Can Dogs Eat Catfish?

Catfish is rich in omega-3 fats, fatty acids, and proteins. It’s a great source of protein for both animals and humans.

So, can dogs eat catfish? Yes, dogs can eat catfish as long as it’s properly cooked and there are no bones. You can freely feed your dog catfish and other commercial foods that contain catfish.

Is fish bad for dogs? That’s a good question for every concerned pet owner. Dogs can eat sea bass, catfish, oyster, Halibut, etc. 

Join me as I discuss whether dogs can eat catfish, its health benefits, risks, and much more.

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Why Dogs Should Eat Catfish?

Dogs should eat catfish because of the high protein and omega-3 fatty acids. There are several reasons dogs should eat catfish.

Let’s see some of the main reasons dogs need to eat catfish.

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids

Feeding your dog catfish provides them with omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial in many ways. The omega-3 fatty acid is vital for your dog’s brain, heart, and vision healthy.

Catfish provide more omega-3 fatty acids than saltwater fish. What’s more, catfish are relatively affordable.

Easy to Digest

Generally, fish and especially catfish, are quite easy to digest. They are a much better source of protein than red meat, which is hard to digest.

While catfish won’t make your dog feel as full as red meat, it won’t cause any digestive problems.

Low Cholesterol

Cholesterol is not good for humans, and the same applies to pets. This is the case, especially for pets that don’t exercise a lot. Fortunately, catfish is low in cholesterol which is quite good for dogs.

catfish swimming

Low in Mercury

Catfish are quite low in mercury as opposed to ocean fish which are highly contaminated.

Good for Senior Dog

Catfish are safe and provide much-needed nutrition to dogs.

What Are the Dangers of Giving Your Dog Fish?

There are a few dangers of giving poorly cooked catfish to your dog. So can dogs eat cooked fish?

Yes, you must cook fish for your dog by steaming or boiling it. Fish, like any other meat, can be contaminated. You risk infecting your dog with bacteria and other germs when you feed it raw fish.

Raw fish can contain Salmonella, which causes food poisoning or gastrointestinal problems.

There is also the injury risk when you feed your dog fish with bones. Once the fish is cooked, removing the bones becomes much easier. Make sure you re-check the meat again before serving your dog.

Fish bones are pretty sharp and can get lodged in your dog’s throat or digestive system, giving you a date with a vet.

Can Dogs Consume Raw Catfish?

Dogs can consume raw catfish, but it’s recommended that you cook the fish before serving. Raw fish can contain Salmonella and other germs which cause diseases.

Can puppies eat fish? Yes, puppies can eat fish, but it must be cooked by steaming or boiling.

The FDA advises against eating and feeding your dog raw fish. So if you want to include raw fish in your dog’s diet, research and ensure it’s safe.

Can Dogs Consume Canned Catfish?

Wondering whether dogs can consume canned catfish. Are canned oysters healthy? Yes, dogs can consume canned catfish. Canned catfish and oysters are safe and healthy.

black puppy eating from white food bowl

The only thing to ensure is that the canned fish is not filled with a lot of salt or oils. You only need to add a quarter of the canned fish to your dog’s diet. Canned catfish adds protein and omega-3 fatty acids to your dog’s diet.

Best Catfish Flavor Dog Food – Our Top 3 Picks!

What fish can dogs not eat apart from catfish? Can dogs eat Halibut? Halibut is another great fish choice that provides lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids. In this section, I’ll discuss the best catfish flavor dog food to feed your dog.

Zignature Catfish Flavor Grain-Free Dry Dog Food – The Best High-Quality protein

Zignature Catfish is one of the best flavor foods for your dog. It’s a highly-rated food with good reviews and recommendations. The food flavor naturally contains protein, muscle-building amino acids, and healthy fats.

Zignature Catfish Limited Ingredient Formula Dry Food 25lb
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Zignature Catfish Limited Ingredient Formula Dry Food 25lb
  • Made with high-quality catfish as the ingredient
  • Catfish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids & low in fat
  • Limited-ingredient formula may make this a great option for a rotational diet

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The food has a great taste and can help maintain lean dog muscles. It has minimal dog food sensitivities since no chicken or grain is added. This is a rotational diet made with the highest quality catfish.


No added chicken or grain: No added chicken or grains can affect the food. This helps minimize dog food sensitivities.

High-protein formula: It’s a high-protein food with muscle-building amino acids. The food also comes from the highest quality catfish.

Healthy fats: It also comprises healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are suitable for heart and brain health.


  • Great taste
  • Naturally high in protein
  • A significant amount of nutrients
  • Safe due to high-quality catfish


  • Pricey
  • It doesn’t sound fresh

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Blackwood Pet Food Catfish Flavor – Best for Dogs With a Sensitive Stomach

The Blackwood pet food is another excellent catfish flavor made for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This is a safe family-owned dog food made in the USA. It is a slow-cooked fish with carefully handcrafted catfish and ingredients.

Blackwood Special Diet All Life Stages Dry Dog Food, 15Lb., Catfish & Pearled Barley Recipe, Sensitive Skin and Stomach, Grain Free Dog Food
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The food is great-tasting and delivers optimal nutrients. Blackwood promotes healthy digestion, making it ideal for all dog breeds. It’s a great-tasting food with added prebiotics.


Added probiotics: There are added probiotics that help promote good digestion. Your puppies will always enjoy happy tummies.

Slow-cooked and handcrafted: It’s a slow-cooked food with carefully selected catfish to ensure good quality.

Finest ingredients: It also comprises some of the best ingredients ranging from celery, spinach, carrots, barley, and catfish.


  • Great tasting
  • Good for the tummy
  • No artificial preservatives and fillers
  • Highly nutritious due to the wide range of ingredients


  • Pricey
  • Low protein levels

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Zignature Catfish Flavor Grain-Free Canned Dog Food – Best Canned and Grain-Free

The Zignature Catfish is another excellent food without any grains. It’s a limited-ingredient flavor to consider for your dogs. The food comes with 78% moisture which helps to keep your pet hydrated.

Zignature Catfish Limited Ingredient Formula Wet Dog Food 13oz, case of 12
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Zignature Catfish Limited Ingredient Formula Wet Dog Food 13oz, case of 12
  • Made with high-quality catfish as the #1 ingredient
  • Catfish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids & low in fat
  • Provides at least 78% moisture to support daily hydration

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This is a single-protein source suitable for persons of all ages. The food provides high-quality meat as the first ingredient.


High-quality meat: It contains a single protein source from a catfish to ensure good quality proteins.

All life stages: The food is suitable for dog breeds of all stages. You can feed it to your puppy and older dogs.

Canned: It comes canned, ensuring the food lasts for long periods.


  • No allergies
  • Long-lasting due to canning
  • Keeps dogs hydrated due to 78% moisture
  • Single-protein source, thus no dog food sensitivity.


  • Pricey
  • Limited ingredients

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Dos and Don’ts When Feeding Catfish to Your Dog

Before serving your dog catfish, you need to prepare it well. It’s easy to prepare catfish. You just need to steam or boil it for 10 minutes. Afterward, it’s recommended you remove the bones.

man fishing with his dog

Let’s see some dos and don’ts when feeding your dog catfish.


  • Blending catfish
  • Add peanut butter
  • Steaming or boiling catfish
  • Mold cooked catfish into nuggets


  • Serving raw catfish
  • Serving catfish with bones

Feeding Dogs Catfish FAQS

How Much Catfish To Feed For Your Dog?

You need to give your dog a small catfish portion to avoid stomach upsets. It’s recommended you give your dog two or three chunks of dogfish to your dog. If it’s canned fish, a quarter scoop of it is enough.

Can Dogs Eat Catfish Bones

Dogs can eat catfish bones but should not be served the bones. The bones are dangerous and can lodge in the dog’s mouth, stomach, throat, and intestines.


Feeding catfish to your dog is an excellent idea if you do it correctly. Catfish is very rich in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. It can significantly improve your dog’s health and ensure no digestive issues. It is easier on the stomach and digests quickly without complications. 

But you must steam or boil the catfish before serving it to your dog. Raw catfish can contain Salmonella and other germs, which can cause food poisoning and digestive disorders. 

To feed your pet raw catfish, research to avoid food poisoning cases. You also need to remove all bones that might dislodge in the throat.

Go right ahead and order your dog a catfish flavor today. You can be sure the dog will enjoy it.

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