27 Dog Room Under Stairs Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss

Are you looking for ways to create extra space in your home? Whether you have a large or small home, there’s often unused space that can be turned into a dog room.

From built-in kennels to creative storage solutions, these dog room ideas are sure to inspire you.

Not only will your furry friend have his own space, but you’ll love the added storage and functionality these designs provide.

Do you have a small space where your pooch sleeps?

Transform this dead space into a cozy nook with these 27 dog room under stairs ideas, and our step-by-step guide on how to build one!

27 Dog House Under Stairs Design Ideas

1) Maison de Reve Builders

This beautiful home has an under-the-stairs dog bed with iron staircase spindles and a plaque reading, “Bad to The Bone”. It is set on a polished concrete floor and decorated with a plush, comfy dog pillow.

Perfect for small dogs and large breeds alike!

2) Bannister Custom Homes

This rustic wood dog house is complemented by diagonal wood floors and is perfectly located under a staircase with iron treads, wood treads, beige herringbone runners, and iron spindles.

The dog house is placed beside a white closet door. It faces a wall with white cabinets that have a desk space – perfect for looking after your pet while working from home.

3) San Francisco Showhouse

This is stunning. It features an under-the-stairs nook with a mural. It’s lined with a built-in dog bed with bench cushions and bolster pillows. The pull-out storage allows for easy access to your doggie’s treats and belongings.

4) Studio M Interiors

This dog-friendly mudroom features dog-themed velvet wallpaper, which frames a window above coat hooks. The coat hooks are mounted on top of a floating wooden bench that is mounted to slate floor tiles.

A dog bed is located beneath the wooden drawers, which are adorned with oil-rubbed bronze hardware. If you are looking for a dog bed, especially for boxers, then this is for you – best dog beds for boxers.

5) Brooke Wagner Design

The sleek pet-friendly kitchen has concrete floors and a built-in dog bed. It is hidden beneath drawers with antique brass hardware and a dark countertop. Cabinets are mounted on white subway tiles and supported by oil-rubbed bronze or wood shelves.

Ideal for your small and toy breeds, it features a comfy cushion for relaxation.

6) Jane Beiles

This bedroom is designed for dog lovers and features a dog bed set beneath built-in mirror cabinets. It is framed by gray walls that are lit by natural light from a window with gray and white curtains. It also has a beautiful rug.

Its simplistic design allows your canine friend to feel right at home, while still allowing the space to remain minimalistic and sleek.

7) Kate Maloney Interior Design

This is an under-the-stairs cubby space that has been used to create a “den” for your dog. It features a custom dog bed, placed under a metal and wood industrial staircase.

This design harnesses the functionality of built-ins with the use of an under-the-stairs nook to create a great space for your pup.

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8) Bria Hammel Interiors

This cottage mudroom with built-in dog cage ticks all the boxes! It features a metal door, underboard and batten shelves, and a built-in cabinet. Bronze hooks are mounted on the blue batten trim and provide extra storage for essentials.

The perfect cottage design is completed by cream and blue wallpaper.

9) Austin Bean Design Studio

This modern laundry room features black cabinets with gold hardware, paired with stainless-steel countertops and backsplash. The laundry room sink and gooseneck faucet are located under the windows, next to a dog crate with black lattice doors.

This dog bed works wonders, while still providing the functional component of a laundry room.

10) Casa Verde Design

This large cottage-style mudroom features a built-in dog bed, which is hidden beneath taupe shelves and taupe cabinets. There is also ample storage space both left and right.

The taupe cabinets are complimented by an easy-to-clean cream concrete flooring, which is ideal for your messy pup.

11) LC Interiors

This dog room under the stairs has been cleverly designed with a wooden sliding door and rails. It features a built-in dog bed, framed by wooden slats.

Its rustic feel is complemented by gray walls with wood flooring and natural light from the hallway

12) Creative Tonic

Who said your dog couldn’t enjoy the finer things in life? The orange and mint green workspace features bamboo desk chairs with orange cushions.

It is located beneath steel-framed windows that are covered in floral roman shades. The desk is mounted over a built-in dog bed and against mint-green lacquer cabinets. The dog room is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs.

13) Amy Berry Design

This design comes with a black beadboard backsplash with brass hooks, mounted under black overhead shelves. In keeping with the ‘black’ theme, a built-in bench with a striped cushion tops the bench.

A built-in dog cage is located beside the bench and wicker baskets are placed beneath it. The room’s design is completed by wood flooring and framed print wall art that includes dog quotes.

14) Home Office

This dog room under the stairs is ideal for any breed and features colorful art mounted on the wall. With no door, it provides easy access to your pup. The walls are painted in white, which allows your canine friend to feel right at home.

With an office desk and chair adjacent, work from home in a space that your dog can call their own!

young man holding jack russell  terrier

15) In the Kids Playroom

What better way to keep your kids and pets happy – in a space that works for all of them! This playroom is designed with built-in cabinets and cubbies along with a custom dog bed.

The walls are painted in a fun doggie wallpaper, which is the perfect backdrop for both kids and dogs to play.

16) Under The Stairs Station

Incorporated into a small space, this small dog room includes a built-in bed and underneath drawer storage space. Painted in mint green, the design exudes homey vibes with its white interior.

The room works well for smaller dogs or pets that may not be as active!

17) Inside Farmhouse

The perfect way to make your pup feel at home, this farmhouse-style under the stairs dog room includes a custom dog bed. Its simple design is completed by a natural hardwood floor.

18) Built-in Dog Room

While it may look like a complicated nook, this under the stairs pet room exhibits simplicity. A hole under the stairs, and throw in some bright cushions and a dog bed – you have a ready-made dog room!

19) Spiral Stairs Room

Use that space under the spiral stairs in your home to create an artistic and functional dog room! The combination provides ample space for you and your pup while showcasing some artistic flair.

20) Use the Space Understairs

Perfect for any home, this is all about maximizing the space under your stairs. With a built-in comfy dog bed and a wooden gate, your pup can enjoy the space while you potter about.

21) In a Nook

If your home is small, then this under the stairs dog room idea is ideal for you! It features a built-in bed design and sofa cushions which provide comfort to your pooch.

The clever use of paint and color on the existing door and wooden frame makes this easy to do for any novice!

22) Designed Underneath

Integrated into the open plan home, this under stairs dog room uses the existing area to its fullest capacity. Giving your pup even more space, it has a wooden gate that can be closed to keep your dog secure.

The wooden flooring ensures that it coordinates with the rest of your home, and you have a functional space to boot!

23) Room in a Room

This under the stairs dog room is simple and functional. Incorporating a built-in bed means keeping your pup cozy and happy! The room is painted in a single color for a clean and sleek look. 

With its open design, your pup is free to move as they please!

24) Creatively Converted

Who said you couldn’t transform your under the stairs space into something new! This unique and medieval room is designed using a glass front with steel bars. Built to suit any house, it ensures some quiet space for your dog.

25) Tiled Perfection

This doggie room includes a simple inspired design that includes tiles and a bed – perfect for those tiled hallways.

Porcelain tiles cover the flooring and white walls flank both sides of the structural nook. A steel gate matches the decor and complements the interior.

26) Understairs Dog Room with Rusty

Strip back all the fabulous accessories. This room is simple to make. The room features a wooden door with a glass panel and a rustic brown color palette. 

Suitable for any kind of breed, this is a great option for those who wish to make their pup feel at home!

27) From Kitchen to Dog Room

Cleverly using the steps as storage, this under the stairs room is an established favorite. The steps provide extra storage and a hideaway for towels, while the interior is designed as a functional doggie space!

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How Do You Build A Dog Room Under The Stairs?

Depending on your stairs, of course, building a dog room under the stairs does not have to be difficult. If it requires any structural changes, of course, call a professional.

small dog in his small room

Otherwise, this is how you can build one yourself.

What You’ll Need

  • Primer paint
  • Sealant paint
  • A drill machine
  • Wooden door with a glass panel
  • Nails, screws, bolts along with the stairs posts.
  • L-brackets as required.
  • Painter’s tape as required.

Step 1: Measure

The first step is to measure the dimensions of the area. This is required to know how large the dog room should be.

Step 2: Assemble

Assemble the wooden door with a glass panel and hinges. If your stairs are not so high, you can keep it at the top of the stairs instead of having it built-in under the nook.

Attach an L-bracket on each side of the door to the stairs posts.

Step 3: Measure And Attach

Measure all four sides of the door, then use that measurement to mark where your walls will be on the stairs. Use painter’s tape to mark this off so you know where your cut lines are.

Attach all your baseboards or framework to make it look like a real room. You can paint it or even tile at this point, you just need to ensure the walls are up and solid before moving on.

Step 4: Install The Wire Mesh

Install your wire mesh at this point, if you go with a wire mesh door, you will leave the hinged side of the frame open so that your dog can go in and out as they please without opening the door.

Step 5: Install The Doorknob

Install your doorknob through the front of your wire mesh door. If you are using a real door, make sure to install it before installing the wire mesh so you won’t have to drill new holes for access.

Step 6: Install The Other Trim

Attach all your other trim and moldings with nails, screws, or bolts to complete the look. This is an easy DIY project, especially if you already have a real door on its hinges. If not, it will probably take more time to install the hinges than anything else.

Step 7: Seal It Up

Once you are done installing everything, seal your room up with paint. Add a few cushions and bedding, and it’s ready to go.

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Is A Dog Room Under The Stairs A Good Idea?

Not only is it a good idea, but it’s an easy way to turn wasted space into something functional and fun.

smiling corgi on a pink dog bed

However, before you decide whether or not to build one, there are a few things to consider such as:

  • The total measurements of the wall space you want to work with
  • Where your stairs are in regards to that space (you will have less room if there is less room between the steps and where you want your dog’s room)
  • How much time, effort, skill, and money you are willing to invest. There are lots of different ways to make your dog a cozy place underneath the stairs, but some may need professional help.
  • If you are not handy, this is something to think about before you dive in. As with any do-it-yourself project, if it’s too difficult or complicated for you, don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  • Will your dog even use the space? They may already have their fav spot in the house so they may not need a new place to hang out.

People Also Ask

What Do You Put On The Floor Of A Dog House?

While there is no set rule on what you should put in your dog’s house, it is a good idea to pick up something that will allow your pet to stay warm and comfortable. You can go with something like a blanket or old towels. Something like an old rug or carpet scraps would be another good option.

What Is The Best Thing To Put In A Dog House For Warmth?

There are several different things you can use to give your pet warmth in their doghouse. A comfy and calming dog bed is best but you can also go with rugs or blankets if they prefer it.

How To Keep Dogs Safe In A Dog House?

Make sure there is proper ventilation to prevent suffocation. It will also prevent mold or mildew from forming. It is also a good idea to add some type of padding to the floor for comfort. Further, you should make sure it is large enough for your dog to move around with ease.


With a few basic tools and a bit of time, you can create your own space for your pet. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, this is the perfect project for the DIY novice who wants something fun and practical in their home.

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to these little rooms, either.

If you have a spare cabinet or closet, do the same with that! It’s the perfect way to get use of any space in your home and can even add value to it.

With so many design inspirations and ideas, what are you waiting for?

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

By the way, if you are looking for an indestructible dog bed for this DIY project of yours, check out our detailed buying guide.

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