Top 5 Best Dog Ramps for Large Dogs

Is your travel buddy getting older? Do you notice pain behaviors when he tries to jump down from your high SUV? 

Large breed dogs especially need the appropriate equipment to assist with walking and navigating multi-level surfaces when they get older. This means large ramps built to take a pounding from the constant up and down of large dog feet. 

We can’t expect a 190-pound Anatolian Shepherd to safely use a ramp designed for a 10-pound ankle biter (oops…no offense to dachshund pawrents). Hence, heavy duty pet ramps for large dogs have been popping up in the market as more pet parents become aware of the special needs of their large-breed furbabies.

Descending steps is especially problematic for huge dogs with arthritic joints. The braking function of the knee controlled by the anterior cruciate ligaments is especially tested when descending steps. When you see your big bois and good girls struggling to go down steps, or showing fear when attempting to get down from a high truck bed, it’s time to invest in a pet ramp for large dogs. 

Please find below our curated list of ramps with heavy duty capacity especially built for our larger companion pets:

Coziwow Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramp

Portable, durable, easily folded dog ramp measuring 62 inches in length, equipped with high-traction material on the surface for your big bois’ paws to grip.

This ramp is perfect for Mastiff type hounds up to 200 pounds who live an active lifestyle with their owners, going along with the family to trips out of town or to go camping. It has side rails to boost your big dog’s confidence when navigating the ramp up and down, keeping his gait stable.

The Coziwow looks deceptively heavy but it’s actually lightweight, weighing less than 10 pounds. This heavy duty dog ramp will work on all kinds of surfaces: set it flush on the end of your SUV, your high bed, your couch, or porch and get your mastiff babies up or down multiple level surfaces! The perfect pet ramp for SUV doesn’t stop here. Read on.  

iMounTEK Foldable Heavy-Duty Ramp

Look how chunky this big boi is! Ogle that humongous rump and that thick neck! Don’t you just wanna lay your head down in the downy softness of this baby’s warm tum? A crazy large puppy like this beaut needs a crazy sturdy ramp like the iMountek foldable heavy duty ramp.

The new best friend of large dogs needing an extra boost up a higher surface. This ramp is non-skid and can support dogs up to 176 pounds! Talk about a beast! Your Cane Corso or English mastiff will love you to no end if you make this ramp an essential part of your road trips. We are aware arthritis is one of the main health issues when these larger dogs get up there in years.

Like the Coziwow, the iMountek heavy duty dog ramp is deceptively lightweight, only weighing 9 pounds despite its solid outline. It measures 63 inches long and 15 inches wide.

Even if your Cane Corso or Rottweiler shakes his booty up there on the ramp, it will stay in place due to its 4 rubber feet that grips the surface when in use. Engage the safety latch after folding this dog ramp to prevent accidental opening.

Perfect Life Ideas Dog Ramps for Large Dogs

Manufacturers mean it when they describe their product as “heavy duty dog ramp.” It can support dogs up to 200 pounds and is collapsible for easy storage.

This heavy duty dog ramp weighs less than 10 pounds and can be folded in half, perfect for storage under your bed or in the closet. Works great for larger dogs and helps them go up and down without any problems.

Its no-slip lining material provides easy traction for older, debilitated dogs.

Some owners dislike the non-skid surface of this ramp and reports the “gritty gravel” feel of the ramp’s surface scares their dog, so make sure you practice your pups’ first attempt on level ground so they get used to the ramp.

WeatherTech Pet Ramp for Large Dogs 

This ramp is especially well made for pets to go up and down vehicles and high beds/furniture. Don’t risk hurting your back by trying to lift your beloved aging fur-child by yourself.

The WeatherTech folding dog ramp for large dogs is another heavy-duty ramp. Convenience hasn’t been sacrificed when designing this lightweight ramp (weighs 17.5 pounds) as it retains it’s easy to fold and unfold. The surface is made of special material (textured rubber) that’s skid resistant so your pet’s paws can grip the surface without sliding.

Done using the pet ramp? Grip each and and fold in the middle. This pet ramp can accommodate dogs as heavy as 300 pounds so English Mastiff owners shouldn’t feel left out! It’s wholly made in the USA. 

When unfolded, it’s 67 inches long, 15 inches wide. When folded, it’s half the length (33 inches).

Pet Gear Extra Wide Free Standing Ramp 

Pet Gear’s Freestanding Extra Wide Pet Ramp for large dogs provides pressure-activated gripping for your large pets. When a heavier pet applies more pressure to the mat, the more stable his footing gets on the ramp.

SupertraX is a proprietary material developed originally for car mats and protective liners on vehicles. Now, it use have crossed over to pet product manufacturers as they discovered supertrax’s superior grip compared to regular dog ramp materials.
It’s proven to provide better traction to benefit your pet’s mobility on ramps.

The Pet Gear Freestanding Extra Wide SupertraX Pet Ramp presents added stability with its support panel to make heavier dogs have an easier time getting in and out of vehicles, high beds, what have you. It can support pets as heavy as 300 pounds. The superTrax tread can be removed and washed to maintain a clean, hygienic ramp. Your big pets won’t have to suffer more joint pain from being forced to jump up or down when they don’t need to – with the help of an extra large pet ramp designed just for their big bones.

This ramp comes with support legs and doesn’t need to lean or piggyback on to any surface. Free-standing ramp designs add another layer of stability because there’s no danger of sliding off the truck/vehicle bed, your big dog won’t end up on the floor in a big heap of arthritic joints and painful floof. The ramp is foldable and only weighs 19 pounds. 

Pet Gear SuperTrax can support pets as heavy as 300 pounds. 

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