Best Brushes for Long Haired Dogs

“I am a diva. I need regular grooming sessions.”

So says Coco the pampered Shih Tzu. She demands the best brushes to untangle her long, luxurious hair. 

It’s always a hassle if you want your pup to look floofy. Sometimes, no matter what you do, they always look slightly off! However, have you looked at the brush you’re using? It may be that you bought the wrong brush for your pup!

Depending on your pup’s fur type, a certain brush must be used! For example, dogs like beagles or bulldogs need grooming tools like a pinhead brush or a slicker brush! For pups like Goldies or German Shepherds, they need an undercoat brush in order to keep their hair neat and tidy.

What kind of brushes are best suited for long-haired dogs?

Long haired pups tend to need brushes that can handle their coarse overcoat and soft undercoat. They also need brushes that can handle matts and knots, as long-haired pups tend to have these problems. 

When grooming a long haired dog, consider investing in slicker brushes, combs, and bristle brushes! These brushes are bound to keep your puppy’s fur clear of knots and looking gorgeous!

A daily or weekly grooming schedule is also highly important when dealing with long-furred pups. If you skip a couple of days, you may find your furry friend completely tangled in knots! 

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Probably one of the more unique brushes for long haired dogs, the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is an affordable brush that provides an efficient means of grooming your pup and removing any annoying matts or tangles. The design of the brush is flat headed to cover more space, with many smaller bristles on the underside to get rid of loose hair, and is meant for larger pups!

However, the defining feature of the Hertzko Slicker Brush is the retractability of the bristles for easy cleaning. If your pup likes to shed a lot, this feature saves valuable cleanup time.

In regards to the price of the Hertzko, it is slightly higher than the average price due to the retractable bristles, but on the other hand, it isn’t overly expensive. 

FURminator Undercoat De-shedding Tool

Another popular brush is the Furminator Undercoat Rake. This brush is meant to remove loose hair from the undercoat of dogs, which is harder for other brushes to do. With this brush, you can guarantee that your carpets and couches will see much less hair on them!

With it’s stainless steel rake, the Furminator effortlessly is able to avoid damaging your pup’s skin and topcoat, and removes an impressive 90 percent of loose hair from the undercoat.

When shopping for the Furminator, a bonus addition is the variety of sizes that it comes in. No matter what size your pup is, there will be a brush that fits them perfectly! However, in exchange for all these features, the Furminator comes at a hefty price tag.

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool

If plastic brushes aren’t your thing, the wooden SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool is the brush for you! It has a unique shape compared to the other brushes on this list, mainly in the fact that it doesn’t have a handle. It forgoes that conventional design in favor of an oval grip that allows for an easier grip.

Like the Furminator, the SleekEZ also has a stainless steel blade, which helps clean your pups undercoat and prevents excessive shedding. In addition to this, the SleekEZ also has a patented wave pattern for the teeth of the brush, specifically designed to avoid tugging on fur and hurting your pup! In other words, this brush is a good brush for pups that tend to get snippety! Best of all, this brush comes in different sizes, ensuring that your pup can use one no matter how big they are.

In terms of cleanup, the SleekEZ is self cleaning. After a while, any pesky hairs that won’t come out of the teeth after an initial cleanup will fall out of their own.

Gopets Dematting tool

The Gopets Dematting Tool is a jack-of-all-trades tool that has the versatility to tackle any grooming situation you may face with your pup. It works like the other rake brushes on this list, but it has a unique feature-it is double sided. One side has increased density of the teeth, in order to efficiently groom your pups undercoat. The other side has a lowered density of teeth, making it a perfect tool to get rid of mats and tangles.

In order to avoid any harm done to your pup, the Gopets Dematting tool has sharpened inner curves of the teeth, making it so any stuck hairs get cut instead of pulled out. In addition, the bottom of the teeth are rounded, ensuring maximum comfort.

Gopets Professional Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

While deshedding brushes are fantastic for preventing shedding, they are not very well suited for daily brushings of your dog. For daily brushing sessions, wire pin brushes are much more healthy for your puppy’s skin. For this purpose, the Gopets Professional Double Sided Pin and Bristle brush is absolutely perfect.

The pins, while sharp looking, are rounded on the end, ensuring that your dog doesn’t get hurt while in a grooming session. They also work to remove smaller mats and tangles, and get your pups coat to look nice and shiny. In addition to the pins, the brush also has another side with bristles on it. While these bristles are much less effective for long haired pups, it does work for getting dirt and other debris out of overcoat fur.

Invest in some brushes to keep your puppy fluffy! You definitely won’t regret keeping your furry friend’s coat soft when you’re cuddling up with them. Have fun with grooming your beloved pup!

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