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Our Story

Every Creature Counts is passionate about animal rescue! We are a family of rescuers who have worked with small animal shelters around the Southern Illinois area to foster, transport, or adopt out homeless strays and work with tireless animal advocates to help stop animal overpopulation and shed a spotlight on rampant animal abuse.
Our passion has driven us to work with local rescue groups to get animals the help they need.

Foster homes save countless animals who are languishing in shelters. We recognized the need for fosters so we volunteered our small home in Southern Illinois, starting out with a little pup back in April of 2015.

It all started when we were inspired by Elanna Bradley, a one-woman rescue advocate who runs Puppy Rescue 911, Inc. based out of Chester, Illinois. It’s a small river town 45 minutes away from us. Puppy Rescue 911’s fearless director will stop at nothing to help animals in need, even ones who are an inch away from death.

We understood the urgent need to rescue abandoned animals in our area and get them adopted, and the best way we could help in Elanna’s advocacy is to volunteer our home as a temporary “decompression site” for scared dogs who have shut down in the shelter.

Out of this friendship grew our own “doggy hotel,” The Horn Doggy Hotel. Click here to see a few of our former fosters who now live in loving homes.

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Are you Ready to Adopt?

Adopting a shelter animal is one of the most rewarding decisions you could ever do. You’re saving a life and adding more fun to your home with a wiggly little furbaby. Click here for the link to our adoptable pets.

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