When Do You Know it’s Time to Buy a Dog Ramp

When Do You Know it’s Time to Buy a Dog Ramp?

By nature, our furry canine friends love going out and enjoying adventures with you. They don’t care if it’s going to a store, or visiting the park, they just love the feel of being outside. We even see videos of funny doings sticking their head from the window of a car, enjoying the feel of cool wind right through their fur. 

When things are all well, there is no problem for you. However, there may also be times when getting in and out of your vehicle can especially be challenging for your pet. When do you know it’s time to buy a dog ramp? Let us consider the following factors.

1. Advanced Age

It is interesting to know that dogs aging 5 to 10 years old are already considered seniors. There are visible identifiers to this, including their size, breed, weight, as well as the condition of their organs. All of these assist veterinarians in determining whether your dog is already a senior. Usually, bigger breeds age faster compared with smaller breeds. As such, they need extra assistance as they go through this process. 

Note that if you love taking your dog in your car, making them jump in and out could result in spinal injuries and broken legs. In order to avoid all of these, you may want to get a vehicle dog ramp. They are designed in helping your pet get in and out effortless and quick. 

2. Size

Dog breeds vary in size. Another factor that considers their size is age. Smaller dog breeds and puppies may somewhat feel intimidated by your vehicle’s size, preventing them from easily getting in and out of it. If you notice your pet wagging his tail, jumping up using his hind legs, but unable to start the jump, you might consider getting a dog ramp. 

At the same time, breeds of smaller size are also more prone to injuries in the spine due to their longer backs. As such, jumping from a place that is higher, such as an SUV or truck could be dangerous to a smaller dog.

3. Vehicle Fear And Anxiety

Even though most dogs love car rides, there are still some that deal with fear and anxiety when riding a car, thus stopping them to jump. Another reason why your dog will not jump is because of fear. Perhaps they have not yet tried doing it before, or they may have had a bad experience with cars before. 

It could also be that they just don’t know how to jump in. Even though some breeds will allow you to just get them and put them inside the car, there are also other dogs who hate this. They could also be extra heavy for pick up. When you notice this, you may want to use a pet ramp, and combine it with a treat, guiding your dog into your car. 

Having a treat handy as a guide will also show your beloved pet that your car is not something that needs to be feared, and that the pet ramp will even make it easier for both you and your pet. 

4. Weak Joints And Arthritis

Getting in and out of cars could prove to be painful to dogs who are suffering from body and bone problems, as well as those with arthritis. Because there is no treatment for arthritis on dogs, the use of a pet ramp will help in allowing you to take your dog on trips. 

Dog Ramp vs. Dog Stairs

The decision highly depends on you. While either of these two can fit any situation, there are still a few factors that you can take into consideration and can guide you in making a wise choice. Here are some of them:

  • If you have furniture that you want to be off-limits and you notice your dog leaping into the car, you may want to select an outdoor, sturdy dog ramp that facilitates easier storage.
  • If your beloved pet only needs help with some of their favorite furniture pieces, having a lightweight and portable dog stairs may be your top pick. 
  • Some dogs are also suffering from a long-term phobia, especially that of steps. Thus, training them in using a pet ramp will serve as a better strategy.
  • If you worry that space is not enough in your home, you may want to use a stowable or foldable ramp that can be tucked out of view in between use. 

In the end, whether you are selecting stairs or a dog ramp, it is best to have one that offers enough traction. This will avoid unnecessary strain as your dog traverses up and down the ramp. On top of that, dog ramps and dog stars need to be sturdy. 

Once your pet is already comfortable with his new furniture, you will also be delighted to observe that your back strain will now be gone. Your dog will simply go to his favorite places without much hassle and lower injury risk. You can also guide them to go inside our car, and get them out.

As general advice, make sure to get a ramp that will suit the needs of your dog while taking into consideration the vehicle type, or the activities that your dog is expected to perform. The good news is that there are a lot of options out there these days. 

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