Signs That Your Dog is Bored

While we all love our pups, it is nearly impossible to stay with them 24/7. When we cannot pay attention to our pups, they often get bored, expressing their boredom in various different ways. From destroying furniture to barking, it can be rather annoying for you, and unhealthy for your favorite furry friend! It is important for you, as a pet owner, to notice these signs of boredom, and make your pup feel better. 

Often, high energy breeds such as terriers and herding dogs can develop these symptoms of boredom faster than low energy breeds, as they are bred to run and let out their energy naturally. However, all dogs can be prone to boredom!

Destroying Furniture

While the mass destruction of furniture is definitely a stereotype for many dogs, it can also indicate that they are extremely bored at home. Often, dogs have tons of pent up energy built up inside them, and they sometimes express that energy through destructive behavior, such as chewing up pillows or chairs. Thankfully, these issues can be solved simply by giving your pup more exercise! Walks to the park and playing fetch are easy ways to express your pup’s more active side, and avoid any destructive behavior in the future. If you have a yard, let them play around until they tucker themselves out!

Whining And Pawing For Attention

It’s pretty common behavior for your furry friend to seek attention from their owners! It can come out both negatively, or in this case, positively. These often include pawing or whining at you, or even jumping! However, in the case of extreme boredom, these behaviors are taken to more extreme levels. Pawing will turn to rough punches, and whining will grow louder and more frequent, to even barking. To take care of this behavior, your pup needs more mental stimulation. Luckily, there are varieties of “puzzle toys” for your pup that will keep them occupied and entertained at the same time! Also consider toys that you can stuff with treats, as this will help with their critical thinking. Dogs are much like kids!

Sleeping Too Much

It’s no secret dogs like to sleep. A lot. But like humans, dogs often turn to naps in the case of excessive boredom. While dogs should spend on average about 50 percent of the day asleep, long naps are a sign that your pup feels as if they have nothing better to do. To remedy this, simply give your pup more attention. Even small gestures such as pets and running around with them go a long way, and help keep them healthy and active!

Escape Attempts

Sometimes, your pup will gain a habit of trying to escape anywhere you put them. Out the front door, out from their collar, or even through that small crack in the backyard that you swore they couldn’t escape from. If your pup is showing this kind of behavior, it is their unique way of telling you as their owner that you need to enrich their lives more, and give them more fun things to do. To resolve these problems, you just need to take your pup into the outside world to “remove” the curiosity from them. Once they grow accustomed to the outside world, they will no longer constantly try and escape. Try bringing them to parks or other dog-friendly places!

Constantly Barking

Barking is a fully natural behavior for your pup. They are very territorial to their own homes, and therefore barking at people and other pups walking past. However, if they seem to be barking to get attention, or just are whining aimlessly, they may just be letting out their boredom through frustration. Letting these problems go unresolved for too long can result in serious mental health issues! Your dog, just like humans, can develop anxiety and depression. Once again, a healthy bout of exercise should be able to help your pup release any negative energy they may have!

OCD-esque Behaviors

While it is normal for pups to chew or chase parts of their body, especially their tail, an obsessive desire to chew or chase can be a sign of boredom. This can actually lead to your pup hurting themselves, and gain infections! This is a sign of a predictable routine for your pup, and an easy way to solve it is to surprise them with a new activity or toy. Little acts like that go a long way in helping your pup’s boredom. Be sure to nip this one in the bud as soon as you can so your pup doesn’t end up hurting themselves!

In the end, taking note of these problems and finding the solution to them is never hard! Your pup should never be bored, and these simple tips and tricks can help your pup live a long and happy life. Always be sure that your pup has plenty of exercise and toys!

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