10 Celebrities who love their French bulldog pups

Don’t you love it when you scroll through your IG feed and see your favorite actress posted another video of her rescue pup?

Celebrities are just like us, they want furry buddies as family members too, a cutie-patootie to pet and give belly rubs too.

Frenchies, or commonly known as French Bulldogs, are a very popular breed of dogs that possess very memorable facial features and more often than not, a very mouthy personality. They are considered as a must-have companion dog! So much, that people opt for this breed to pet. Even magazines can’t get enough of their cuteness and have been recognized by publishers to be put up on the covers. 

Celebrities’ fondness over Frenchies is not surprising since French bulldogs are small-sized (easy to transport) and present an even temperament. Hollywood celebrities and Frenchies go together very well, like mac and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. The qualities of this breed make it irresistible not to pet. 

About Frenchies

The birth of the French Bulldog came around in the 1800s, when England crossbred the Bulldog with a local french dog breed. Physically, French Bulldogs have compact ears that look like bat ears, which are the most distinctive feature of the Frenchie. This feature distinguishes them the most from the average bulldog. They have heads that are large in size and fairly square in shape and are characterized by enormous wrinkle rolls, with a small nose.  Their stout body type often has sturdy muscles, along with a coat that is smooth and stunning.


Personality-wise, French Bulldogs have a friendly temperament and are categorized as companion dogs. They are famously known for being playful, and they do not bark often. However, they are good watchdogs as they possess very alert behavior. 

They can easily adapt to different living environments and can mingle with other dogs very well. They do not usually require heavy exercise, and love to make friends with humans. It is not surprising that they have grown popular and are adored by many people as their best friend! 

Around the year 1898, the Frenchies were listed and recognized by the American Kennel Club, and since then, they have increasingly become popular. According to American Kennel Club, the French Bulldogs are listed fourth in the ranking as the most popular breed of dogs in the United States in the year 2017.


Naturally, Frenchies are a medium shedder despite having a short furry coat. In terms of grooming, this breed of dog may require more grooming attention and needs to have a weekly brushing routine. During the spring and fall seasons, they typically lose more of their coat, and thus, regular brushing should be needed at this point in time.

Their wrinkle folds may need to maintain attention as it can easily obtain debris. Use a damp cloth and dry it afterward. For highly sensitive French Bulldogs, a regular bath should be provided. 

Characteristics That Make French Bulldogs Adorable

Playful Personality

They are known to be “clown dogs” as they have a playful personality that attracts everyone who loves very cuddly and fun dogs. They love to play and constantly are up for tricks!

Friendly to All

French Bulldogs are naturally fun and very friendly to everyone. They are a great family dog, as they can easily get along with every member of the family. From the parents to the children, and even grandparents, this little affectionate Frenchie is just a ball of fun and friendliness. 

Friendly to Other Animals 

With proper training and social exposure to different kinds of dogs, the French Bulldogs are able to develop a natural and very friendly attitude. There should be little to no problem with introducing them to old or new pets.

Low Maintenance Required 

The Frenchies require low maintenance due to its natural coating and short fur. Although, you may need to provide lots of love and attention, as this breed often seeks it from their owners. Other than that, they are fairly simple animals that are ideal for a pet.

Companion Breed

Being categorized as a companion dog, it is no doubt that French Bulldogs are a type of breed that can easily adapt to the routine and lifestyle of its owners. They can adjust to the family’s home life and even adjust to your personal preferences. For instance, if dealing with kids, French Bulldogs can play around with them for the rest of the day without getting tired. If an adult owner who loves the serenity of indoor peace, the Frenchies can adjust and even transform into a couch potato is needed. 

Small Space Adjustment

French Bulldogs are compact in size. Even adult Frenchies can only grow up to twelve inches maximum and may weigh at a maximum of twenty-eight pounds only, depending on its sex. As compared to other breeds of dogs, they are relatively very small and could fit into different space sizes. You do not need to provide a large house, or apartment space for them to be comfortable. 

Very Lovable

Obviously, French Bulldogs are a very cute and affectionate group, making them easy to love and care for. They are not naturally the aggressive type of dog and do not even bark that often. Introducing them to all the members of your family and friends should not be trouble. . 

10 Famous People Who Love Frenchies

Leonardo DiCaprio

Earning the top spot on this list, is the American actor and a movie producer, Leonardo DiCaprio. This multi-awarded Hollywood actor who bagged Golden Globes and Academy Awards is not only a fan of making films, but also a fanatic of French Bulldogs. His Frenchie is named Django, and can be seen anywhere with him. 

Hillary Duff

A singer and actress, the American Hollywood celebrity, Hillary Duff, is a fanatic of French Bulldogs. After losing her French Bulldog named Beau, she could not take herself out of the line of Frenchies and even adopted her beloved Beau’s sister, named Peaches. Duff is even proud to announce the news on her social networking site to finally found another trouble maker in her house.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

A Hollywood actor and film producer, Dwayne Johnson, is popularly known as “The Rock” in the professional wrestling scene, has not yet found his match in the WWE. However, he found a furry cute buddy in the form of a small dog. Despite having a large muscular body, Johnson’s favorite breed is the French Bulldog. He has two of them named Brutus and Hobbs. Although recently Brutus has passed away, he still continues to live life with Hobbs and posting him and some of his remarkable milestones all over his social media accounts. 

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor and also a movie producer that won several awards, with his most notable role as a superhero and few romantic movie characters. Jackman is a big fan of Frenchies, with his own pet named Dali. He is regularly seen with his furry buddy walking around the roads of New York. The name Dali was derived from Salvador Dali, an actor personally fond of his adopted son, Oscar.


For over the years, “Queen of Pop”, Madonna, a very famous Hollywood singer, has finally found her perfect present on her 57th birthday. During her special day, someone gifted her a French Bulldog whom she immediately named Gypsy Rosa. She is now a proud owner of a Frenchie, showing it all over the world through her social media accounts. 

Reese Witherspoon

A movie producer and a famous American actress, Reese Witherspoon is now a member of the French Bulldog Club in the year 2016 as she introduced her French Bulldog to the family. Her pet is named Pepper, and as a Frenchie owner, she is very proud and affectionate towards her. Witherspoon constantly uploads pictures of Pepper on her social networking sites. Her dog is even considered the most cared and pampered dog, as she has been seen taking her to designer therapy and allowed to wear pearls.

Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen, an award-winning actress, talented fashion designer, and producer, has not limited herself from doing the things she likes. Rather, she extended her efforts and pursued being an author and smart businesswoman. Aside from her overwhelming career, she also shows her fondness over a French Bulldog. She has been seen around her cute buddy around the city of New York. 

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher, a very famous celebrity that is a popularly known actress in the Star Wars movie, is a fanatic of her French Bulldog named Gary. You cannot see her anywhere without her best friend. She always carries her French Bulldog anywhere she goes. She is excited to post him on her social media sites, and her week is incomplete without posting a picture of Gary!

Lady Gaga

IG page. Lady Gaga & Asia stranded at the airport

A multi-talented actress, singer, and songwriter named Lady Gaga went gaga over her French Bulldog and is considered a proud member of Hollywood Celebrity Frenchie Dog Owners. She got her first French Bulldog, named Asia. Being overly fond of her, she finally added Koji, the sister of Asia, as the newest member of the family. 

 John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Two of the most famous Hollywood celebrity couples are fans of Frenchies. They have two French Bulldogs named Pippa and Penny. They got Pippa first and grew fond of her, and flooded both of their separate social media accounts with her cute and bubbly pictures. After recently, they adopted another puppy, and named her Penny. She is a great addition to their growing family. 


French Bulldogs are adorable little furry buddies and an incredible extension to the family. They do not just give a delightful life, but they are loyal and friendly companions that we can’t live without. It’s our duty as responsible pet owners to provide the best life for our pack members no matter their stage in life. As they age, it’s a wise investment to buy them a doggy stroller for when they are no longer able to walk with the rest of the pack as fast as they used to. Here’s our best list.

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