How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car: What Tools To Use?

Taking your furry friend out for a ride is exciting. Dogs enjoy such rides and flap their ears against the breeze. After all, dogs are man’s best friend.

But even with the excitement comes the big challenge of dog hair. Dogs leave their hair in the car. You’ll notice hair everywhere on the seats and floor. Removing hair is always a big challenge.

Wondering how to get dog hair out of the car? You can get rid of dog hair in the car by vacuuming, brushing, covering seats, and much more. While dog hair is troublesome to remove, you can still get rid of it using the right tools and cleaning methods.

Join me as I discuss how to remove dog hair from the car.

Ways to Remove Dog Hair From Car

Dog hair car removal can be easier when you know the different ways to do it. Below are common ways to get all dog hair out of your car.

Seat Covers

Seat covers provide homeowners with a sure way of removing dog hair from their cars. The covers work by preventing dog hair from getting into your car seat in the first place.

When grooming a Yorkie, ensure you place seat covers on the car seats when traveling with your dog. The covers are removable and easy to clean. If you don’t have seat covers, consider using an old towel.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are efficient at bruising off dog hair from your car seat. Put on the gloves and sweep your hands against the car seat. The gloved fingertips should easily pick up the hair.

hands wearing blue rubber  gloves

Singly swiping your hands catches hair and aids the gloves. The remaining hair produces clumps that are quite easy to remove.

If you still have trouble getting the hair off, consider wetting the gloves before repeating the process.


When I first heard of the balloon idea, I thought it was a joke. You’ll be surprised at how fast balloons collect dog hair from your car.

Balloons work using static energy. Rub the balloons against the car seat. Any loose hair on the car upholstery should stick to the ballon. Wiping the pet hair off the balloon is a lot easier.

The method works best for loose dog hair. However, for embedded hair strands, you need a different method.

Lint Rollers 

A lint roller should pick the most stubborn hair strands on the car seat. Rub the lint rollers on the car seat to help remove all stubborn hairs.

Velcro hair curlers can also work for loose hairs. Pet hairs in the car stick to the rollers.

Fabric Softener

A fabric softener can also help remove dog hair from your car seat. They work by loosening pet hair which then becomes easier to remove.

Mix 2-3 tablespoons of softener with water and spray on the car seats. You can then wipe the seats with a paper towel, balloon, or rubber gloves. Any other loose strands can easily be removed by vacuuming.

Duct Tape

Duct tapes can also remove pet hair efficiently. Apply the duct tape on your hand with the sticky part facing outward. Press the tape against the seats to pick up all loose hairs.

Once you lift your hand, you’ll be surprised at the number of hairs on the tape. Replace the duct tape once it loses adhesiveness and repeats the process.


Vacuuming the interior of your car is another efficient way to remove dog hair. But for efficient results, make sure you use a vacuum with a special nozzle design. The nozzle should feature hair bristles that are efficient at collecting pet hair.

person using a red vacuum


The squeegee rubber blades work in a similar manner as gloves. They help collect any loose hairs on the seats by pulling the hairs into one pile.

Wire Brush

A wire brush also works efficiently at removing the most stubborn pet hair. Consider using a wire brush as the final process of removing pet hair from your car.

The wires work efficiently at removing any final pieces of hair that stick deep into the seats. Run the wire brush along the seat upholstery until all hairs have been removed.

Grooming Glove

Grooming gloves can also help reduce the amount of pet hair on your car seats. Use gloves to groom your dog before taking it inside your car. 

When you groom your dog often, the chances of hair falling off afterward are minimal.

Any loose hair on the skin is removed during the grooming process.

Pumice Stone

You can also use a specially designed pumice stone that is designed to remove pet hair from seats. There are several of these stones online, so make sure you check them out.

The stones feature unique abrasive nature that lifts hair with ease. Pumice stones work best when you spray some fabric softener before wiping with the stone.

Once the hair is on the stone, you can rinse it off and then repeat the process.

Velcro Hair Curlers

Velcro hair curlers can also be rolled around the seat upholstery. They work more like adhesive tapes picking all hairs on the seat. What’s more, velcro hair curlers won’t lose their adhesiveness and can be used for long periods.

Make sure you have a few in the trunk when traveling with your dog in a dog crate for a truck bed.

Pay a Professional

If you don’t have the time, then consider paying a professional. Professional cleaners can get all pet hair inside your car in minutes. They’re equipped with the right tools and can help remove all pet hair.

professional cleaner holding a vacuum

Professional cleaners are efficient and can deliver the best results. You’ll also not deal with any cleaning detergents or break any sweat.

Tips To Prevent Dog Hair In The Car

Still looking for more ways to get dog hair out of car seats? For most people, the best way is to prevent pet hair from getting into your car seat first.

But every dog owner will tell you it’s inevitable for dog hairs to land on the car seat. 

Join me below as I share more tips to prevent dog hair from getting into the car seat in the first place.

Brush Your Dog Before Getting Into the Car

First, brush your dog’s hair before getting into the car. This is a pretty simple tip that looks obvious. But how many times do you need to brush your dog’s fur before putting them into the car? After a couple of days is okay to brush your dog’s fur.

Brushing your dog’s fur is a great way to get rid of loose hair. Doing so helps minimize the amount of hair the dog will leave on your seats.

Also, remember the rules of leaving your dog in the car when out. You want to make sure your dog leaves with you and that any loose hair is brushed before getting inside.

Keep your dog contained in a crate or carrier to keep hair off the car’s surfaces.

Things To Consider When Cleaning Pet Hair From a Car

Getting dog hair out of car carpets and seats can be a challenge, but one you can do with our tips above. But even before you get started cleaning pet hair from a car, there are a few things to consider.

Below are important things to consider when cleaning pet hair from a car.

Remove the Pet Before Attempting To Remove Pet Hair

Well, this seems pretty obvious, but not everyone remembers it. You need to remove your pet from the car before starting any cleaning process. If you can’t do that, then you’ll be doing a messy job.

black and white dog sitting at the back seat of a car

You also want to make sure your pet is safe from harmful cleaning chemicals. Ensure you’re done with the trip and your dog is out before starting the cleaning process.

Remove Pet Hair in a Single Direction

You want to maintain a single direction when cleaning or rubbing hair with a brush or gloves. Cleaning the hair in a single direction ensures maximum hair removal. Removing all loose hairs gathering in a single pile is a lot easier.

Do Not Use Too Many Fabric Softeners

You can use fabric softeners to loosen some of the stubborn loose hairs. However, you don’t want to overdo it. Mix 2-3 tablespoons with water and spray on the car seat and then brush off the hair.

Gently Clean Delicate Parts

The delicate parts of your car seat upholstery must be cleaned gently. You want to make sure you get all dog hair without damaging your car seat. The last thing you want is to make scratches to your precious car upholstery because of pet hairs.

When using wire brushes, make sure you rub the brush gently in one direction. You need to avoid the most delicate parts of the car seat.

Properly Dispose of Pet Hairs

Lastly, make sure you properly dispose of any pet hair collected. Did you know pet hair is compostable? Pet hair is full of nitrogen, hence good for composting. The only problem is that it takes a pretty long period to break down.

You can dispose of dog hair in your garden to help fend off unwanted guests. The smell of pet hair can help keep away unwanted pests.

Make sure you check the local recycling programs. Overall, there are so many ways to dispose of pet hair.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Remove Pet Hair From a Car?

If you’re in a hurry and want a fast and effective way to remove pet hair from the car, then a squeegee is the best way to do it. A squeegee is pretty fast and very affordable. You just need to rub it against the car seat upholstery, and it will remove the hairs it comes across.

man brushing a corgi's coat

A squeegee features a rubber blade that collects hair as it moves across the seat. You can use it to remove all hairs on the car seats and carpets. It moves the hairs into a single pile, making removing them a lot easier.

You can then vacuum any stubborn hairs on the floor and seats. If there are stubborn hairs, consider loosening them with a fabric softener. You can also use a wire brush to remove long strands embedded in the seats.

Another sure and effective way to remove pet hair from a car is by paying a professional to do it. Professional cleaners are well equipped and can get all hairs from your car seats.


Removing dog hair from your car should be easy and straightforward. You need to know the right tools and cleaning materials to use. After all, you’re not going to leave your dog behind because of the hairs. 

Dogs are our best friends, and we take them everywhere we go. It’s recommended that you first take measures to prevent the hair from getting on the seats.

Start by using seat covers whenever traveling with your dog. An old blanket can also help. The hair lands on the covers as opposed to landing in the seats. It’s a lot easier to clean the covers as opposed to removing the hairs from the car.

If you have to remove the hair, then consider loosening it first. You can use a squeegee, lint rollers, balloons, pumice stone, and a wire brush. This help collects any loose hairs. Vacuuming also helps remove the hair. 

In case you don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning the hair, then consider paying a professional to do it and get a dog travel bed to keep hair off chairs.

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