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The Heroes We all Need: 11 Animal Rescuers You Should Know 

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations, especially local ones operated by people who you might know in your community. 

They deserve recognition, which is why we have compiled a list of notable people across the nation and their homegrown rescue operations. We’re seeking to honor them and put them in the spotlight, however brief, to hopefully get them some attention and help them in their missions.

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A few years ago, I decided to become FaceBook friends with Hachi Horn, a most singular Shitzu. I thought it was a great idea to smile and laugh at Hachi’s daily antics. Little did I know then that the Horn family fosters dogs: sick, abused, lonely, abandoned, emaciated and frightened ones. As I became a faithful follower, I watched the Horn fosters blossom into happy, healthy, grateful dogs through the patient care and love of Ryan and Lovelia and their dogs: Twinkie, Midgy, Hachi and Coco. Yes, I still smile and laugh at all the dogs’ endearing antics; but, I often cry with happiness as each unwanted, innocent dog goes on to have wonderful, loving lives with their adoptive families. Thank you Elanna Bradley of Puppy Rescue 911 for rescuing so many poor souls and to the Horn family for giving these dogs an amazing foster home. With Loving Gratitude, Evi Hill

Evi Hill
Client Image

I have know Ryan most of his life. The first time I met Lovelia, I knew she was a special lady! When I joined them on facebook, I met Hachi Horn. Well, needless to say I fell in love with him immediately. This family started fostering these abused, neglected and starved doggies before I joined the Horns on facebook. I could tell immediately they were the perfect family to take on this important role. They give so much love to these poor dogs. As you watch their post on facebook, you can actually see these dogs transform into the most loving, adorable and precious dogs. The Horns not only show these foster dogs so much love and care, they also teach them to climb stairs, leash training, pad training and house breaking. Hachi takes these foster pups under his paw and also teaches these kids the ropes. By this I mean neighborhood watch, bitey face game, run and play games and how to play with toys. Hachi plays a lead role in preparing these kids for adoption. Of course, Twinkie loves to mother these kids and Coco loves watching all their antics. Through all the efforts of Ryan, Lovelia, Hachi, Twinkie and Coco these foster dogs bloom into the most loving dogs anyone would love to have. The Horns and Elanna Bradley, Puppy Rescue 911 have saved some of these dogs from being euthanized or from long stays in shelters and found them loving forever homes. I myself adopted one of these puppies the Horns fostered our rescue puppy, PJ (Panama Jack), the best little boy in town!

Virginia Howerton
Client Image

Last May 2018, I adopted my terrier mix Maddie from Puppy Rescue 911. One of the first things I was told about their website so I joined and that is where I meet Hachi the Shih Tzu and the rest of the Neighborhood Watch! And the love affair started . Not only do the Horns (Hachi’s parents) foster puppies and some older dogs for this great rescue, but the pups learn their manners, potty training, walking on a leash and naturally become honorary members of the Neighborhood Watch. They put in the effort needed to get these sweet dogs forever homes and in the process, we get to keep up on their journey. Not every can foster and that is where Hatchi, Twinkie and Coco (although begrudgingly) get to step in and show the newbies how it is done. Ryan and Lovelia Horn along with their own crew set these pups up for a good and happy life. Thank you to the Horn Doggie Hotel and the Neighborhood Watch for all of their loving work!

Yvonne Pearce
Client Image

I met Lovelia Horn through my interest in animal rescue. I’ve followed the Puppy 911 Facebook page. I read the story of how Elanna Bradley started the rescue, and I was so impressed with her huge heart and love for animals. I started putting comments on the cats and dogs that were available for adoption, or had recently been adopted. Lovelia began commenting back to my posts, and we started chatting back-and-forth. I found out that she and her husband, Ryan, were regular fosters for puppy 911. I became huge fans of theirs and we became friends on Facebook, as well. Lovelia and Ryan treat every foster with so much love and kindness. It is a joy to follow them and see the wonderful work they do for these precious, deserving animals. Lovelia’s sense of humor is hilarious and she she should definitely be a best-selling author. They have had some really rough cases and have provided every foster all things possible to give them a loving start to their new journeys. They are also such loving parents to their own three dogs. I honestly don’t know how they do it all! They also keep up with their foster dogs after they leave their house. I know the new doggie parents are so grateful to them. They have made their stories so significant that Puppy 911 followers love to continue hearing about the dogs’ new homes long after they get adopted. There is no one I would rather have take care of my dog than the Horns! I consider them my full-fledged friends now and not just fosters I follow on Facebook! I feel very fortunate to be their friend. God bless Lovelia and Ryan Horn for making the world a better place!

Meg Smith
Client Image

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