Shine Bright Like a Diamond: How to Make Your Puppy’s Coat so Healthy it Shines

Everyone wants their pup to look the best, and what better way to show your pup you love them by making them look gorgeous? Help your pup show off their best feature: Their luxurious fur! While there are many ways to make your furry friend’s coat shine, here are some of the best tips available.

1. Diets, Supplements, and Food

One of the easiest ways to help your pup’s coat shine is by giving them food. This can vary from diet changes to supplements!

Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are essential in helping your pup’s fur shine. You can naturally add foods that contain these fatty acids, such as salmon or tuna. You can add a tablespoon or two to your pup’s meal to help, or even switch to a different brand of food that has salmon as the main ingredient.

 However, if you don’t want to change your pup’s diet too much, you should consider simply stirring in a tablespoon of fish oil or flaxseed oil into your pup’s meal. Be careful though! Too much oil may upset your pup’s tummy, leading to different problems.

Protein is also an important factor in your pup’s coat. A dog’s fur consists of around 90% protein, so it’s important to supply your pup with it! When buying food for your pup, always look for something that has meat or a different protein as it’s first ingredient. That way, you’ll know that your pup is getting the food they need!

Another easy way to add fatty acids to your pup’s diet is through treats! One of the more popular items to give your dog as a treat is Zesty Paws Omega Skin & Coat Soft Chews. Chewy advertises these treats as a bacon-flavored soft chew that can be given to your pup daily. 1-3 treats can be given depending on their weight. They also boast that this treat is able to help with the heart and immune system!

2. Grooming Techniques

Another way to help your furry friend’s coat look it’s best is by changing how you deal with your pup’s fur. You may want to reconsider what equipment you use, how much you bath your pup, and how much time you put into grooming your pup’s fur.

Many people recommend bathing your pup only once per month, but it may not be necessarily true for your pup. In reality, some dogs need to bathe more often, some less often! Dogs with oily fur may need more frequent baths, while dogs that are furrier may actually need less baths and more brushing! Generally speaking, you don’t want to bath your pup too much, as it may strip them of their natural oils that keep their fur clean. Always check to see what your pup needs.

When buying a brush, consider buying the right kind of brush for your pup’s fur. Different brushes can do different things, and with the right brush, you may actually even improve your pup’s skin! In order to keep you pup’s fur beautiful, first observe what kind of coat they have.

For example, if you pup has a coarse coat with a soft undercoat, consider using slicker brushes and combs to handle matts, then an undercoat rake to remove dead hair! 

However, if your pup has a naturally smooth coat, you may only need a rubber brush or one of those glove brushes. Since these types of coats rarely get tangled, they only need to be brushed to look neat!

And lastly, if your pup is a breed that sheds twice a year, you’ll need to spend more time grooming them. Use a slicker brush first, and be sure to get all the loose fur and matts out. Then, comb through their fur to make sure it looks clean!

Check online to see what recommendations people have for your breed, and follow their grooming recommendations! Brushing your pup’s fur should be relaxing for both of you and never a hassle.

3. Other Products

Always check the shampoo you’re using for your pup! You may actually be using a product that’s not meant for your pup’s fur. While it might not hurt them, it may not leave your pup’s skin and coat in the best condition. Always go for something that is hypoallergenic to avoid any allergies your pup may hav!

If your pup is prone to having dry skin, be sure to use a shampoo that moisturizes their skin. If your pup needs to keep their natural oils, consider using a natural shampoo that stops from washing away oils. In other words, make sure your shampoo caters to what your pup needs the most!

Handling your pup’s fur should always be easy. It only takes a little bit of research to understand exactly what your pup needs to shine! In the long run, a simple routine may be all you need to handle your furry friend’s fur.

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