What is the Best Canned Dog Food for Picky Eaters?

Dogs have a versatile appetite for food. With the different brands of dog food in the market, you have to be wise in choosing the right one to make sure that your dog will benefit from it. Giving your dog with wet dog food is more on preference. These are the best brands for a wet dog food that your furbaby will love.

Wet dog foods may be expensive compared to other types of dog food, but it is an ideal food for dogs as long as its ingredients are nutritious. Wet dog foods do not only benefit dogs because of the nutrient content, but it has the ability to somehow fulfill the dog’s need for hydration, especially that dogs are not used to drinking water.

  1. Royal Canin Wet Dog Food

This wet dog food claims that they are no.1 when it comes to providing the needed nutritional needs of your dog. The main ingredient that makes the texture of the dog food wet is fish oil and beet mash; that is why you can be sure that it is filled with juices that will benefit the gastrointestinal system of the dog. It is enriched with balanced nutrition that is essential for the dog’s stronger immunity and mobility.

Since it is made of high-quality ingredients, expect that this food diet will promote a well-fitted body mass that will not affect the dog’s natural active lifestyle. The ideal way of preparing this wet canned food is by pouring it into the food dish and adding a little bit of hot water so you can serve it a little bit warmer.

  1. Nutro Wet Puppy Food

This wet dog food is known as one of the healthiest food that is made available for food consumption because it consists of all-natural and all-organic ingredients such as brown rice, oat,s, and real chicken. It is filled in with fibers to make sure that it will aid in digestion and in strengthening the muscles and joints of dogs.

It has high contents of protein, zinc, linoleic acid, and natural fat to make sure that the physical aspects of the dog are enhanced, such as its skin and coat’s health. This palatable wet food is ideal for growing puppies because you are not introducing preservatives and unnatural colorings and flavors that may cause negatively if exposed in the long run.

  1. Wellness Core Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

The wet dog food varieties offered in this brand are available in different natural flavors of Salmon and Herring, Venison and Lamb, Turkey and Chicken, and Pork and Duck. These flavor selections are all packed with ingredients that will surely give positive effects to the dog’s body when consumed.

Veterinarians and other dog experts would usually recommend this wet dog food for those dogs that need special care due to diseases or illnesses because each serving consists of a complete balanced diet and it doesn’t contain unnatural ingredients, wheat, and corn that will add up to the excessive weight of your dog. This type of dog food has the ability to generate more food to support the dog’s active lifestyle.

  1. Cesar Classics Wet Food for All Dog Breeds

This is a perfect food choice for your furry pet if it enjoys a sophisticated meal. It has an appealing aroma that will boost your pet’s appetite. It does not only have physical aspects that are appealing, but it is also guaranteed that your dog’s body, internally and externally, is fascinated with the goodness of the nutrients and minerals the food product contains.

Presenting your dog with this kind of wet dog food is a perfect way to make their mealtime entertaining. It consists of a total of 6 different flavors that makes use of real ingredients. Their flavors consist of a mix and match of these ingredients: green beans & potatoes, Meat, lasagna Pot roast, Beef stroganoff, slow-cooked chicken, broccoli, and brown rice.

  1. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Real Meat Recipe Premium Wet Canned Stew Dog Food

This canned dog food boast that consists of an award-winning formula that is incorporated in this canned stew dog food. It doesn’t contain ingredients that are overpowering, but all the nutrients and minerals available are above-average, but the fat is lean to ensure that the weight of your dog is also well-maintained.

It offers about protein-based ingredients, which are the salmon, bison, venison, roasted duck, lamb, and wild boar. Its protein content partnered up with fiber to take good care of the muscles and joints that are essential in keeping them active as well as aids in the enhancement of the digestive system that assists in the proper absorption of necessary nutrients and minerals.

  1. Newman’s Own Organics Wet Dog Food

This brand of wet dog food is specifically created to give your dog long-lasting energy. It is a grain, wheat, and corn-free to make sure that your dog will not get unnecessary carbohydrates that can turn into a harmful fat that will add up to their weight. As the name suggests, its ingredients are all-organic.

It doesn’t need to contain flavor mixes and food colorings because the natural ingredients it contains has a suitable level of flavor and aroma that is just enough to give your dog extreme interest to eat the food voraciously. This will serve as a daily treat to your dog as they grow and mature.

  1. Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Wet Dog Food

This brand of wet dog food is available in six flavors. Each flavor consists of these three real meaty menu options, such as lamb, beef, and chicken. Aside from these meaty options as the main ingredients, each pack also contains real grains and vegetables such as peas, corn, and sweet potatoes.

This wet dog food is not only filled in with different ingredients but also consists of 23 essential vitamins and nutrients to ensure that your puppy will grow with strong immunity for health and well-being. It contains about 46% of protein, which is vital for growing fido. It comes in a resealable pack so you can easily control the amount of food to give your food to avoid wastage.

  1. Merrick Grain-Free Grammy’s Pot Pie Recipe Small Breed Wet Dog Food

If you want your dog to enjoy its meal through food choices that have texture, this type of wet dog food is the top of the line. The chunkiness of its ingredients is coated with a flavorful and aroma-rich gravy. Its main ingredient is the deboned chicken that is slowly-cooked. Its vegetables available are the carrots, potatoes, peas, and apples add texture to the overall dish. This wet dog food can also be served together with the goodness of dry dog food, so your dog will not be bored with the foods that you are constantly giving it.

What To Look for in a Quality Wet Dog Food?

  • Protein content

Protein should be the number 1 nutrient available because it assists in the dog’s overall bodily functioning. This should be one of the focal points in checking for the ingredient. It can other be neat products such as lamb, beef, chicken, and pork. Protein makes sure that all nutrient intake will be absorbed properly.

  • Grains

Grains are not that important ingredients, especially if you are talking about nutrients and minerals. However, it is a source of carbohydrates that can be converted into energy. Some nutritious wet dog food incorporates brown or wild rice into it; it is still beneficial as long as it is an insufficient amount. Be aware that large amounts of grains it is not beneficial; it may just cause the dog to have extra weight that may hinder them from moving freely.

  • Vegetables

The use of sweet potato, carrots, and potatoes are the common ingredients of wet dog food because it adds texture to the dish and it also adds sufficient nutrient to fill in the dog’s daily needs for nutrients. Make sure to choose those that are non-starch based vegetable items.

  • Sweetener

Artificial sweeteners are a common ingredient to add the taste of a dish. When it comes to dog food, this should be avoided because it is harmful to your dog, whatever their age is. Some wet dog food consists of corn syrup that is just artificial sweetener-based.

  • Nutrients and minerals

Dogs need to have daily nutrient and mineral intake. The one that you should get should have a natural source of nutrients and minerals to make sure that the dog will only be getting what it needs. There is no other way by which nutrients and minerals are introduced aside from their food.

Final Thoughts

Not all commercially available wet dog food is beneficial to dogs. You must ensure that the ingredients used are of good quality. Wet dog food is just a type of dog food that can be a source of vitamins and nutrients as long as you would be wise in choosing the best one that will be suitable for your dog.

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