Are Cane Corso Dogs Vicious?

A Cane Corso dog is also called Italian Mastiff and is known to be one of the most powerful, imposing and athletic dog breeds. Many are wondering if this dog breed is worth taking as a pet or is it vicious and need careful training.

The answer to this question is: NO. The Cane Corso is not inherently vicious, but some pet owners with irresponsible practices in caring for their Cane Corso dogs have led to behavioral changes in their pets. Just like most dogs that are left to their own devices and are not properly socialized, the Cane Corso can develop unruly, unwanted behaviors. 

Real qualities of a Cane Corso

  • This is a large and powerful dog breed
  • It has a short, easy to care for the coat; no more intense vacuuming
  • It is a calm pet and can be quiet especially indoors
  • Will be a good watchdog
  • Mild-mannered and serious with strangers
  • Energetic, athletic and responsive when in training

Some unwanted characteristics of a Cane Corso

  • Can become destructive when it’s boring
  • Can become aggressive when not properly trained
  • Has a mind of its own and needs a confident, firm owner
  • Can make loud sounds like grunting, snoring, wheezing and snorting
  • Won’t do well with other dogs or pets at home
  • Passes out too much gas

Tips for caring for a Cane Corso 

  • Train your Cane Corso dog starting Day 1

Start training your pet from the first day it arrives home. Early training, especially respect training, can save you time and effort in correcting bad behaviors later. You can start house-proofing your pet by showing him around. 

If you have an adult dog, it’s easier to see what you’ll get, but a puppy may be difficult to tell. But despite this, shower your pet with love, attention, and care, but don’t forget to be firm when it comes to behavior and respect training.

  • This dog needs regular exercise

Exercise is a part of this strong dog’s day, and if it does not get enough exercise, it will become bored and destructive. So allot at least one hour of running, playing and jogging with your pet. As much as possible, you should only take care of a Cane Corso if you have access to a large yard,  dog park, or outdoor area where it can run and play daily. 

  • Socialization is a must

Just like any other breed, dogs that are not socialized early can develop serious behavioral problems. You may start by meeting dogs while you go for a walk or in a play area. If everything works fine, arrange for a play date. Let other members of the family take care of your pet so it will be more relaxed when handled by other people. 

  • Feed it the correct diet

A Cane Corso is a very large and muscular dog, and thus, it requires a special kind of diet to sustain its physical needs. Talk to your vet about the right kind of pet food and about giving supplements to your pet. 

  • Consider health issues

Cane Corsos are known for being a healthy and hardy dog breed but may suffer from some health issues as well. Cane Corsos may develop hip dysplasia because of their size, entropion or ectropion, bloating or gastric torsion, and demodectic mange. This dog is also prone to obesity or being overweight. Regular visits to the vet will make sure that your strong and smart dog will grow up a healthy and happy dog. 

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