Top 10 Low Energy Dog Breeds

If you are looking for a pet dog that isn’t taxing to care for, and just looking for a dog that suits your personality, like lazy, just doesn’t do too much and just sleeps all day then this might be the best chance to look for one

Lazy dog breeds have been the norm as of late as they do not require much attention and thrives on their own life. Choosing the best dog breed plays a pivotal part for its owner and the dog itself, sometimes the dog you really want is not the dog you really need.

It is always a good idea to check first the different kinds of personalities a dog brings to the table, if you are a couch potato, chances are you will not be getting a highly active dog. It is always nice to find dog breeds that fit your lifestyle.  

Some dogs are considered “Lazy Dog Breeds” doesn’t mean they behave like they truly are, but because they were made in a different way. They often need lesser energy to function optimally. More so, overdoing them with lots of exercise and training may wear them out as these dogs aren’t just simply built for it.

Always keep in mind that whenever you bring home a new dog, there’s a little ‘work” in it. While some dogs require lesser works, this doesn’t mean that you can bring them home and forget about them easily.

Having a pet dog is like having their own child, you need to look after them, groom them, feed them, provide everything they need. While it is leaps and bounds when compared to having a child, nevertheless, having a pet dog in countless ways is like having a child.

Whenever picking the best dog, always use wisdom and intuition on choosing whatever dog you bring in to your home as it will play an important for you and their lives in the future.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right breed. Luckily, for you, we have piled up some of the best lazy dog breeds for you!        

1. Great Dane

Don’t get me wrong, while they are known for being the tallest dog breeds out there; they aren’t just active enough to be called active. Great Dane’s love to cuddle, sleep on the couch, or just lay to bed until they sleep. While they need a substantial space to cover, their exercise needs are relatively low. However, this doesn’t mean that they couldn’t hold their own whenever you want to walk/jog, they shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping up. Overall, these gentle giants are fun to be around.

2. Greyhound

Although they are known for their speed, Greyhounds have a laid-back personality and just wants to lay down all day long. They aren’t vicious creatures either; they love cuddles as much as you do. They prefer long walks and don’t prefer high-intensity running or exercise. More so, these dog breeds fall under the docile dog breeds class.

3. English Bulldog

Notably known for being a mellowest kind of dog breed, the English bulldogs are typically the epitome of Lazy Dog breeds. They truly hate long walks and runs as they get tired pretty quickly. However, they make up for it for being cuddly and offers to be a great companion either outside or inside of your home. They love playing with other dogs and are usually wary of strange dogs that lurk outside of your home. Lastly, bulldogs are quite famous for being a good pet at home.

4. Bassett Hound

Long-bodied, floppy ears aren’t the only part of these dogs that loves to flop. Bassett hounds are cute and are known for their endearing personality that entices future owners to have them. They fall in the class of docile dog breeds as they require minimal exercise and proper grooming. Bassett hound is a great choice for picking as they have an easy-going attitude that suits every owner.

5. Pug

Who doesn’t love the cute and adorable creature? Pug has been a popular Lazy dog breed for years. They don’t require much exercise and just loves to play around the house. They are some of the most playful pooches you will come across and possess quite a bit of stubbornness in them. However, these gentle creatures are fun to be with, and most of their needs are associated with indoor activities. Nonetheless, if I were you, picking a Pug for a lazy dog breed is a no-brainer.

6. English Toy Spaniel

Although they pretty much have small structures, they make for a pretty good lapdog. They have a playful personality that most owners love about them. Most of the exercises they need are provided inside the house, they prefer short runs and just basically roams the house all day long. Known for their calm, loyal, and lovable attitude, these dogs are quite a bit aloof when introduced to other dog breeds. It takes them time to be with newer dogs. However, this breed is popular for having low energy but are hard to come by.

7. Saint Bernard

Aside from their size, Saint Bernard is known to be gentle giants too. But they are notoriously famous for their laid-back attitude that just loves to nap and lay down all day. However, they prefer long walks and are fun to be around during these times. Although known for their sizes, they aren’t known for being vicious and are generally friendly.

As a result of their calm and playful attitudes, they are fun to have whenever you have babies and toddlers, as they are pretty much gentle when being associated. Thanks for being so stubborn, this dog breed is relatively slow and doesn’t quite have the abundance of energy in them. They often show aggression but does whenever a family member they feel is threatened. Overall, a great dog to be around with kids and other family members.

8. Chow Chow

One of the most popular dog breeds out there, Chow-chow, might surprise you a bit on this list as they are particularly active. But little do they know, Chow-chow too are pretty stubborn and doesn’t love long walks, they prefer playing inside the house and just cuddling. What balances this kind of trait is that they do not require tons of exercise; roaming around the house is their form of exercise.

However, the chow-chow breed does require a hefty amount of grooming and adequate training. They, too, have the tendency to be aggressive at times but can be addressed in the early months of their existence. Nonetheless, this playful dogs are a joy to be around.

9. Bernese Mountain Dog

At first glance, you would instantly how large these dogs are. Nevertheless, they are some of the most intelligent dogs to have and are so affectionate to their owner and family members. These dogs love to be with a family that makes them feel as if they aren’t dogs and usually joins in the fun whenever possible. For them to be socially acclimated to their environment, they must be introduced to everyone at an early age.

Bernese Mountain Dog tends to be protective of their owners, but despite what one may expect due to their size, these dogs don’t quite possess the aggressiveness they would expect from a larger dog. In a nutshell, these dogs are a bit good when maintaining a low profile and laid-back attitude; they too don’t need to exert a great number of efforts when doing things. Overall, they enjoy indoors as much as outdoors altogether. Truly a great breed to have when you need a companion that easily favors your orders.

10. Newfoundland 

Chosen as one of the best companion dogs, Newfoundland dogs are known for their sweet character and for just plainly looking like a big huggable dog that also loves to cuddle. This dog breed showcases their true qualities when being in a large group or family; they love kids, babies, and other family members. They are well-behaved and possess quite the maturity in just a tender age.

Like most animals or dog breeds that thrive in bunches or groups, this kind of dog breed shouldn’t be left alone for long. They really thrive when there are a lot of members, and they shouldn’t be taken outdoors or leashed outside as they are prone to having a stressful episode. They truly are the epitome of companion dogs. As gentle as they can, their sheer-size is accompanied by the destruction that shouldn’t be holding them accountable.

Their true form of exercise is through swimming, as this kind of dog breed is typically known to be great swimmers. Nonetheless, this dog breed should fit any types of the owner; they are care-free and is quite stubborn at time. But they more than make up for it by being friendly and caring.

Choosing the right breed for you isn’t that quite difficult. These bunch of dog breeds will surely light up your day as they are some of the most cuddly ones and makes a good choice for a companion dog. Nonetheless, with this list, we hope we’ve helped you find the best low-energy dog breed for you!

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