Outdoor Dog Ramp

How To Build An Outdoor Dog Ramp?

One of the most common problems if you have a small dog or a dog with short legs like a corgi is getting around, up and down high furniture. A friend who’s a corgi hu-mom told me she had to constantly take her pet up and down her bed. Getting in and out of the car was also a problem especially when you have a high SUV. So how do you get small dogs up high places and back? The answer is a dog ramp. 

What Is A Dog Ramp?

A dog ramp is exactly what the name suggests. It is a ramp that helps dogs move up and down furniture and up and down vehicles, elevated walkways, and other taller structures. A dog ramp is available in different designs, styles, sizes, and colors. Even the type of material varies too. Some dog ramps are adjustable, made of metal with a sticky or rough surface to avoid slipping and sliding. Adjustable dog ramps can be used in low to high areas and when done, you can simply fold it neatly and stash it anywhere, even under your bed. 

Why Use A Dog Ramp?

A dog ramp is for small dogs who cannot easily access high places because of their short feet. A ramp also helps aging dogs or those with health issues like hip dysplasia, knee problems, and other aging concerns. Finally, a dog ramp is also for puppies as they have a hard time climbing high areas too. A dog ramp is safer than jumping up to the bed or your car and is also safer rather than jumping out. 

Instead of buying a dog ramp, you can make your own. It’s easy and anyone who has basic carpentry skills can do it. 

Materials You Will Need

You will need the following to make your own DIY dog ramp. Take note that this is a tutorial to make a very simple ramp. You can improve this design to make more advanced ramps depending on your pets’ needs. 

  • Plywood for the ramp’s surface
  • Pieces of wood  to make the ramp’s frame
  • A piece of carpet  or corkboard
  • Brass carpet trim, screws, and rubber bushings
  • Glue
  • Nails
  • Hammer, tape measure, saw, drill 
  • Sandpaper


1. Measure The Steps Or The Area That You Will Use The Ramp For. 

Use a tape measure and measure the stairs or the area where the ramp will go. Measure the size of the plywood, how long the metal lip will be, and how large the carpet needs to be as well. Set all the materials aside.

2. Cut Your Plywood

The width of the plywood depends on how many steps the stairs had or how tall the ramp will be. Sand the edges of the plywood to remove any sharp edges. Be sure to wear safety goggles, gloves, and masks before you operate a saw or electric hammer. 

3. Cut The Brass Lip

The lip is also called the threshold. This small metal piece will actually hold the ramp in place. After cutting the lip, sand it down to avoid any injuries.

4. Cut the side trims

Now, cut the wooden side trims and nail these on each side of the ramp. 

5. Attach the carpet

Use a good adhesive to attach the carpet pile on the plywood. Let this dry before you nail it in place. If you have extra carpet pieces, you may glue this at the end of the ramp to make a train. Also, this keeps the ramp in place. 

6. Attach The Metal Lip And Rubber Feet

You may now attach the lip and feet. Make sure that everything is firmly in place and level. Sand the ramp one final time and now, you’re done.

Special Precautions While Using The Dog Ramp

Dog ramps are meant to assist dogs to climb up furniture or to hop aboard cars. Do not play with your pet on the ramp. Show your pet how walking on a ramp is done and make sure he is comfortable with walking up and down the ramp. You may first place the ramp on the floor and let your dog get the feel of the carpet first before setting the ramp in place. 

If you’re thinking of purchasing a dog ramp to make sure your pup’s mobility is at top shape, here’s our list of highly recommended dog ramp products.

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