Best Tricks to Give your Puppy its Deworming Medicine

If you think kids are the only ones who don’t like taking medicines, well you are wrong. If you happen to be a responsible pet owner, you will surely agree that most of our pet dogs despise medicines. Dogs can be very picky with medicines, and it is not easy to force them to take medications. It is not easy to give your pooch a pill land for them to just swallow it. It can be one heck of a battle, and you don’t want to stress out your self and your dog. So what can you do?

Well, you have to come up with smart ways and tricks to be able to feed your furry best friend with his medicine. Now you may ask yourself, in which cases should you need to have your pets take its medicine. At an early age, a puppy should take deworming medicines. This is important to keep your pups healthy, and it can be difficult to let them swallow their medicine. Young pups are susceptible to worms that may have been developed during their mother’s pregnancy. Puppies can be dewormed as soon as they reach 2,4,6,8 and up to 12 weeks of age. After reaching 12 weeks, you can continue deworming your pert every three months with a prescribed deworming medicine by your doctor.

How do you make your pet take their deworming medicine?

In this article, we have come up with some easy tricks that can be very helpful if you want to give your pups its deworming medicine.

Use food

This is basic. Mixing the pill with food will do the trick. But be aware that you just can’t fool these clever beings. You can push the pill into a chunk of canned dog food, which can mask the taste of the medicine. But most dogs can smell the medicine, so the trick is to feed them with flavorful food with strong scents. The scent will mask the smell of the food so your pet can eat it unnoticed. You can have dog foods, sausages, or cooked meat that will delight their taste buds. For small pups, you can go with special dog foods that have strong scents and delicious flavor.

Use a Pill device to give your dog a pill

Administering medicine, especially pills to your dog can be risky, especially if they don’t like it. They can get uneasy and might get aggressive, which can lead to risky behavior. Remember that you are not forcing your dog to swallow the pill. Do it gently as much as possible. Let your dog sit in a comfortable position. By using a pill device, you do not need to; you do need to expose you’re your fingers inside your dog’s mouth. You just need to place the pill device inside your pup’s mouth to its hump, just enough for it to swallow the pill.

Game time

Our furry friend loves to play games. That is how we spend our quality time with them, and we can make use of this time to administer medications. Take some treats and hide the capsule on each treat. Start the playtime by tossing each treat to them. They may become focused on your game, and they won’t notice the medicated pills.


If you have several dogs, you can use competition to let your dogs ingest the medication. For those with multiple pets, you know how they get frantic when you are giving them treats. You can hide the pill in a treat. Give your dogs the treat, but make sure that you give the medicated treat to the dog who needs it. Now, if you need to treat all of them, well, that makes it a lot easier for you. Let them enjoy the treat while the medication remains unnoticed.

Shove it Down

If for any reason, the above-mentioned tricks are will not work with your pups, you may need to physically give your dog the pill. This can be a bit risky because you have to expose your hand inside your dog’s mouth. It easy for smaller pups as there is little risk of them biting you. In administering pill medication physically, let your dog sit comfortably. Do not force it. Do not pull the mouth open; understand that the dog’s jaw is designed to press down. You can make it easier by using a 1,2,3 trick. Place a treat, on the other hand, hold the dog’s upper jaw and let her eat the treat. Repeat it and then follow up on the medicated treat.  

As responsible pet owners, we have to do our part to keep our pets healthy. Just like us humans, they need to be kept healthy and active at all times. Deworming is just one of the things that we need to do to keep them healthy, and it is this medication. It is not just done once, but many times during your dog’s lifetime. This is the reason why knowing how to administer deworming pills is important. You may go to your vet, but it would be practical if you would know how to administer it. Besides, it is part of the tender loving care that you can give your best furry friend.

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