Dog Strollers that Won’t Break Your Budget in 2020

The use of a dog stroller will let you take your pet to places without feeling exhausted. It protects your dog from different factors while letting them explore the outdoors. Here are a few dog strollers that will not break your budget. 

IBIYAYA LARGE PET STROLLER – Currently unavailable

Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller review

If you are looking for a stylish yet affordable dog stroller, consider getting this Ibiyaya stroller suitable for medium to large dogs. Even though it looks like a traditional bulky stroller, it still possesses a structural and functional ergonomics. It is equipped with quick-release Pneumatic rear tires for safety use with great shock absorption, so if in case your dog bumps into something, it won’t feel the impact much. 

With its large compartment, you may fit 1 or two dogs as long as their combined weight will not exceed 110lbs. You don’t have to worry because this stroller is supported by thick framing, so expect that it can be used multiple times. 

BOOYAH MEDIUM DOG STROLLER – Currently Unavailable

Booyah Medium Dog Stroller review

This stroller is equipped with safety features such as the swivel pneumatic wheel and the quick release rear tires for ease of transportation. It has smooth maneuverability, so owners will not have a hard time strolling them in different kinds of terrain. It is lightweight for its building, which is at 28lbs and can carry a dog with a weight of about 40lbs. 

It is a perfect stroller for owners who loves to do biking because it has a bike trailer kit that is included in the package. This stroller is not only dog-friendly but also owner-friendly with the organizer compartments included as well as the handlebar that is adjustable depending on the one who will push it.


Bigacc 4 Wheels Dog Stroller review

You don’t have to pay much just to let your dog experience a luxurious-type stroller. The stroller’s style and comfort are what make it stand out. It may be categorized on the list of cheap dog stroller, but it is one of the strollers that are made to last with its durable framing. 

It can firmly and securely stay in play through its rear brake so you can leave your dog alone without holding its handle. The owners have a special compartment where valuables can be placed. Your dog will truly have a nice view while enjoying the fresh air when this stroller is used. After use, you can fold it easily and store it conveniently. 

COMIGA PET STROLLER – Currently Unavailable

Comiga Pet Stroller review

When you talk about convenience, this dog stroller is always on the list. It is a perfect partner for long rides, long walks in the park, and even just for resting. You can just press a button just to operate it. Its lightweight features enable its wheels to be rotated for about 360°, but its rear wheel can be locked so you can let your dog in the stroller in place. It can be used by a puppy, adult, or senior dogs, whether healthy or ill. 

It is made from a thick fabric so your dog will be comfortable sitting on it for hours. It also has a mesh that is an effective insect repellant. There are four colors to choose from, depending on your preference. 


Elite II Pet Stroller review

This stroller has a dual purpose functionality perfect for pet owners who have an active lifestyle. You can enjoy your jogging session together with your dog in a stroller as you push it as you run or your enjoy your biking adventure with your dog with their strollers attached to your bike trail. 

Whether its hot, cold, sunny, or rainy, this dog stroller can withstand the weather conditions since it is made from Oxford fabric. Its steel frame is built manually and had passed quality control to ensure that it will last for a long period of time, even though you would always use it outdoors.


Roodo Escort Stroller review

This dog stroller is a type of stroller that can be passed on for generations because it is made in such a way that you can customize it easily. All its main parts are replaceable, so if when a part is damaged, you can just replace that part without the need to buy a new set of strollers. It has 40 pounds capacity compartment that can accommodate either one large dog, two small dogs, or one small and one medium dog. The compartment area is surrounded by mesh fabric that is breathable to give proper ventilation and at the same time to prevent insects from going in.


Doggyride Novel Dog Stroller review

This stroller had upgraded its features and specifications overtime to provide high-quality and durable finish product, but they didn’t take advantage of its price. It is still on the range of the cheapest dog strollers in the market. Its overall framing is made from high-quality steel, which is the aluminum alloy, which contributed to why this stroller is lightweight with its 30lbs overall weight. 

It features a front, padded headrest to make your dog comfortable, reflective markings for added visibility, especially when it is dark or foggy outside, and a widow rain that will protect the dog whatever the weather condition is. It is not sensitive in wet areas because the metal framing has also a rust-free feature.


Petique Pet Stroller review

Your dog will experience a smooth ride even though it is equipped with large bike tires. Each tire is equipped with shock absorption and dual wheel brake so that it won’t go to different directions when not supervised. For comfortable maneuvering, it’s the adjustable handle is made from EVA foam grip that can be changed into a different position. 

You don’t have to worry about the mess of your dog because its main compartment has fabric that is removable for easy cleaning. Your dog can conveniently move in and move out of the stroller because it has a front and back entrance. It can cater to medium to large dogs that have a maximum weight capacity of 60 pounds.


Petbobi Dog Stroller review

This is a stroller that is not only used for healthy dogs, but it can also be used by dogs who have joint problems. This stroller boasts its spacious interior that has mesh windows equipped with durable zippers to ensure that your dog’s place is well-ventilated. Its waterproof oxford fabric will let you clean the interior after every use to ensure that the compartment is free from bacteria. 

This is a lightweight stroller but has the ability to hold up to 120 pounds that is a combined weight of your dog and other accessories that you can store in the stroller. It has four wheels that will make your dog secure and comfortable in whatever terrain it goes into.


Dodopet Pet Stroller review

This is a versatile pet stroller for cats, dogs, pet raccoons (!), portable and very easy to push, equipped with zipperless entry. This Pet Gear stroller is easy to fold, has a removable inside liner for ease of cleaning, a storage basket and a cup holder for when the hooman slaves need to take a drink.

It’s lightweight and portable and made to resist vibrations, tear, and weather resistance. It can carry multiple dogs or cats as long as the weight will not exceed 30 pounds. Its thickened wheels are suitable for long rides. You can take it anywhere because it is just easy to fold and unfold with its compact size that only weighs 16.5 lbs. 

Final Thoughts

In choosing a stroller suitable for your dog, the price is not always the basis. These 10 dog strollers that are affordable are all equipped with functionalities that will benefit both the owner and the pet.

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