also living a luxurious life. 

Hitch your wagon to a star

Indeed, dogs listed above captures every heart of their followers, and despite being popular, they never forget to raise awareness of different platforms they promote and give back to the community. Truly, dogs are naturally cute, but they also possess compassionate hearts we adore greatly. 

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