Easiest Dog Breeds to Train

Training your dog needs a lot of patience and perseverance. Being able to train your dog to do different tasks is rewarding because it means that you have been an effective trainer. There are dog breeds that are highly trainable, but you still need to do the right process for their intelligence to be enhanced. Know the level of intelligence your dog has so that you would also know the learning approach that you will use to teach them. These are the list of dogs that can be trained easily. 

Border Collie

This dog breed is known for its capabilities to be independent to learn new things; that is why they are known to be workaholics. Their eagerness to listen to commands makes them a great dog to train. They are not a lazy type of dog, that is why you need to make sure that they are always busy. The only problem that you will have with this dog breed is that they are too active to keep still, so you need to have an effective style to get their attention. They are an athletic type; that is why you can give them vigorous activities to stimulate their mental abilities.

Golden Retriever

This dog breed is one of the most loyal companion dogs that will do anything to please their owners; that is why you can easily ask them to follow a command. Although they are active, friendly, and versatile, they are prone to be distracted, but with the use of a good reward system, they can easily put their attention to what you are saying. The good thing about training a Golden Retriever is that you will not see any exhaustion on their part even though you are training them for hours because they truly enjoy learning.

Labrador Retriever

This type of dog has been bred naturally to run and hunt; that is why they have an innate personality to be active. As proof that they are highly trainable, they are often used in search and rescue operations together with law enforcement. The right level of their playfulness and intelligence makes them follow instructions with or without the use of treats; just make sure to let them practice often so they’ll get used to their new knowledge. They are not good at punishments, so be careful in training them so they won’t develop bad habits.


This companion dog breed is sensitive, playful, and loyal that makes them want to please their owners. With the use of proper techniques, they can be trained in a fast way. Because of their curiosity, they are often used to perform in the circus because their intelligence can let them learn new things at a time. They respond well to a rewarding system. Punishments can either be ignored, or it can be a cause of fear. Make sure to give them a treat after every accomplishment, so your dog is motivated and be more cooperative in responding to your commands. 

German Shepherd

This is another dog breed that is used as military and police dogs because they can be trained easily to do a task. They have a good memory where multiple learned tasks can be retained in their memory for a lifetime as long as you would ask them to do it often. They are good companions, especially if you are into outdoor activities because they’ll be happy to guard and accompany you. It is advisable to train German Shepherds while they are still young, so they are still tamed enough to follow your command. Some basic commands and responding to its name can be are usually the first things that this dog breed learns.

Doberman Pinscher

This dog breed is known for their excellent skills in learning and picking up skills that are taught even for just a short span of time. They can master the command that you taught them easily if you would let them practice on a regular basis. When they are properly trained, they can be an attack dog or a guard dog. Through training, their intelligence is enhanced. If they enjoy the exercises that you will teach them, you can expect that they will be more attentive and loyal. Focusing on the reward system will help you make their learning process faster because they are also taught how to focus when they are anticipating a reward.

Miniature Schnauzer

This dog breed requires early training through a positive based reward system for you to get their attention easily. Their agility and high energy are the contributing factors why they are highly trainable. However, because of their high energy, they tend to bark excessively; that is why this is the first thing that should be corrected when training them. They always crave human companionship, especially if they already formed a special bond with their owner or trainer; that is why you will not have difficulty in keeping them still during the training session.


This dog breed is always mistaken to be a stubborn and playful dog companion, but these traits are actually the reasons why they can be trained easily. Their playfulness allows them to enjoy different kinds of activities and exercise; that is why when you give them a command, there is a high tendency that they will follow you eventually, especially if you would teach them on a daily basis. If you have introduced the use of treats to them, you may need to use it as a reward system, but if you have trained them at an early age, they may learn to do the tasks you commanded with or without the use of threats or rewards. 

Final Thoughts

Training your dog with different tasks will either help your life easier, or they can be a source of joy in your household. Training a dog is quite tricky because they can learn bad behavior when the command is not executed properly, but through training, they can also learn different tasks from simplex to a bit complex commands.

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