10 Celebrities who love their French bulldog pups

Don’t you love it when you scroll through your IG feed and saw that your favorite actress posted another video of her rescue pup? Oh that smooshed face, that furry smile! Can’t help but gush that your idol is as much a dog lover as you are. 

Celebrities are just like us, only richer. They treat their dogs like family members too and can’t wait to get home to their beloved cutie patootie for pets and belly rubs.

Frenchies seem to be the dog breed of choice among celebrities. And no wonder! These pups cost a lot of money.

More commonly known as French Bulldogs, the Frenchie is a compact, medium-sized dog which sprang from the loins of an English Bulldog and local “ratter” dogs from France. Originally bred for sport (the horrible bull-baiting), their temperament is now more suited for human companionship.

Frenchies present very distinct facial features – a square-shaped head, smooshed face, large ears and more often than not, a very mouthy personality. They typically weigh between 20 to 28 pounds, and need lots of human interaction to curb their separation anxiety. Many a Frenchie have graced the cover of international magazines. 

It’s not surprising that many famous actors and performers have formed lasting bonds with their French bulldog pets, they’re the best fashion accessory for an up-and-coming thespian, don’t you think? French bulldogs are small-sized (easy to transport) and very sociable. The qualities of this breed make them irresistible, methinks. 

Origins of the French Bulldog Breed

The breed of dog we now identify as French Bulldog came around during the 1800s, when English breeders attempted to miniaturize the hefty Old English bulldog with a local French dog breed (ratters). Physically, French Bulldogs have compact ears that look like bat ears, which are the most distinctive feature of the Frenchie. Their faces are characterized by enormous wrinkle rolls, with a small button nose.  Their stout body type often has sturdy muscles, along with a short coat.

In 1898, the French bulldog was listed and recognized by the American Kennel Club, and since then, this breed has never looked back. Stats from the  American Kennel Club list them as the fourth most popular dog freed in the US. 

Temperament of the French Bulldog 

Personality-wise, French Bulldogs are very friendly, extremely playful, and often don’t bark as much as other breeds. They’re considered good watchdogs due to their high level of alertness. They can also be pretty vocal, or as their adoring owners would describe it, mouthy.  

Have you heard a French bulldog throw a full-on temper tantrum? Hello, Walter Geoffrey ring a bell? 

Frenchies can easily adapt to different living environments and socialize with other dogs very well. They don’t usually require heavy exercise (read: lazybutt puppers), and love to be around their humans. Not surprising then how meteoric their rise to fame have been. It’s like Frenchies have their own gravitational pull that attract denizens of Hollywood to their little circle. Each celebrity seem to have a Frenchie in each arm as they stroll around Melrose Avenue.  

Caring for a French Bulldog

Frenchies are natural medium shedders despite having a short furry coat. This breed of dog requires more grooming attention and owners need to follow a weekly brushing routine. During spring and fall, they typically lose more of their coat so as a responsible owner, you need to ramp up your brushing routine to bring out the shine in their flawless coats. 

Their wrinkle folds need regular cleaning as it can easily tuck in dirt and debris. Use a damp cloth and wipe gently. For highly sensitive French Bulldogs, a regular bath should be provided. 

Why are French Bulldogs so Adorable? 

Playful Personality

Hands down, they cane be aptly termed as “clown dogs” due to their playfulness. They love to cool down after a case of the zoomies using the “sploot” position that makes them look even more comical, like furry frogs.  

Friendly to All

French Bulldogs are fun loving and friendly to everyone. None of that yappy killer chihuahua vibes for this little Frenchie, thank you.

They’re a great family dog as they get along with every member of the family, kids, adults, older grandparents, other furnimals, what have you. This affectionate ball of laughs is fair game to anyone ~ to play with.  

Friendly to Other Animals 

With proper training and social exposure to different kinds of dogs, the French Bulldogs can develop a natural and very friendly attitude. There should be little with introducing them to old or new pets.

Low Maintenance Required 

Frenchies require low maintenance due to their short fur and low motivation to exercise You’ll need to provide lots of pets and belly rubs though as this lil’ rascals often seek lots of engagement from their owners. And who would refuse more kisses and belly rubs to such cute smooshy faces?

Companion Breed

The French Bulldog easily adapts to the routine and lifestyle of their owners. They can adjust (after a few weeks of decompressing) to the family’s home life and their owner’s personal habits with minimal difficulty. Frenchies can keep up with young kids’ energy levels and can play with them for most of the day without getting tired. Owners with Zen vibes who love serenity of indoors? Well, Frenchies could also play “house hippo” or couch potato if need be. 

Small Space Adjustment

A male French Bulldog shouldn’t weigh more than 28 pounds. Females may reach up to 24 pounds. Anything heavier than these numbers and you need to put baby in the corner for a diet of veggie kibble, no ice cream!
Due to their size, they could live in comfort in smaller homes or apartments as long as you take them out on regular hikes.

Very Lovable

French Bulldogs are an affectionate breed, making them easy to love and care for. They’re not aggressive and aren’t huge barkers. Introducing them to all the members of your family and and friends shouldn’t be a big ordeal.

10 Famous People Who Love Frenchies

Leonardo DiCaprio

We’ve put Leo on the top of this list to herald the blue-chip status of this special breed of dogs. The actor/producer who’s now heavily involved in environmental activism is not afraid to reveal that he’s a huge fan of the French Bulldog breed. His buddy Django lives the high life with dad Leo, flying on his private jet and eating all the rich food his adoring owner spoons in his food bowl.  

Hillary Duff

A singer and actress, the American Hollywood celebrity, Hillary Duff, is a fanatic of French Bulldogs. After losing her original French Bulldog named Beau, she consoled her broken heart by adopting her beloved Beau’s sister, Peaches the Frenchie princess. Duff adoringly announced Peaches’ adoption in 2016 with an IG post citing Peaches’ “chunky little butt.” 

Adorbs! Hillary is excited to be a human slave to another French furry trouble maker in her house.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

One of Hollywood’s most popular actors and now exploring film production, Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as “The Rock” in the professional wrestling scene, has earned billions of dollars from his movie sales. He’s a huge fan of the French bulldog breed and owns two of them – Brutus and Hobbs. The Rock even dove into his pool fully clothed when baby Brutus sank to the bottom of the pool. How did the pups end up in the pool? Well, they ran full sprint towards it while their dad was just figuring out how to make them potty in the grass.

Puppies are dumb, we know … But they’re equally adorable. Although Brutus has passed away in a heartbreaking poisoning incident in 2015, The Rock still continues to live life with Hobbs and brings the now grown-up fluffbutt everywhere, even to the gym. Proud dad that he is, The Rock posts about Hobbs’ remarkable milestones all over his social media accounts frequently. 

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor and award-winning movie producer, with his most notable role of late being the troubled mutant superhero Logan/Wolverine. Hugh Jackman has long joined the French Bulldog Admiration Society as evidenced by how he spoils his own pet, Dali. Unsurprisingly, Dali is a full-blooded Frenchie although he’s named after the iconic Spanish painter, Salvador Dali.

Hugh is regularly seen with his furry buddy walking around the neighborhood near their condo in West Village, New York. Hugh even scolds pesky photographers when they disturb Dali as he’s watering the bushes. Talk about being a protective dad. 


The Queen of Pop has an adorable black-and-white French Bulldog she calls Gypsy Rosa, who’s equally adored by her children (Madonna has six!). She considers Gypsy the perfect present for her 57th birthday, as the pup was presented to Madonna by her own children (they know Mom’s heart best). The Frenchie furkid has since been blasted all over Madonna’s social media accounts, and we couldn’t doubt how proud the singer-songwriter-mom is of her cute pet’s antics.  

Reese Witherspoon

Picture Elle Woods in Legally Blonde carrying Bruiser the chihuahua everywhere she goes. Wasn’t that clip adorable? 

Well, the award-winning actress, film producer, and businesswoman is also a dog lover in real life. Reese Witherspoon introduced her French bulldog Pepper to her family and fans in 2016. Her pet is named Pepper, and as a Frenchie owner, she is very proud and affectionate towards her. Witherspoon constantly uploads pictures of Pepper on her social networking sites. Her dog is even considered the most cared for and pampered dog, as she has been seen taking the furry one to designer therapy sessions. Sadly, Pepper was stricken with an aggressive form of cancer and broke her famous mom’s heart when she passed away in October 2020.  

Reese and her family adopted Minnie Pearl, also a French Bulldog a month after their beloved pet’s death, when they’ve wiped their tears away. What a wonderful way to honor Pepper’s memory. 

Martha Stewart

The original lifestyle influencer, Martha owns four Frenchies, although she’s better known as the owner of pedigreed Chow Chow Genghis Khan (2012 Westminster Dog Show champ for Best in Breed). That just shows how much of an animal lover this renowned TV personality is. Martha’s original Frenchies were girls – Francesca and Sharkey who made regular appearances in their mom’s TV show. Sharkey was named after Martha’s own (human) best friend. Sharkey has long crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, so Martha added two more waggy tails to her menagerie – Creme Brûlée and Bete Noire.

Martha mentioned in an article she wrote for Martha Stewart Living magazine that the reason she was attracted to the French bulldog breed is because they’re needy and clingy, always needing a cuddle. Quite the opposite of the dog breed she first fell in love with – the independent Chow Chows. 

Taraji P. Henson

Successful American actress Taraji P. Henson, named in 2016 as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, adopted adorable French bulldog puppy K-Ball in 2017, a few months after mourning the loss of her elderly dog Uncle Willie. Totally smitten by her new furbaby, Taraji made sure he was trained early to wear doggy clothes and jewelry. She brings her pet to film shoots and even signed him up for his own Instagram account to keep his fans updated about all his puppy shenanigans. Talk about being an all-around dog mom!

Lady Gaga

IG page. Lady Gaga & Asia stranded at the airport

Multi-talented actress, singer, and songwriter  Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta IRL) went gaga over her French Bulldog Asia and is considered a proud member of the Celebrity French Bulldog Owners’ Club. She brought Asia the Frenchie home in April 2014 and the little pup has since then been constantly glued to her side. Lady Gaga posts a constant stream of Asia-centric videos including a hilarious one where the little Frenchie was caught chewing up Gaga’s heels. A year after adopting Asia, Lady Gaga brought home her “brother” Koji who’s also from the same set of pedigreed parents.  

 Eva Longoria

Sexy actress Eva Longoria adopted Popeye in 2015, which made her a dog mom for the second time. Sadly, Eva bid goodbye to her original furbaby, a Maltese named Jinxy, who died of a stroke at 15 years old. But the rainbow after the storm came when she gave birth to her human baby Santiago, whose father is businessman Jose Baston. This made Popeye the Frenchie a big brother. 


French Bulldogs are adorable little furry buddies and an incredible addition to the family. They don’t just spice up your life, they’re loyal companions throughout their short lifespan. It’s our duty as responsible pet owners to provide the best life for our pack members no matter their stage in life. As they age, it’s a wise investment to get a doggy stroller for when they are no longer able to walk with the rest of the pack as fast as they used to. Here’s our best list.

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