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Foster homes save countless animals who are languishing in shelters. Look at all these cute furry faces, saved from shelter life through animal adoption. 

We are Ryan & Lovelia Horn, foster home providers in Southern Illinois. We started our fostering journey in 2015 after meeting Elanna Bradley of Puppy Rescue 911, Inc. We recognized the need for foster homes to make space for more animals in shelters so we volunteered our small home in Southern Illinois. We didn’t even have a fenced-in yard back then, but being unprepared didn’t deter us. We learned “on the job.”

We have full-time jobs and can’t volunteer in shelters or rescue runs, but we know about the urgent need to rescue abandoned dogs/cats in our area and get them adopted. The best way we could help in Elanna’s advocacy is to volunteer our home as a temporary “decompression site” for scared dogs who have shut down in the noisy shelter environment.

Our pack consists of Twinkie, a beagle-terrier mix adopted in 2010 who’s now arthritic but still the sweetest cuddle buddy ever. Twinkie is also a champion snorer. 

Then we have Hachi, a Shih Tzu-terrier mix we adopted from Puppy Rescue 911 in 2015. Hachi is the only male, hence the alpha in our home. Through Hachi’s Facebook account, we connected with many other dog-loving friends and rescuers.


To honor our rescue chihuahua who passed away in 2017, we adopted Coco, a purebred Shih Tzu who was used as a breeder mama by her former owners. Coco is known as the Diva among our circle of friends because of her snobbish and antisocial behavior. Together, we make up Every Creature Counts. 


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Adopting a shelter animal is one of the most rewarding decisions you could ever do. You’re saving a life and adding more fun to your home with a wiggly little furbaby. Click here for the link to our adoptable pets.