10 Impressive Dogs with a Massive Bite Force

Dogs are loving, patient, and kind pets but won’t hesitate to defend their owners from any threat. These animals are very strong and some breeds are even stronger than others. Let’s find out the best dog breeds with the strongest bite force. If you want a guard dog or a breed that can intimidate, make sure to consider the following dog breeds.

1. Kangal

The breed with the most powerful bite force is the Kangal. This dog was bred in Turkey to help herders protect their sheep from larger and stronger animals. The Kangal has an awesome bite force of 734 psi and can easily tear down any opponent. But despite this, it’s gentle to small children and also with other pets. If you want a guard do that can protect you and your family no matter what, the Kangal is for you.  

2. Bandog

If you haven’t heard of the Bandog then be ready to face a dog that’s a part mastiff and part bulldog. This is a loyal and ancient breed and is considered one of the oldest breeds in the world with a bite force of 730 psi. This dog looks fierce and won’t hesitate to take down any opponent or threat. But despite this, it has a soft spot for children and other pets. It can be a very loyal family pet who will love to play and work with its loving parents and human siblings. 

3. English Mastiff

This loveable pet may look tired and lazy but it’s one of the strongest dogs with powerful bites. It can produce a 556 psi bite that will easily tear off the flesh and break bones. But don’t worry, the English Mastiff is one of the gentles breeds and thus, will work best with families especially young children. This breed was once known to herd sheep and other livestock, attacking any threats nearby. But now, the English Mastiff uses its strong bite to chew on toys, furniture, or your favorite pair of slippers.

4. Wolf-Dog Hybrid

This kind of hybrid breed has never really lost their wild characteristics and thus, can become fierce and attack anyone when provoked. The wolf-dog has a strong mentality of living in a pack and therefore, will see you and your family as members of the pack. Don’t worry; they often regard their master as the alpha male of the pack. This breed has an awesome bite force of 406 psi and thus, can easily tear anyone limb from limb. Even its snarl and bark can easily make any enemy retreat. But once the threat runs away, the wolf-dog will be back to its loveable and active personality. 

5. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are known for their cute dark eyes and loveable looks but don’t be fooled as this breed can chase away threats and attack with 328 psi. Rottweilers have a large, very muscular body with a lot of energy to spare.  This breed is mostly used as security and guard dogs because their muscular bodies can be very intimidating. But nevertheless, these pups are very family-oriented, friendly, and very loving and loyal pets. 

6. American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a small and compact dog with a bite force of 305 psi. It is a fun and playful dog but can easily take down any threat in an instant. The American Bulldog uses its massive bite to play games like tug of war and fetch. It’s really hard to pry open its strong mouth once it has latched to anything. Most American Bulldogs spend their time as family pets and loveable companions for seniors, singles, and families with children.

7. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a breed with 238 psi bite force and because of their strong, protective, and loyal qualities; this breed has been used to protect families and property. In the country, a German Shepherd dog can be used to rear sheep and other livestock on a farm. In urban areas, this dog can guard and protect buildings, airports, borders, and other places. Many owners love a German Shepherd because this breed is very lovable, loyal, and loves to be with small children and smaller pets. This breed is also known for their lovely coats, muscular bodies, and affectionate smiles.  

8. American Pit Bull

Another intimidating pet is the American Pit Bull; it has a very strong bite force of 235 psi. With this strength, it can easily bite and destroy anything in its path. Aside from its strong bite, this dog is also a great puller. Its body is all muscle and thus is very strong, ready to pull you apart. But despite its strength, this pet is affectionate, very playful, and is very loyal to its family and fellow household pets. One of the American Pit Bull’s favorite games is the tug of war and they love to play this game with their owners. If you have your pet American Pit Bull in your team, you’re sure to win with its powerful bite and pull. 

9. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow may look friendly and loveable but are ferocious and can defend anyone especially their family. Don’t underestimate these soft dogs with lovely blue tongues as these dogs were once used to herd sheep and other livestock in China. It may not have a lot of energy like the sheepdog but it can concentrate well to detect any danger or threat. Take note that the Chow Chow has a bite force of 220 psi, one of the fiercest bites.


The Malinois may resemble a German Shepherd but has a smaller body with a lighter coat. This breed is a very resourceful, very bright dog breed and is also known for their muscular bodies and very powerful bites up to 195 psi. Because of their intimidating appearance and their strong and loyal nature, the Malinois makes an excellent guard dog. They can protect their families and their territories with their fierce looks and demeanor. But when the day is over and they’re home with their families, they will revert to their lovable, happy, and friendly nature. 

How To Deal With Dogs With A Massive Bite Force?

Dogs are naturally rambunctious, energetic, and positive no matter what kind of breed. This is why you need to train your pet well and use their powerful bite force properly. If you want an intimidating guard dog or a dog that can take down any threats, let your pet attend professional training. 

A professional trainer can help your dog use his powerful bite to protect you and your property. Your dog can also properly channel his energy and use his keen intelligence with professional training. Contrary to popular belief, even small and medium-sized dogs and the gentlest breeds can become fierce protectors when trained properly. 

And a part of professional training is teaching your dog to be gentle towards his family, children, and fellow animals/pets at home. Your dog should also learn to keep calm and still during a commotion or distraction and focus only on the threat at hand. With all these in mind, your pet can become a friendly, happy, healthy, and fierce protector of your family and property.

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