Can Cats Eat Goldfish Crackers? Here’s The Best Answer

Goldfish crackers are full of flavor and cats find them irresistible! Its crunchy texture can be a great way for cats to satisfy their need to chew. Plus, the small size makes them easy to carry around and play with.

However, can cats eat goldfish crackers?  The simple answer is no as it contains some ingredients that can be harmful to cats, such as onions, garlic, and cheese.

Asking these questions would open discussions and will lead us to feed our cats correctly.

One time, I opened a can of vienna sausage and asked myself, “Can cats eat vienna sausage too?” and that led me to finding reliable sources that helped me save my cat from feeding it with the wrong food. 

When I decided to become a part of Puppy Rescue 911, questions like, “Can cats eat beans?” have been the usual struggle of most cat owners.

I know how traumatizing it is to put your pet’s life at risk by feeding it with food it should not have. So, I started this site to be your go-to place in everything animal related. 

Goldfish Crackers: What Are They?

Goldfish crackers are baked snacks that come in different flavors. It is food made for humans, and it is not meant to be consumed by animals in large portions at once.

Although allowing your cat to nibble on these treats once in a while may not put them in danger, it is best that you keep it at a minimum.

Goldfish crackers are known to be a better replacement for junk food. However, if you check into their nutritional value,  it seems they are not healthier compared to junk food either. For one, it does not have high fiber and protein count.

Admittedly, goldfish crackers can be very tempting to your cats as they have appetizing shapes, colors and scents. However, it does not have any nutritional value that is beneficial even to humans and most especially to cats.

So, here are some helpful points to give you a better idea whether to let your precious little cat have these tasty goodies or not.

What Are the Health Benefits of Goldfish Crackers to Cats?

Are goldfish crackers healthy? Goldfish crackers are considered healthier than most chips found in your pantry.

However, by taking a deeper look into its ingredients and nutritional value, it is still not as close to a whole fruit or vegetable. 

It is not high in fiber and protein which are both beneficial to your cat’s body. It contains a vast amount of salt and yeast that can affect your cat’s digestive system and can cause allergies. It also has a large amount of oil even if it is a baked product.

Based on these, there really is no health benefit which humans, let alone cats get from eating goldfish crackers. Just by checking its ingredients, you can always tell that you cannot rely on this cracker to act as a staple food for your kittens.  

What Are the Risks of Giving Goldfish Crackers to Cats?

There are a lot of dangers that you may unknowingly encounter by feeding your cats goldfish crackers. Are goldfish crackers safe to eat? You be the judge based on its properties below:

1. It Has a Vast Amount of Salt

Allowing your cat to consume too much salt is a big no, no. You should closely monitor the amount of salt that your cat is taking daily as it can adversely affect their digestive system. 

A regular bag of goldfish crackers has 250 grams of salt. Cats are only allowed to consume a few grams of salt per day. So, I guess you get the picture why you should not allow your cat to rummage the whole bag in one sitting. 

2. It Has Plenty of Oil

Yes, these crackers are baked goodies. However, it still uses an enormous amount of oil which converts into fat. These fats from cooking oil are not in any way beneficial to cats. 

3. It Consists a Lot of Added Herbs and Spices

The flavoring that is used to make goldfish crackers requires a lot of herbs and spices.. As we all know, cats are not supposed to have herbs and spices especially garlic and onions as they are known to be dangerous to cats

Goldfish Crackers in a bowl

4. It Has Yeast as One of the Ingredients

Yeast can trigger food allergies to cats. So, it is best that you monitor your cat whenever you let it try new food as it might be allergic to some ingredients.

Your cat may have a bad reaction to yeast. Some cats get dizzy, vomit or show unusual behavior that may lead to serious health conditions. 

5. It Is Dry and Can Be a Choking Hazard

Goldfish crackers are dry and can be a choking hazard especially for kittens. So, make sure that you keep an eye on your little cat as it munches on this snack.

What Should You Do If Your Cat Consumed Goldfish Crackers?

Cats have sensitive stomachs. Make sure that you keep track of the food it eats. In case your cat consumed goldfish crackers and you noticed a few unusual behaviors, have it checked by your vet as soon as possible.  Goldfish crackers are high in sodium and other active toxins to cats.

Alternative Human Food and Snacks that Cats Can Eat

If you are wondering what human food you can safely give your cat, we have compiled them in our list below. 

Tuna and Mackerel

Fish in general is good for your cat. We just highlighted tuna and mackerel as they are more oily compared to other types. The natural oil found in these fishes are good for your cat’s joints, eyes and brain. 

orange cat eating in a bowl


As a natural carnivore, all types of meat are good for your cat. However, refrain from feeding them processed meats such as cold cuts or ham as they can be rich in sodium. Too much sodium is harmful to cats. 


Allowing your cat a slice or two of cheese is not a bad thing. Cheese is rich in protein and calcium.


Although high in sugar content, bananas can be a great snack for your cats. You can use it as an occasional reward for them.


Allow your cats to enjoy a few pieces of blueberries and strawberries as they are great antioxidants. They are low in sugar content too. 


Melon is high in vitamins. So, you can share melons, cantaloupe and seedless watermelon with your kittens.


Cooked carrots are good for your cat’s eyesight. You just have to ensure that you do not give them raw carrots as it can be a choking hazard. 

carrots cut in chunk


Rice is not part of your cat’s diet. However, it can be a great solution for your cat’s digestive issues. So, you can include rice in its meal once in a while. 


If you want to lessen your cat’s problems with hairballs and constipation, pumpkin might be the answer for you. You don’t need to add flavor to it. You can just serve it pureed. 


Oats can benefit your cat in a lot of ways as it is rich in protein, iron and fiber. For skin issues, you can also apply it topically. 


Since it is rich in protein, you can also give eggs to your cat. While you can serve it uncooked, it is better to take the necessary measures to prevent Salmonella 


Spinach is a great source of vitamins. It is rich in fiber as well. However, it is not recommended that you feed your cats with Spinach if they are diagnosed with urinary tract infection or kidney issues.

FAQS: The Purrr-fect Answers

Why Does My Cat Like To Eat Crackers?

Cats like to eat crackers because of their texture and flavor. Also, crackers are greasy which cats find very attractive to eat.

This is the reason why you should monitor your cat’s intake of crackers and chips as they are not aware of how much these foods can affect them. These high-sodium foods will greatly affect their overall health. 

Is It Ok for Cats To Eat Crackers?

Yes. It is okay for cats to eat crackers at a minimum amount. After all, crackers and chips are considered bad food for humans. Thus, ensure that this type of food is only consumed in an occasional and small amount. 


Now that you know what goldfish crackers are made of, you are aware that there is no good reason for us and our cats to eat it in large amounts. It’s a delicious snack that can fulfill our salty cravings, but it is not recommended for us and our cats to eat it regularly. 

We’re not stopping you from feeding your cat goldfish crackers. We’re just educating you on the possible impact it has on your cat’s health.

As a responsible cat owner, think twice when sharing this snack with your cat, because you already know that you cannot give your cat a whole bag of these.

Goldfish crackers, in general, are not the best food you can give to your cat. However, if you want to reward them during training or treat them on special occasions, a small bite will not hurt. 

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