Doggy Dehydration: How Much Water Is Too Much?

Life-threatening condition. It is the result of not drinking enough water and electrolytes or losing them too much fluid. The dog requires immediate veterinary attention when they are dehydrated. If this condition is neglected, it may lead to serious organ damage and, in the worst case, death.

If you’re concerned that your furry friend is showing signs of dehydration, consult your vet immediately or, out of hours, your nearest Vets Now directly for advice.

These are the signs of dehydration in dogs to look out for include:

  • Sunken eyes
  • Dry gums
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Collapse
  • Loss of skin elasticity

If the veterinarian suspects that the dog is dehydrated, it’s likely your dog will carry them out a full head to toe examination. The purpose is to identify the possible causes of dehydration. Your dog must have an upset tummy or just experienced heat stroke. Sometimes, your dog may appear not quite right. The veterinarian will recommend some tests, including taking a blood sample, x-ray, and an ultrasound scan.

The most effective way of treating your dog pet from dehydration is to place the pot on a drip. This will replace any fluids that your dog pet already lost and also prevent further dehydration.

An alternative way of your dog getting rehydrated is giving fluid under its skin, forming a camel shaped hump, which is absorbed over a few hours. But, it’s not very effective in correcting dehydration as compared to a drip, so it’s only given for mild cases.

A pet owner can also use oral rehydration solutions. Although these are only beneficial if your dog still wants to drink. It’s one way to keep fluids down. Antibiotics might be prescribed depending on the signs and symptoms that your pet is showing. Pain relief can be given as well as anti-sickness medications. You should be the one to discuss the best course of treatment for your pet with your vet.

You must give your dog clean and clear water to drink every day. It should be easily accessible to your dog pet to ensure that your pet always has adequate water to keep them always healthy. Always keep the bowl of your pet filled with fresh and clean water every day.

Dogs are required to drink about one ounce (30 milliliters) of water per pound (0.45 kilogram) of their body weight daily. There are a lot of factors affecting how much your pet will drink, such as environmental temperature. Also, one factor is the amount of exercise or activities that your pet performs during the day. With increased physical activities, more water is necessary. Water is in a dog’s body lost due to salivation and excessive panting.


Dog food usually has small moisture content. Dogs fed with canned foods receive more moisture because they contain 70 to 80 percent water. These are dogs usually drink less than other dogs that have a dry food diet. Dogs should have adequate access to fresh and clean water per day. Your furry friend should drink around 50 to 60 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight per day.

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